Skills Development Using Best Wooden Toys

Parents often have difficulty in choosing toys to purchase for their kids. Wooden toys are a great choice from other toys. They are cheap, long-lasting, and safe for your kids to use. These toys boost their physical, mental, and academic development.

Properly manufactured toys are required to meet the needs of your child and to keep them safe. Wooden toys suit all ages. We have analyzed 10 best wooden toys for your kids.

You can also explore the buying guideimportance of wooden toys, and tips for maintaining wooden toys. This is to support your buying decision and then taking appropriate care of the purchased toys.

We also have curated a section on FAQs for you to resolve all the queries you might have regarding wooden toys.

1. Generic Standard Wooden Set

Highly attractive set of colourful wooden toys for your kids’ playtime. Different structures can be built in any form they like.

It is constructed with linden wood which keeps your kids safe always. It comes in a set of 12 colours.

It is recommended for 6-year-olds. Each block has smooth surfaces for easy grabbing by kids. This, in turn, prevents hurting them.

2. Wishkey Geometric Shape Sorter

They are highly recommended for kids because of the various shapes and bright colours. It increases their development both intellectually and physically. They get to recognise different colours and shapes.

A set of this toy comes with 20 pieces of detachable and colourfully shaped blocks. Each shape comprises 4 pieces, each including pentagon, triangle, square, circle, and rectangle. A wooden base is also included in the package, used to hold the shapes in place.

All shapes are painted with unharmful colours and have smooth edges for kids’ safety, made of solid natural wood, thereby improving its durability over time.

Kids are at liberty to build anything of their choice. The size of each block is big enough to prevent choking in kids.

It is a multipurpose toy for kids. It improves their imaginations, helps in the easy identification of shapes, colours, and so on. The smooth edges boost kids’ safety.

3. Funblast Digital Number Train

Enjoy this educational and engaging toy which is safe and improves the imaginations of kids. They get to learn while playing.

The toy serves multiple purposes. It is made with quality natural wood. Ideal for 2-year-olds and above, and it is perfect to be gifted to a child. The train set comes with an engine, and 10 numbered detachable trains.

Each train is beautifully coloured to attract toddlers. The trains glide smoothly due to the sliding wheels. Hooks keep the trains joined together. This toy is fun and straightforward to couple together.

Teaches kids to know numbers while they play. It is a multipurpose toy where they learn to count, differentiate colours, good problem-solving ability, and enhances hand-eye coordination. It is safe for all kids.

4. Wishkey Clock Bead Lace

Perfect educational toy to easily teach your kids about time, colours, and shapes. Many benefits are attached to using this toy.

It is compact and lightweight. Hence, it can be moved from place to place for your kids’ entertainment.

Excellently constructed with hardwood void of BPA, PVC, and phthalates, thus rendering the product safe.

Each set of this clock comes with a lacing thread, a clock, and 12 shapes. The shapes are easy to hold with round edges, which prevent scratches.

Easy to assemble together. Safe for use by kids with minimum supervision. Multifunctional toy for sorting, counting, learning the concept of time and recognising varying colours and shapes.

5. Shumee Wooden Spin Tops

A classic toy that provides great fun for kids, including keeping them safe. With a simple handcrafted and unique design for your kids’ pleasure.

It is made especially for 3-year-olds. A set comes with 3 colourful spinning tops. It is small and portable in size, which enables you to store easily and take it anywhere.

Suitably designed for smooth surfaces and constructed with quality and sturdy material which makes it durable. This toy is environmentally friendly.

The angular tip is not sharp and thus keeps your kid safe while playing. It possesses a long handle for easy grip by a child.

It helps kids develop sensory skills. Teaches them about balance, improves learning, coordinates their hand and eye activities.

6. Butterfly Wooden Slide Puzzles

Attractive slide puzzles to keep your kids captivated and playing for hours. It is branded for kids to make learning more fun and interesting.

The toy set includes 32 plus challenges and 24 colourful and movable blocks. Suitable for 5 – 7-year-olds. Constructed with quality wood keeps them focused and concentrated.

The wooden board has double sides that allow 2 people to play together. Shapes can be found on one side while the other side has colours.

Learning occurs at a fast pace in science, reading, and math. It helps build cognitive behaviours in kids. It is very safe for kids.

Learning occurs at a fast pace in science, reading, and math. Builds cognitive behaviors in kids. It is not harmful but very safe for kids.

7. Wooden Rattle Musical Instrument

It is designed to captivate your young kids with the cool sounds they make by themselves. It fits perfectly into their little hands.

It is constructed with non-toxic, high-quality wood, which keeps kids safe while playing the instruments.

The whole package consists of 6 interesting instruments, including a tictoc bell, an egg shaker, jingle bell, xylophone, damaru ball rattle, and a dumble bell.

Made exclusively for babies, toddlers, and young kids. The sound of each instrument is unique and will improve their rhythm, coordination, and motor skills. Each sound comes alive by tapping, beating, or shaking each instrument.

8. Royals Pride Classic Vehicle

It is a superb vehicle made for the pleasure and fun of your child. It can serve as an artefact and is beautifully handcrafted by Jaipur craftsmen.

It is classically designed to be used as a toy and for decoration in your home. Constructed with quality sustainable wood, enabling it to last a long time.

The entire package includes just a car. Spectacular wheels aid in easy mobility when played with.

The lightweight of the vehicle helps in moving it from place to place. It’s a great gift for kids. It serves dual purposes. Extremely portable and light. It is safe for kids.

9. Seven Moon Domino Board

It is made specifically to keep your kids busy while exploring the toy. Different designs of any object of choice can be made. The product is very safe for use by kids.

It is exclusively designed with a board and 4 pieces of colourful blocks. Kids can easily design an aeroplane, flower, a pistol, a human, an umbrella, animals, and so on.

It is recommended for children from 3 years and above. Its lightweight makes it very portable and easily transportable from place to place.

Your kid can enjoy this product at home or school. Constructed with the wood of good quality, it can last for long periods. Each puzzle block has smooth surfaces for easy handling.

It helps kids to explore different geometric shapes and develop the ability to solve problems. It greatly improves coordination between the hand and eye. They easily recognise various colours and shapes.

10. Orapple Wooden Fruit Slicer

This product provides great fun for kids during playtime. It is safe and creates an amazing feeling for kids during their playtime. It creates an amazing feeling for kids.

It consists of 4 different fruits, a wooden board, and a knife. Easily recognisable fruits include apple, orange, pear, and watermelon.

The knife can be used to slice the fruits. All fruits possess smooth edges, which makes them safe for kids to play with.

The fruits are joined together with Velcro tape for easy separation during cutting. It boosts their creativity and makes playtime more interesting via creating great imaginations. Cognitive skills are also developed.

Buyer’s Guide

Toys help kids a lot to develop cognitive behaviours. It is recommended that you go for quality wooden toys rather than buying so many cheap ones.

Getting a wooden toy for your kids depends on their age. Colourful toys should be set aside for babies and toddlers. Here are some tips to help you decide.


Before setting out to the store, you need to know the type of toy you intend to buy. This should be based on what your child likes.

For example, if your kid loves cars get him wooden cars or a train set. If she loves dolls, get her dolls.

Age of Your Child

This is an important factor to consider before purchasing a toy for your kid. The cognitive behaviour of all children as they grow becomes different.

So think about your child’s age before venturing for a wooden toy. Imagine getting building blocks for a 12-year-old child.

They won’t cherish it. Rather purchase toys to suit each age group. Toys that require a lot of imagination can be purchased for 3 – 5-year-olds. For teens and adults, puzzle games and others are most preferred.

Cost and Budget

This plays an important role in buying toys. You can easily purchase quality toys that are durable, long-lasting, and safe for your kids.

Purchase your wooden toys from within popular stores so that you can easily replace them when faulty.

Type of Wood

Toys are made with different types of woods. You should have it in mind to always put your kid’s safety and quality of toys way above low prices.

Good quality toys are made using compressed woods, but one of the best and sustainable types of wood is bamboo.

Safety Concern

The safety of your kids should be a topmost priority and should be considered before any other thing. If a toy is not safe for use by your kid, then why bother about it?

Depending on your child’s age, you should prefer an appropriate size of the toy so that there are no chances of choking.

Buy Toys that Last Longer

Consider how fast your kid grows, and you will realise that they grow faster than we think. Buy toys that will make growth with them over time.

Toys such as Alphabet, number, and blocks grow with children while helping them academically in their growth.

Go for Versatile Toys

Purchase toys that can be used for different purposes, not just one.

Some toys are educational, improve hand-to-eye coordination, and improve motor skills all at the same time. Go for such toys.

Simple Design

Wooden toys constitute simple designs and can stand the test of time. Buy toys that are simple, attractive, and can even serve in decorating your home.

Toy Durability

The ability of toys to last for long differs from one wooden toy to another. This all depends on the quality of wood used for its production.

Buy toys that will last for long periods and can be handed over to siblings or relatives.

Importance of Wooden Toys

These toys encourage imaginative play among young children. Wooden toys do not come with controls or electronic parts to aid your kids.

They rather use their skills and can find their way to play with these toys. Imaginative play enhances their thoughts, emotions, and social skills. They tend to improve neuromuscular coordination.

Environmentally Friendly

These are biodegradable and can be recycled. Thus do not constitute polluting the environment but are friendly.

Improves Safety

Unlike plastic toys, which are made of chemicals, wooden toys are perfectly safe for your kids. They don’t break up easily and won’t cause an injury. Wood is the safest material that can be used in making toys for kids.

Wooden toys are safer than metal or plastic toys. When inserted into their mouths, it poses no harm like broken plastic toys that can injure them.


The durability of wooden toys makes them stay new for a long time.

They can easily be renewed by repainting to make them have a new look, unlike plastic toys. And can be passed to siblings, relatives, friends, or even generations.

They are also important due to their ability to last for long periods. These toys tend to withstand rough handling by children.

When tossed from place to place, the toys remain the same due to the hard material used in its production.

Improves Learning and Creativity

Most wooden toys are made for academic learning at a young age. Wooden toys tend to improve the ability of kids to solve problems, help in numerical activities and literature.

These toys come in the forms of blocks, shapes, and puzzles, making them create anything they want to. It keeps them captivated and busy. Their speed also improves with time.

Wooden toys encourage kids to remain creative at all times. These toys keep their imaginations positive, and most times, they tend to think outside the box.

With this, their senses become sharper through listening, verbal communications, and responding positively to their surroundings.

Skill Development

Teamwork skills are developed through playing with their teammates or age mates. They also learn this when you, as a parent, help them find their way through the toys.

Kids adapt easily to these toys, but as they grow older, their attention becomes divided. Wooden toys are best for playing due to their smooth edges.

These toys do not make your home messy due to their explicit designs as other plastic toys would.

Focus and Concentration

Based on research, wooden toys are important as they tend to boost their concentration, make them calm and improve their focus.

Playing with wooden toys also boosts cognitive and physiological development. Wooden toys are recommended for kids as they help them remain quiet and focused.

Improves Bonding

Purchasing wooden toys make kids bond easily with them and thus limits your purchase of too many toys. They become closely attached to these toys and, in the end, might not require new toys.

Simple Design

Toys made of wood are usually simple in design. They teach kids to be calm and quiet as most of them do not come with noisy attachments. Thus, creating a calm environment.

Affordable in the Long Run

Instead of buying plastic toys, it is better to purchase wooden toys at a high rate but with the mindset that it would last. This saves your money. Think about it.

The long-run cost is better because it saves your money, but the purchase of a new one may be expensive. Do not think about how expensive it may be but think about the cost in the long run.

How to Maintain Wooden Toys

Maintaining wooden toys is easy. This is to ensure its longevity. Certain things must be done to keep the toys shining brand new.

You can spray the wood to make it look brand new. Wipe clean using a dry cloth. Avoid immersion into water. Kids can easily immerse toys in water, so watch them closely. Putting toys in water will cause the wood to swell and lose its shape.

Air dry in the sun to kill germs naturally. This can be done occasionally but not for long hours.

Do not do this under the harsh sun because it can result in cracking the wood, and the colour is likely to fade.

Use vinegar or any other non-harmful or organic cleaner to disinfect the toys from germs and dirt effectively. Avoid the use of detergents, bleach, and other harsh cleansers; this causes swelling and cracking.

To prevent the wood from drying out and cracking, it needs to maintain its natural moisture. Natural oils help retain the moisture of woods.

You can use beeswax polish and wax to retain moisture. Do not leave the wooden toys outdoors overnight under harsh conditions. This can affect their appearance and cause cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are wooden toys recommended for kids?

Wooden toys are meant for all ages. Getting one for your kid will help boost their cognitive and intellectual abilities. They are safe, durable, educational, and fun.

There are many benefits ascribed to wooden toys, including improved motor skills, imagination booster, increased focus, and concentration. These toys are biodegradable and easily recycled, thus do not cause pollution.

2. At what age should a child be exposed to playing with wooden toys?

The age should be from a few months – about 4 years of age where they get attracted by colourful shapes and easy to grab toys.

From 5 – 10 years, wooden toys which represent everyday stuff should be purchased. 10 – 16 years kids will prefer puzzles, construction, and so on. Some toys are also recommended for adults.

3. Are wooden toys environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are. They don’t constitute danger within the environment and are relatively safe for use by kids. Most times, they are passed on from one generation to the next.

4. Do wooden toys have an antibacterial effect?

Yes, they do. Woods tend to absorb moisture and bacteria from their surfaces, thus killing off any form of bacteria. This is a natural quality of wood.

5. Can wooden toys be disinfected?

Yes, it can. But it should be done with organic substances, which will have no negative effect on them. Vinegar is a perfect mild cleaner. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach which would only result in cracking your kid’s toy.

6. How safe are wooden toys?

Wooden toys are relatively safe for kids. They are equally safe when made with quality woods. Ensure you check the product first before handing them over to your kids to play with. Avoid toys with small parts that can easily cause choking in kids.

7. Are wooden toys fun to play with?

Of course, they are fun. Kids can be fascinated for hours playing the games with their toys. Kids are highly attracted to bright colours. They can do this quietly without any background noise.


Kids would enjoy playing with wooden toys because they are durable and improve their thinking. These toys are attractive when displayed. Cleaning them is very easy and is stackable for some time.

Toys that are durable, safe, and affordable with many other benefits should be purchased for your kids. We recommend Generic Standard Wooden Set, Wishkey Geometric Shape Sorter, Funblast Digital Number Train, and Wishkey Clock Bead Lace.