Give Your Baby a Comfortable Sleep With the Best Wooden Jhula

As a parent, and a mother, in particular, you spare no expense when your baby’s comfort is at stake. One thing that helps to ensure your baby has a comfortable sleep is the kind of cradle your baby sleeps in.

Cradles (Jhulas) help to provide safety and protection for your precious little one. They also ensure that you have absolute peace of mind while your baby sleeps, knowing no accident is likely to occur while the baby is asleep.

Additionally, cradles help to prevent accidental suffocations that may occur when babies sleep with adults. All of these are reasons why you need to get a cradle for your little one.

Here, we have come up with the 5 best wooden jhulas or cradles for your little ones. You can also go through the cradle buying guide and the FAQ section to support and confirm your buying decision.

1. Luvlap Baby Wooden Jhula

This uniquely designed baby cradle is made from fine quality pinewood from New Zealand, ensuring a strong and firm design and finishing.

It comes with wheels that have locks to enable easy movement when needed, and keep it locked in place when you do not need to move it.

This cot also comes with a detachable cradle that gives your baby the feel of being in your arms allowing the baby to fall asleep with complete ease.

The cot has three adjustable heights that can be fitted to meet your baby’s growing size. It also has a front railing that can easily be opened and lengthened to accommodate your baby’s height.

The side railing of this cot can easily be opened and attached conveniently to the parent’s bed, allowing some rest for parents between feeding times.

It has a large storage space beneath and can readily be converted into a study desk as the baby grows older.

2. BabyTeddy 9 in 1 Multifunctional Wooden Jhula

Made from pure pinewood from New Zealand, this cradle is of excellent quality and provides multifunctional uses for you and your baby’s comfort.

It has a side bed that can easily connect to mom’s bed allowing for adequate rest times between feeding while ensuring the baby feels safe being close to you, the mom.

There is also height adjustment available with this cradle allowing it to cater to the baby’s growing needs. With a soft rocking function that causes no unnecessary shaking, the baby feels comfortable and easily goes to sleep without any stress.

The cradle can be converted into a desk as the baby grows, and also has a large storage to accommodate baby’s items. There is an extension feature that allows you to turn it into a comfortable toddler bed as your baby grows older.

It also has an easy locking system that ensures your baby is safe while in the cradle and can also be used as a playpen or game bed during your baby’s play time.

3. Mee Mee Baby Wooden Jhula

The wooden jhula is made of composite wood that is safe and durable. The cradle is one such accessory that beholds the power to add beauty to your home interior and a wonderful addition to your nursery.

It has a swing and rock feature that enables you to swing your baby whenever required. You even have the benefit to hold the cradle at a specified position when required, thanks to the locking pin feature.

It also comes with a mosquito net and softly padded mattress that allows your baby to sleep comfortably and uninterruptedly. You can even attach any baby projector, rattle, or toy to the cradle to entertain and calm your baby.

4. Fisher-Price Natural Wood Jhula

This crib comes in a simple and sleek design providing maximum comfort for your baby. The crib is made with a well-seasoned wood, making it sturdy while it provides a safe resting place for your baby.

It has a teething rail that is made from virgin plastic ensuring your baby’s gums are not hurt as he or she chews on it when teething.

The crib comes with three adjustable mattress positions that will suit you and your baby’s needs as the baby continues to grow. The edges and corners are well rounded, while the surfaces are smooth ensuring that your baby does not get any scratches from it.

There are four lockable casters that allow easy movement and turning of the crib, while a locking system exists to keep the crib in place even as the baby plays without fear of falling over.

It also comes with three level height adjustments to accommodate your baby’s growth.

5. R for Rabbit Wooden Jhula

This Jhula comes certified with the EN safety standard assuring you that it is quite safe and reliable for you baby. The cradle poses no difficulty when installing as it is quite easy to assemble.

There is a swing lock function that allows the swinging motion of the cradle to be locked when it is not needed.

Made with high quality pinewood, this cradle comes with a smooth and highly polished finishing and design. This ensures that your baby’s nursery has the perfect touch of style and comfort added to it.

With wheels that have locks, this cradle can be easily moved to any position that may be suitable to you and your baby. It can also be conveniently locked in place when you do not need to move it.

Buyer’s Guide

When deciding on the best cradle or jhula for your baby, there are certain factors that you must consider. To help you in making the right decision, we have listed a few things to consider below.


All materials being used for your precious little one’s cradle should be completely free of any items that may cause an allergic reaction for your baby.

Ensure that there are no harsh chemicals or other substances used in manufacturing your baby’s cradle.

Style of Cradle

There are different styles of cradles available in the modern market. A cradle could be either fixed, convertible or multifunctional.

Depending on what you would prefer, you could choose either style as each serves a unique purpose. The fixed cradle is one that cannot be changed, and can only permanently be used as a cradle.

The convertible cradle is one that can be converted to meet one or two different needs, for instance, it could serve as a side bed.

On the other hand, the multifunctional cradle has plenty of uses, including desk, storage, playpen, etc. However, since we would love you to have long time memories of your little one, we advocate you go for the multifunctional cradle.

Material (Wood) Used 

Variety of cradles from different types of wood exist in the market. To this effect, we advise that you go for a cradle made with the highest possible quality of wood that would not pose any threat to your little one.

Pine wood is a good choice for a baby’s cradle.

Base of Cradle

The base of the cradles may differ. Some may be fixed and unmovable, while some can be adjusted to suit your baby’s growth.

It is advised to go for a cradle with adjustable frames, so that you do not need to keep on looking for what may be more suitable for the baby as he or she gets older.

Also, the wheels at the base of the cot should be considered depending on what you want. If you want a movable cradle, then you go for the one that allows you to move it easily.

Also check if the wheels can be safely locked when movement is not required. You may also consider to opt for a cradle that is capable of swinging or rocking your baby while in it.

Type of Rails 

As your baby grows older, a point comes where he begins to teeth. This is a point where a cradle with teething rails becomes beneficial as it helps your baby to actively exercise his tender gums.

This will prevent the risk of your baby ingesting wood splinters as his or her teeth begin to grow.

Safety of Cradle

The importance of your baby’s cradle is paramount to keeping your baby safe and free from harm. It is essential that you check for safety certifications when making a purchase for the right cradle for your baby.

This will further help to keep your baby safe and ensure you and your baby are happy together.


A lot of cradles exist in the market with varying prices. Hence, it is necessary for you to plan adequately on the amount you are willing to spend on getting the right cradle for your baby.

You can go either high end or low end depending on what is affordable to you, but ensure that what you choose is safe and comfortable for you and your baby.


When is the right time to move my baby from cradle to bed?

Babies can stay in the cradle till they are about two or three years of age. This is mainly dependent on the baby’s growth rate and how well the cot or cradle can accommodate the baby’s weight and height.

What items do I need in my baby’s cot?

You really do not need too many items in your baby’s cot. Basically, important items are a comfortable baby mattress, blanket, and pillow.

Play items can only be put in when there is supervision for the baby to avoid accidents.

Stationary or mobile cot, which is better?

Either of the stationary and mobile cot is fine depending on your preference.

The drawbacks of stationary cots are that you may be required to stand for lengthy periods if it is far away from your bed and you would not be able to give your baby a rocking motion using it.

On the other hand, the mobile cot allows you to move when the need arises, giving you room to change position and exercise lightly while at it.

Additionally, you can easily rock a baby to sleep while in the cradle without exerting yourself.

What kind of mattress is suitable for my baby’s cot?

The important features to consider when getting a mattress for your baby is its flatness, firmness and waterproof. If you have this, you can be sure your baby will be comfortable and happy while lying in the cradle bed.


Giving your baby the best comfort while ensuring safety is not something to be toyed or joked with as a parent. It is therefore highly necessary to get it right when purchasing a cradle for your precious little one.

Amongst the cradles listed here, you can be sure that whatever option you go for, your baby would be comfortable, secure, and happy while you have a lasting peace of mind. The most recommended ones include Luvlap Baby Wooden Jhula and BabyTeddy 9 in 1 Multifunctional Wooden Jhula.