Best Water Guns for Kids in India

Generally, kids have a lot of energy to expend, and there is no better way for them to expend it than through friendly games involving water guns. During the games, they can learn to aim and develop various cognitive skills they will need as adults while enjoying themselves.

Whether it’s at your kid’s birthday party or just for fun outside your house, buying a good water gun for your kid is always a good investment.

8 Best Water Guns for Kids

1. Zest 4 Toys

If you are looking for a water gun that’s perfect for Holi, beach use, or every other day use for you and your kids, then this water gun is certainly the best for you.

On Holi, you can easily fill the tank with colored water to drench the neighborhood with your kids while on normal days, you can use plain water to play with your kids and have fun.

The Zest 4 Toys Pichkari is designed with the use of the pressure technology, which allows your kids to control the water pressure and distance of each shot by moving the pump and squeezing the trigger however they feel like.

The pump and trigger are specifically created in such a way that they would be easy to handle by kids and enjoyed by adults alike.

The material of this product is durable, non-toxic, and without any small parts that may cause a choking hazard or any health issues for your kids if they swallow.


2. M.J. Raghav

This particular water gun has a pistol-like design that can be easily held on one hand by your kids. The tank is not big but is extremely easy to refill simply by dipping in water and fastening back to the remaining parts of the gun.

The color of the gun is children friendly, and the material used in its production is durable so that it does not easily break and non-toxic so that your children will not be at any risk whatsoever if the water from the pistol should enter their mouths.

Lastly, just like the Zest 4 Toys Pichkari, this water gun can also be used for celebrating Holi and an other number of things.


3. Planet of Toys

This product is another water gun that’s designed to look like an average pistol. It has a lot in common with the M.J Ragav water gun, and like the other two products that have been mentioned can be used for a large number of things, which includes Holi. Its grip is designed to fit a kid’s hands, and the trigger can be easily pushed without applying too much pressure. Unlike the Zest 4 Toys pichkari, it can be easily handled by just one side, and the plastic is both durable and non-toxic


4. Zest 4 Toys Holi

If you want a water gun that can be used for a long period of time without having to refill the tank at all, then this product is certainly the best for you.

Made with durable and non-toxic materials, this water gun comes with an external tank that is capable of carrying 100 water balloons and 100 gms of herbal gulaal at once with no stress.

The water tank is designed like a backpack, and it comes with adjustable straps to fasten it behind your kids to make it easy for them to carry while running around. You can easily refill the tank with a water hose, and the throw capacity of the water gun makes it easy for your kids to have fun without having to run around too much.


5. Toyshine

With a throwing capacity measuring above 154 feet, this water gun is guaranteed to be one of the favorites of your kids when it comes to playing around in an open space where the other kids they are playing with have enough space to move around.

With this water gun, your kids don’t have to move close to one another to shoot each other with water. As a result of this, they don’t have to run as much but will certainly have a lot of fun splashing around in the water.

When it comes to durability, this product is made with solid plastic that is both lightweight and not easy to break. The tank is also designed like a backpack with straps that makes it easier for your kids to carry around.

6. VMP

If you want something small and easy to carry for your kids to play with during Holi or summer, then this product is the best kind of water gun you can get for your kids.

Like the other pistol-like water guns on this list, this product makes use of a trigger to shoot out the water in the tank at the back of the gun at a target.

Also, this product has a simple design that can be easily seen from the clear colored plastic that is incorporated with the design of this water gun. The plastic also makes it easy for your kids to see how much water they have left in the tank and pinpoint when they have to go refill the cartridge.


7. Planet of Toys DragonFire

This pistol-like water gun also enjoys the same benefit as every other water gun with a pistol design. It is easy to hold and can be easily carried with one hand. The material is durable, and the plastic is lightweight so that it can be easily carried around by the kids, even if it is filled with water.

Unlike the other planet of Toys product on this list, this product comes with a bigger tank, which means that they throw capacity, and the water pressure of this gun is more than that of the other gun.

Furthermore, the color of this product is different. This means that instead of coming in the blue, yellow, and red color that’s common to water guns, it comes in a vibrant blue and green color that’s guaranteed to be a hit with kids.


8. Toyshine Holi

Apart from the fact that this product is created with the use of the tested and trusted pressure technology which allows it’s throw capacity to be as long 50 meters, the main highlight of this product is that it comes with a picture of a famous cartoon character, hulk, in it to the delight of your kids. The tank capacity is 3 liters. This water gun is best suitable for a 4-6 year old child.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Water Gun for Kids

It’s not enough to just know the type of water gun you are going to be getting for your kids, you must also know the specifications of each water gun and their qualities in order to ensure that your kid is safe and sound at all times.

Toy Size

Most water guns that are designed for kids vary in sizes and capacities. To determine whether a particular water gun will be good for your kids, you have to know the size of that water gun as it will help you determine the capacity of the water gun, the age range of the kid that’s supposed to use the water gun and how easily your kids can handle it.

Water Capacity

The size of the reservoir of a gun will determine the capacity of water the gun can take at a particular time. The capacity of the water will also determine whether your kids will be able to play outside for a short period or longer period. The size of the reservoir also determines at what distance your kids can shoot the water from their water guns.

When it comes to Super Soakers, the reservoir uses pump action, which needs to be charged before use and cab shoot to a very long dis