Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors Available in India

The waterproof mattress protector offers quality comfort whenever it is used. It will handle any leakage it encounters. It also traps unwanted odours and absorbs moisture poured on the sheet.

The waterproof bedsheet helps preserve your mattress and lengthen its lifespan, which will help you save a lot of money. It is environmentally friendly and great to use on your mattress.

It can easily be washed and is convenient to carry around. It keeps you relaxed when you know your bed is protected. Here is a list of top 7 waterproof mattress protectors in India.

To help you choose just the perfect one for yourself, we also have the waterproof bedsheet buying guide and the different styles of waterproof bed sheets.

You can also explore the section on FAQs if you feel like having answers to few of your doubts regarding the waterproof mattress protectors.

1. Solimo Waterproof Mattress Protector

This waterproof mattress protector is available in various sizes for single, queen, and king beds.

The mattress protector comes with a bottom layer that is made of polyurethane. This protects the mattress against stains and liquid spills.

It has a quality terry cotton material at the top layer that absorbs liquids, and lets the bedsheet spread evenly without lumps.

The waterproof bedsheet comes with easy-to-slip elastic bands that provide a good fit when it is spread. This bedsheet is machine washable and is easy to maintain.

2. GoodLuck Waterproof Plastic Sheet

This waterproof bedsheet helps to revolutionize bedwetting problems and prevent the need for regular diaper changes. The bedsheet is effective in protecting the bed from getting wet.

With this, it prevents water and other liquid spills from damaging the mattress. It is suitable for a double and king-size bed.

The bedsheet is made of thin and light premium PVC plastic material. It is durable, comfortable, and easy to spread. The bedsheet is easily washable either by a machine wash or a hand wash.

Both sides of the waterproof bedsheet can be used without any inconvenience arising.

3. Trance Ultra Waterproof Mattress Protector

This waterproof bedsheet keeps the mattress clean, and also prevents dust mite allergies from acting. The top layer of this waterproof bedsheet is made from the finest terry.

It comes with a lamination of TPU membrane on the backside. The membrane used is purely safe and has no plastic or any toxic substance.

The waterproof bedsheet also has no vinyl and phthalate in it. It comes with a side skirting of polyester fabric. It comes with an airflow technology that lets air circulate through the protector.

The bedsheet protects against bacteria, allergens, perspiration, fluids, and urine. The waterproof bedsheet is easy to wash, suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.

It comes in six different colours and is great for putting infants to bed, and protecting the mattress against bedwetting.

4. Sleep Matic Waterproof Mattress Protector

The Sleep Matic Bedsheet protects your mattress against dust mites, allergens, bacteria, urine, and perspiration. It is helpful when you have kids and pets around.

The bedsheet has a soft cotton surface that is breathable, noiseless, and cool. The cotton naturally absorbs moisture. It is available in different colours, such as white, maroon, grey, and beige.

The surface of the bedsheet is designed in a way not to interfere with the current texture of your mattress. It is suitable for all kinds of mattresses.

The waterproof bedsheet absorbs fluid efficiently, while allowing air and heat to pass through. This makes the bed cool and dry. It is easy to clean and is machine washable.

5. Rite Clique Waterproof Mattress Cover

This mattress cover is cozy, soft, and comfortable to use. The protector helps to deliver the best sleeping experience. It offers warmth, cool texture, and moisture that contribute to a sound and better sleep.

It comes with several options to choose from. It has a dual-layer fabric, non-woven top layer, and lamination base layer that ensures quality waterproofing. It also has a non plasticky feel.

It doesn’t provide any unwanted odour whenever it is used, and protects the mattress from dust mites, liquid spills, and stains. The waterproof bedsheet is suitable for elderly care, infant bedding, and kid’s bedding.

6. Rajasthan Crafts Waterproof Mattress Protector

This blue colour waterproof bedsheet effectively extends the life of your mattress. It prevents bed bugs and dust mites from affecting your sleep.

The bedsheet is completely water-resistant, and comes with an elastic strap at each corner. These elastic straps help to ensure that your mattress remains intact when it is used.

It efficiently protects your mattress from spills and stains. The bedsheet can be cleaned easily, either by machine wash or hand wash.

7. My Armor Waterproof Mattress Protector

This waterproof bedsheet comes with a high-quality terry cotton fabric. The bedsheet is noiseless, breathable, dust mites resistant, and hypoallergenic.

It is great for people with asthma, allergens, and eczema. This bedsheet offers maximum protection against liquid. It lets air pass through it, and also protects the mattress from bacteria and perspiration.

The bedsheet comes with a TPU film that makes the bedsheet waterproof. It comes with a perfect fit, and is easily machine washable.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let us take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best waterproof bed sheet.


The size of the mattress is an important factor to consider when you want to purchase a waterproof mattress protector. You choose the size of the protector based on the size of your mattress.

You can measure the size and depth of your mattress before making your purchase. It is important to purchase the right size to prevent waste and inconveniences.

So, make sure you know the size of your mattress before you purchase a waterproof bedsheet.

Easy to Wash

The waterproof mattress protector protects against allergen, stains, and spills. It is necessary to wash the waterproof bedsheet at all times. Regular washing will keep the bed clean, odourless, and sanitized.

Also, ensure you check if the bedsheet is hand or machine washable. Make sure you always follow the instruction on how to maintain the bedsheet.


The bedsheet comes with several benefits like cooling fabric, waterproofing, wear and tear protection, and guarding against bed bugs. You can determine the benefits important to you before making the purchase.

A hypoallergenic waterproof bedsheet is suitable for sensitive sleepers who are allergic to certain fabrics and pesticides. So, make sure you consider the features contained in the waterproof bedsheet before you purchase it.


Waterproof bedsheets come with layered or thick fabrics that can add an extra cushion or soft comfort to the mattress.

Some waterproof bedsheets provide additional texture while some keep you warmer during the cold weather. So, make sure you know what comfort the waterproof bedsheet can deliver.


A breathable waterproof bedsheet offers a cool and relaxed sleeping experience. So, it is important to choose a mattress protector that will allow easy airflow in your mattress.

The breathable mattress prevents heat from being trapped and ensures you have efficient airflow with a relaxed sleep all through the night.


The material used is also a factor to consider when purchasing a waterproof bedsheet. The waterproof bed sheet is made out of polyurethane and vinyl or plastic material.

The polyurethane material helps you sleep cooler all through the night, while effectively restricting the transmission of liquids, dust mites, and bugs. It is durable, highly breathable, and comes with a superior waterproof barrier.

The vinyl or plastic waterproof bedsheet material is easy to clean and maintain. It is not as breathable as the polyurethane material because it retains heat and keeps the bed warmer throughout the night.


Check if the waterproof bedsheet you plan to purchase is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty can cover defects in performance due to manufacturing issues.

Also, taking proper care of the bedsheet can ensure it lasts for years.

Waterproof Bedsheet Style

The waterproof bedsheet comes in several styles that provide distinct benefits and protection. So, we will take a look at some of the styles here:

Zipper Encasement

A waterproof bedsheet with a zippered encasement efficiently encompasses the entire mattress. This will shield the mattress against dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, and other contaminants.

The zipper is strong and effective. It gives the mattress a desirable look and is easy to use.

Fitted Sheet Style

The fitted waterproof bedsheet is placed on the mattress and fitted easily. Some fitted sheet style comes with an elastic edging to ensure a snug fit.

The surface is waterproofing, and it shields against stains, spills, wear and tear, and bed bugs. The fitting is less effective compared to the zipper encasement because the bottom of the mattress is not covered.


Do all mattress protectors come with a waterproof feature?

Mattress protectors come with several benefits and design ideal for your mattress. Some come with a waterproof feature, while some do not have a waterproof feature to prevent liquid from damaging the mattress.

Can the waterproof bedsheet be used on all bed sizes?

Waterproof bedsheets come in different sizes. Some waterproof bedsheets are designed primarily for single beds, while some are ideal for double, king, or queen size beds.

So, not all waterproof bed sheets are ideal for all bed sizes.

Can the waterproof bedsheet be used for all seasons?

Most waterproof bed sheets are made from terry cotton or PVC plastic material. This material makes the sheet convenient and comfortable to use in all seasons.

The waterproof bedsheet efficiently protects your mattress from getting damaged. When it is used all seasons, it protects your mattress and saves you from having to replace it time and again.

Are the waterproof mattress protectors machine washable?

Cleaning the waterproof bedsheet is very important. It keeps the bed neat, and also prevents any health issues.

Most waterproof bedsheets are suitable for both hand and machine wash, while some are specific to hand or machine wash. So, not all waterproof bed sheets are ideal for machine wash.

Do all waterproof mattress protectors have elastic corners?

Waterproof mattress protectors come with unique material and shapes that you will love. They also come with varied designs in the corners to allow you easily tuck the bedsheet under the mattress.

But not all waterproof bedsheets come with an elastic corner.


Having a healthy and restful sleep at night is a hidden secret to a healthy body and mind. This ignited the need of creating waterproof bedsheets for kids and old people who often do bedwetting.

Also, used to protect the mattress from dust, allergens, and weather conditions that often cause the mattress to have a reduced lifespan. These deliver optimal protection to your mattress.

Waterproof bedsheets are made from durable high-quality material and are comfortable to use. It also reduces tossing and turning, and helps to maintain a consistent temperature in the bed.

The article has the top list of waterproof mattress protectors, but the best include Solimo Waterproof Mattress ProtectorGoodLuck Waterproof Plastic Sheet, and Trance Ultra Waterproof Mattress Protector.