Keep Your Baby Safe Using Corner Guards

Ouch, your two-year-old screams and wails as he bumps into the edge of the table and hurts himself while playing with his 4-year-old elder sister. This is an example of what happens when edges are left bare without any guards to keep your little ones safe as they play within the house.

Too much furniture in the home comes with a lot of sharp edges that can cause some injuries to us and our loved ones. These injuries could range from mild to severe and would put our loved ones and us in pain.

This is where the corner guards, especially for our little angels, become a necessity so that they can play in the home safe and happy without getting injured.

To buy a perfect corner guard for the safety of your lid, go through the buying guide and the list of best corner guards.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the purchase of corner guards, you can explore the FAQs to resolve your concerns.

1. Amazara Baby Proofing Corner Guards

Provide safer corners and edges for your little angels using the high density and soft foam cushion corner guards and ensure they are protected from injuries.

It is a 10 piece set that can be easily applied to several furniture pieces.

The guards are quite easy to install as they come prepared with a 3M adhesive tape that easily glues to the furniture once the protective seal is removed ensuring home safety in no time.

The guard can also be easily removed when no longer needed and is highly reliable.

The 3M tape also provides durability to this guard ensuring that you and your family stay safe and protected for a very long time. Made from very safe materials, the guard is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and child safe.

It also contains a soft impact-absorbing foam and contains no phthalates or BPAs.

This corner guard is easy to use and install. It is also made of good quality material and good adhesion is very durable and serves its purpose excellently.

The drawback is that it comes in a single colour and may not suit your décor.

2. Babysafehouse Furniture Edge Guard Strip

This 2M length strip corner guard will help to protect your little angel from hurting themselves against sharp edges and corners. It is a four-piece set and can easily be installed.

The strip is made from NBR foam materials and contains a fibrous layer and reticular fibre for flexibility. It also contains spun glass mesh tape that provides very strong bonds when installed.

It can be used for multiple edges, ensuring that your little ones are well protected from pointed edges and sharp corners.

This corner guard is easy to install, has good stretchability and thickness. The adhesion may not be as strong as desired.

3. Fresh Dcart Corner Guards

This easy to install 8-piece set corner guard provides you with excellent protection from sharp edges, keeping your little one safe from harm and injury.

It is made from materials that are not only safe but are also baby-friendly, ensuring no harm comes to your child while in contact with them.

Having a double layer, this guard is quite durable and provides more than enough cushioning against injuries from sharp furniture edges, and can be easily installed with the aid of the installation manual it comes with.

It is easy to use and install. It is also fairly priced and made from good quality silicone material. However, the adhesive may not be as firm as expected.

4. Amazon Brand Solimo Corner Protectors

These sets of protectors are more than adequate for keeping your baby safe as they are made from soft foam cushions.

With these soft cushions, they ensure that your baby is safe as they protect the edges and corners around your home.

The protectors are quite easy to install as they come with a pre-taped sticker that is easily peeled off while the secure adhesive clings easily to the edges as it is applied.

The protectors are EN certified ensuring that they are quite safe. They are also portable.

These protectors would not cause any damage to your furniture at the point of removal and are quite safe and reliable. They are also made from baby-friendly material and are not toxic in any way.

With these protectors, you can be sure that your loved ones are protected from pointy edges and sharp corners of your home furniture.

These corner guards from Amazon Brand Solimo are easy to install, stretch easily, have good adhesion, and are non-toxic and child-friendly. The only downside is that they may be high-end.

5. Naisha Safety Corner Protectors

This protector comes in a softer and transparent material that easily fits with all your home décor while giving your little one protection from sharp edges and corners.

The material used is safe and child-friendly, posing no threat to your kid. It is also quite large and can be used for several furniture pieces.

Easily installed, the protector would not cause you any troubles while using it and can easily be pulled off when no longer needed without any damage to your furniture.

It is quite easy to use and install. The rounded silicone guards are also child-friendly and safe, having the right thickness. However, the adhesive may not be as strong as desired.

6. Baby Proofing Corner Guards

Made from safe materials that are baby-friendly, these guards will help to keep your little ones safe and protected against injuries caused by sharp pointed edges.

It comes with a practical design that makes it easy and convenient to use. It is also safety certified and would pose no threat to you or your little ones.

These guards are highly reliable and would last a very long time giving your little ones maximum protection constantly.

The guard is easy to use and install, posing no difficulty. It is also durable and child-friendly. The drawback is its high price and poor adhesion.

7. Pepplo® Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector

This corner protector is quite soft, dense, and durable, ensuring that your child does not get hurt when in contact with sharp or rough pointy edges and corners.

The protector is made from high-quality safe material that is baby-friendly and would cause no harm to your little one. It is also quite easy and practical to install posing no difficulty.

There is a wide variety of applications for this edge protector as it can be used as a fireguard, table corner protector, and much more. It secures easily to furniture ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

It is easy to use and install, safe, and child friendly, it is also quite durable. Three are no drawbacks as of the time of this review.

Buyer’s Guide

The skin of a child is delicate and must be protected from getting into contact with sharp edges so that they are not hurt.

However, too many corner guards are available in the market, and one may be confused on which may be best for protecting the child safely while ensuring no damage to furniture.

Below are some tips to help you in making the right buying decision when getting a corner guard.

Colour Matching

You have taken time to ensure that your home interior décor is at its best, with all the pieces matching just perfectly.

When buying your corner guard to keep your family and especially your little ones safe, you may want to ensure that the colour theme is maintained for that perfect aesthetics.

If you don’t want mismatched décor, go for something that fits your interior or go for transparent corner guards.

Size of Corners and Edges

The different furniture in the home have their different sizes, and you surely do not want to get the wrong sized corner guard for any of your edges. To avoid such from occurring, you can use a measuring tape to get the dimensions of each corner and edge that needs a corner guard.

With these measured dimensions, you can get an idea of the size of what you need when getting your guards.

Delicate or Rough Furniture Finishing

Some furniture comes with very fine and delicate finishing, while others come with rough and coarse finishing. Depending on how delicate or rough the finishing is, the furniture may or may not take easily to all adhesives.

If your furniture is delicate, you can go for corner guards with mild adhesives that would not destroy the finishing.

If the finishing is rough, on the other hand, then you may require corner guards with much stronger adhesives while ensuring still that the finishing is not damaged by the adhesive.

Health and safety of Materials Used

Most corner guards are made from foam, or other suitable material and babies may likely put them into the mouth or chew on them when adults are not around.

It is therefore highly important to ensure that the corner guards used in your home are of the highest safety standards and would pose no threat of harm to your child.

It should be made of baby-friendly materials to ensure the baby’s health and safety at all times.

Portability and Versatility

When getting a corner guard, you need to ensure it can easily move around when the need arises. So, it must be light and not heavy to carry.

Also, since kids may outgrow some furniture, it is advisable to get corner guards that can be used severally without any damages, thus saving you the cost of buying new guards each time.

Foam Density

You also need to know the right foam density to use when buying a corner guard. This determines how hard or soft the corner guard may be. Higher-density foams may be hard and brittle and could still cause some injury level.

On the other hand, the lower-density foam may be softer and less likely to cause harm. Kids however, may easily chew on them. It is advised to go for something not too dense.

Adhesive Type

Another thing you must consider when buying corner guards is the type of adhesive used. Some adhesives may not be suitable depending on the furniture type.

You want an adhesive that sticks on easily when the guard is applied to the edges. It should also come off easily when you no longer need it and should not cause any damage to the furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should corner guards be placed?

Corner guards can be placed on any piece of furniture around the home that has sharp or pointy edges that could cause injuries. It can be used on chairs, tables, wall frames, headboards, beds, dressers, and more.

2. How can you install a corner guard?

A corner guard can be installed in 3 simple steps which include cleaning and drying of the corner; removal of the clear film from the guard; and holding the guard against the edge and taping it.

3. How can you take off a corner guard?

To remove a corner guard, you need a heat source like a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive, then allow the guard to come off or pull gently to get it off, and finally wipe with water or oil.

4. When is the right time to take off a corner guard?

There is no specific time recommended to remove a corner guard. However, when kids are grown and can easily manage their play in the home, then you may consider taking off corner guards.

If they must be removed, then when the child is up to 12 years of age, maybe a suitable time.


 It is highly necessary to make the home a haven for kids, where they can play comfortably without the fear of hurt or injury.

The use of protective corner guards makes this possible, ensuring that children are not hurt by sharp corners and edges of furniture in the home.

It is therefore advised that you buy some for any pieces of furniture in your home that poses a risk of injury in your home. We recommend you to go for Amazara Baby Proofing Corner GuardsBabysafehouse Furniture Edge Guard Strip, and Fresh Dcart Corner Guards.