Best Doll Houses for Kids

Is your little girl or boy angling at playing house?  The need to emulate their parents and family scenarios or situations on TV or YouTube can be overwhelming for children.  Toys that allow for a lot of variables that help develop interactions between characters are invaluable in developing emotional intelligence in kids.

Dollhouses, in particular, help develop imagination and creativity within your child with regards to human interaction.  There are a wide variety of kids’ dollhouses that can help your child hone his/her creative skills.

To help you choose which one to buy for your child, we have reviewed some of the most high quality, popular and innovative products in this category.  We hope that we will be able to help you choose the perfect dollhouse for your precious child.

10 Best Doll Houses for Kids

1. Barbie New Dream House

This product by Barbie is generally what keeps children up at night dreaming about owning.  It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a product with such a hefty price tag.  The dollhouse comes fully loaded with four dolls that are ready to be played with.

One of the unique features of this dollhouse is the 3rd storey slide that comes down to the pool.  The dolls can be pushed down from the slide, and they will slide down to the pool on the 2nd storey.  There are many lights and sounds that are present throughout the dollhouse to amaze your child.  The frying pan sizzles, the teapot whistles, a light pops on when the door opens, and a flushing noise comes when the toilet is flushed!

The couch opens up to provide bunk beds; the coffee table flips to provide a bed for the Chelsea doll (that isn’t included).  The dollhouse also has a turning fireplace, a kitchen sink that turns into a barbeque, and a fridge that turns into a fruit stand.

It has over 60 accessories in all, including an adorable puppy.  The whole setup is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, with eight rooms and three stories, making it one of the biggest dollhouses in the market.  It also has a carport, though the car has to be bought separately.

This product is the absolute top-of-the-line dollhouse you can buy for your child, and we can recommend it hands down to any parent looking to amaze their child.  It can be further expanded with additional furniture, dolls, and accessories as time goes on.

2. ROBOTIME Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit

This high-quality product by Robotime has been manufactured to be a ratio of 1:24 compared to real-world objects.  It is a DIY product where you are expected to have the skills necessary to assemble it and is estimated to have a total assembly time of 13 hours using its English instruction manual.

It can also be done with your child if he/she is over 12 years of age to provide for even more entertainment.  The fully assembled size of the dollhouse comes to 9.8” x 6.3” x 7.8” (H x W x L). The packaging that the Robotime dollhouse comes in has been designed in a way to be ready for instant gifting.

There is LED lighting that has been carefully placed in the dollhouse to give it the right ambiance when turned on.  It works with an ‘A’ battery that hasn’t been included. The dollhouse comes with several couches and pillows, flower pots, railing vines, books, pictures, a bookcase, tables, and much more.

The furniture has been made from durable plywood.  There can be additional expansions made as long as the added furniture and dolls suit the size of the dollhouse.  While not even close to the price of the dream Barbie dollhouse, this product is at the high end in cost when compared to its peers.

We recommend this product for any parent that is looking for a fantastic project to be done between a parent and a child.

3. Planet Superheroes Playhouse with Peppa and George Pig Figures

This pretty little dollhouse by Planet Superheroes is themed with the famous Peppa Pig branding.  It comes with a dollhouse as well as an interesting lawn that is quite large. The house is actually hinged with the two sides fitting into one another.  The two main characters in the dollhouse come in the form of Peppa Pig and George Pig figurines.

The figurines themselves have adjustable appendages that allow the figures to assume different poses to present them doing different activities or tasks.  This dollhouse has been recommended for children above the age of 3, but only with the supervision of an adult. The colors of the dollhouse have been chosen to make the product vibrant, and to catch the eyes of the children; it’s entertaining.

The dollhouse has a bathtub, a mirror, a bunk bed, a basket, a television, a table, and a fridge, among other accessories to make playtime even more enjoyable.  It has four different rooms with different pieces of furniture to go in each.

This Peppa Pig dollhouse can be expanded with more Peppa Pig furniture and figurines to make this a truly future-proof product.  The dollhouse, furniture, and lawn have been designed to fit neatly into a box for transport.

We recommend this product, especially for children that have grown up listening to and/or seeing Peppa Pig stories and media, though any child will enjoy its vibrant colors and interactive figurines.

4. Rolife DIY Wooden Miniature Dollhouse Kit

This beautifully designed and cozy dollhouse by Rolife has many attractive features to it.  It is a DIY project that can be done between a parent and a child and has been made to a ratio of 1:24.  It is marketed, saying that even beginners will be able to do it using its step-by-step English guide, with an estimated time of 16 to 24 hours.

All the material in the DIY kit is environmentally friendly and can be easily washed with water.  The dollhouse has been organized in such a way that after you are done making it, you can go right on ahead and re-do the decorating for an additional number of hours of fun.

The dollhouse comes with a lot of accessories such as paintings, table-top accessories, a small laptop, chairs, baskets, plants, and much more.  The wall side of the dollhouse has a window that can be opened and closed, giving the options of summertime or wintertime scenarios.

There is lighting at the appropriate places using LED technology.  The dollhouse can be expanded with figurines and additional furniture as the user sees fit.  This product can be recommended by us for being a fantastic starter DIY project for parents and children.

5. Plan Toys The Green Dollhouse with Furniture

This innovative little dollhouse has been made with today’s environmentally conscious parents in mind.  It has been designed to teach the value of recycling as well as introduce your child to a myriad of sustainable energy sources.  The house has been designed using the recent natural model, where wood is used in a manner that blends technology with nature.

For simulated energy, the dollhouse comes with a wind turbine as well as a solar cell to teach your child that sustainable living is possible without much trouble.  There is also a rain barrel which teaches your child the importance of fresh drinking water.

This truly innovative product has been recommended for use by children aged three and older under the supervision of an adult.  The dollhouse comes with a host of wooden furniture such as beds, tables, couches, a dining set, potted plants, and much more.

There is enough space to add more furniture to it as well as introduce different figurines to act out dramas within the house.  The dollhouse has two floors, and the master bedroom is on the top floor. The sunshade for the room can be adjusted to fully light up the room or reduce the lighting for resting time.

This dollhouse can be recommended to any parent that is looking for a high-quality high-class product that will introduce your child to environmental problems in the world as well as their solutions.

6. Barbie Chelsea Tiki Hut Playset

This cute little dollhouse is actually themed to be in someplace sunny and exotic like Hawaii.  Instead of the regular stone and wooden structure, this little dollhouse is made in a tourist-hut style with all the trappings of a tropical residence.

It has a fan instead of an air-conditioner, and it has a hanging basket instead of a bed.  Instead of regular furniture inside the little hut, it has a juice bar! And what’s more, the hut has a neighboring palm tree to which a hammock is attached.  We are to assume that this is near the beach since there’s a semi-built sandcastle with all the paraphernalia that is required for building sandcastles.

Sand is simulated using clay in this interesting scenario, where the child can mold and design whatever his/her creative mind wants with it just as your child would at the beach.  The popular Chelsea doll of the Barbie franchise has been included in the dollhouse for hours of fun.

There’s a trowel, starfish, a bucket, a turtle, and other accessories that fit right into a sandy outside.  There are cups, drinks, ice, and other accessories to fit the juice bar inside. The dollhouse has been designed to be upgraded with other pieces of outside furniture and dolls from the Barbie franchise.

This would be a great additional dollhouse for your child that has been introduced to the Barbie franchise.  It can also serve as a starter pack for Barbie dollhouses and products due to its very affordable pricing.

7. NEKBAL Wooden Doll House with Furniture for Kids

This neatly done dollhouse by Nekbal has a height of close to a foot and is made from MDF plywood that is 3mm thick.  The interesting thing about the dollhouse and its furniture is that everything is just 3mm thick, not just the walls. It is a testament to how a whole product can be made from a single type of material without sacrificing design.

As a fantastic DIY project for you and your child, this dollhouse comes with nearly 70 pieces that have to be assembled to create a complete unit that has dimensions of 11.8” x 10.0” x 5.3” (H x W x D).  The dollhouse construction has been designed to help develop your child’s spatial thinking and motor skills and comes with a complete instruction manual filled with pictures.

The materials used for the construction of the dollhouse are eco-friendly.  The dollhouse has five full rooms and three floors, including the attic. Furniture comes in the form of sofas, tables, beds, a rocking chair, a complete dining room set, and others.

You can easily add additional furniture and figurines to help make this fantastic dollhouse expand for even more fun.  The manufacturers recommend painting the finished product with acrylic paints so that the house is customized to suit your child’s unique aesthetic tastes.

We recommend this fantastic DIY dollhouse to any parent that is looking for a project to do with his/her child.  Even if your child already has a dollhouse, the affordable price makes this a great gift even for just the DIY aspect of it.

8. Toyzone My Deluxe Doll House & Play Set for Girls

It’s hard to believe that this spacious, vibrantly-colored dollhouse by Toyzone is priced so competitively.  The dollhouse comes complete with 50 pieces and accessories that your child can play around with.

The dollhouse also comes with four dolls that can be used to play out an endless amount of scenarios within the dollhouse.  Each doll has movable arms and legs to be able to sit, stand, or perform other activities. The recommended age range for this product is from 3 years to 6 years.

No assembly is required for this product as it comes fully assembled.  There is a fantastic bonus feature of a car parking area and a car! No other product comes with as many frills at such a low price.  The covered side of the house allows players to peek into the house using any one of its five windows.

There’s a balcony area with an umbrella where your characters can relax after a hard day’s work.  The kitchen, dining room, TV room, bedroom, and bathroom all come completely furnished with the appropriate furniture and fixtures.  The proper appliances are also available within the rooms, allowing the child to play around with them. The top floor is connected to the bottom floor with a staircase that leads down from the middle of the house.

This absolutely amazing product only has one down-side, and that is that it’s an injection-molded product made from plastic.  But that will not dampen your child’s enthusiasm in any way as he plays around with the 50 odd accessories this product has. This is one of the best dollhouses available in this category at a fraction of the cost of other dollhouses.

9. BabbarSher Crafts Deluxe My Little Doll House Playset

This brightly colored little dollhouse by BabbarSher Crafts has been designed to give a lot of bang for the buck.  While the individual rooms within the dollhouse haven’t been separated fully, the furniture sets for a myriad of rooms are all present in this two-storied house to present 34 pieces of accessories.

There is a fully furnished bedroom with a mirror, bed, and chair, with a small separation from the bathroom, which has a bathtub, toilet, and washbasin.  There are also painted representations on the wall for the fixtures, such as soap dishes that are missing. The top floor finishes off with another semi-separated room for the baby!  This room has a crib, a rocking chair, and a dresser.

The bottom floor has a full sitting room set with almirah, TV, couches, and table on one side, with the other side having a nice dining room set of a table and four chairs.  The counter has a sink and some cupboards to finish the level off. The outside is complete with a white picket fence and a tiny little lawn. The closed side of the house has five windows and a door that opens.  You can add additional dolls to this house, but it would be hard to imagine where you would add additional furniture unless you replaced the ones already in the rooms.

All-in-all this is a fantastic product for the price it is offered.  If you don’t have too much money to spare and don’t mind a plastic set with all the furniture bits for your child to play around with, then this is the product for you!

10. Melissa & Doug 3D Puzzle Dollhouse

This innovative product by Melissa & Doug is being marketed as a 3D puzzle.  When you finish the puzzle, it turns into a fully-functioning dollhouse that your child can spend years playing with!  Melissa & Doug produces over 2,000 toys that promote creativity and learning, and this dollhouse is no exception. The puzzle has 100 different pieces that are supposed to fit together to make the dollhouse.

This activity will help develop hand-eye coordination, concentration, your child’s attention span, and an understanding of spatial relationships.  The dollhouse will have four complete rooms, a deck area, and a yard when it is completed. As the assembly required for this is a little tricky, this product is recommended for children aged six and up under the supervision of a savvy parent.

The top floor consists of a bathroom with a tub and a toilet and an adjoining bedroom, which has an interesting bed and some pieces of furniture.  One of the bottom rooms has a staircase for climbing up and a furniture set.

The other room has an ornate sitting room set and potted plants, among other accessories.  There are two cut-out figurines of girls that don’t have any moving parts, a dog cut-out, and a cat cut-out.  There are also sitting areas, and a mailbox outside that can be played with. All-in-all this is a fantastic product that can be used as a DIY project while providing your child with a great dollhouse to play with.

Doll Houses for Kids – Buying Guide


Most dollhouses are based on the family, where there’s the mom, the dad, and children.  They are also situated in the home that the family lives in. Furniture and accessories that are related to a home are also available in this type of dollhouse.

However, some dollhouses are based on other settings such as camping, vacationing, living in the woods, party-time, and hospitals.  You should try to choose a dollhouse with a setting that you think your child might enjoy the most while providing the most educational benefit.


Most dollhouses have characters that are related to the family, with a mother, father, and children.  However, other dollhouses are based on pretty people, such as the famous Barbie brand.

Many famous children’s book brands such as Peppa Pig also brand dollhouses with the favorite characters from those books/media represented in the dollhouses with figurines.  Try to select a dollhouse that will appeal to your child the most. A Barbie playhouse with Barbie and Ken might be the perfect gift for your daughter if her favorite doll is a Barbie doll.


A popular trend in dollhouses is a ‘DIY’ (do it yourself) system where you have to assemble the dollhouse using your skill-set referencing an instruction manual.  Bear in mind that your child will be very detailed in scrutinizing your work. If you don’t think that you could do a good enough job to please your child, it might be a better idea to get an assembled dollhouse!  Also, keep in mind that your child does not have the hand-eye coordination or fine motor skills required to be delicate with something like a dollhouse.

Colour Scheme

Generally, children like to play with bright toys.  Subtle or pastel colors are more of an acquired taste. If your child is a girl and not a tomboy, a safe bet would be a pink schemed dollhouse.  If you are looking for a dollhouse for your boy, then you might be better off with a more rugged woodsy color scheme with camouflaged figures.

Just make sure that you show the potential dollhouse to your child to make sure that he/she likes it.  A dollhouse can be a costly investment, and it’s better to make sure that the recipient will not get tired of it in just a few days!


Some dollhouses come with the dolls that are supposed to be placed in the dollhouse.  Others will require you to buy the dolls separately. Most of the themed dollhouses that your child is familiar with (such as Peppa Pig or Masha the Bear) will come with matching figures.

More commercialized dollhouses such as Barbie might need additional purchases for your child to be able to play with them.  When buying dolls/figures for the dollhouse, make sure that they fit the setting of the dollhouse. The dimensions of the figurines should also match the dimensions of the dollhouse to ensure that your child can place them inside the rooms of the dollhouse to create/recreate scenarios.


Most dollhouses come with furniture that goes in the dollhouse.  However, some of them will require you to buy them separately. There is a wide range of suppliers that will be able to provide you with furniture for your dollhouse.  Just make sure that the dimensions of the furniture are suitable for it.

It might also be a good idea to buy different types of furniture so that your child can redecorate the dollhouse if he/she pleases.  Try to get sizes that are as big as the dollhouse can handle since these are the pieces that are most likely to get misplaced as your child plays.


An important aspect of the dollhouse you will purchase for your child is its ability to be expanded further.  When your child finds playing with the dollhouse repetitive, you can then just go and buy another doll or piece of furniture to add on to the dollhouse.  This can be one of your most formidable weapons when it comes to parenting, as children will often do whatever the parent pleases to get an additional piece for their favorite game (in this case playing with the dollhouse!)

Gadgets and Games

Many dollhouses have augmented the housing game-play with additional gadgets and add-ons.  Some have slides and counting games to add even more enjoyment to the dollhouse playtime. If your child is more into the traditional setting and would think that the additional games are gaudy, you might opt to go for one without these games.

However, if your child is apt to get bored of games easily and always needs additional stimuli, then go for one with as many additional gadgets as possible!  It all depends on your tyke’s preferences, so make sure to keep him/her in the loop!


One of the most important things to consider when buying a dollhouse for your child is his/her safety.  It’s almost impossible to find a dollhouse without sharp edges and figurines that would cause a lot of trouble if lodged into one of your child’s orifices.

Try to get a dollhouse that has furniture that can be clamped into the house so that your child will not be able to snatch a piece and pop it into his/her mouth.  The same goes for figurines. If your child is on the younger side, make sure that the dollhouse doesn’t have any sharp protrusions that might harm the child if he/she suddenly lost balance and fell on it.


It’s almost ubiquitous for dollhouse manufacturers to recommend that their dollhouses are used only by children above the age of 3 years.  One reason is that it is assumed that the child then has enough hand-eye coordination and motor skills to prevent himself/herself from losing balance and falling on top of the dollhouse.

This would damage the dollhouse badly while hurting the child as well.  The child is also big enough at 3 to not be able to put everything insight into his/her mouth and swallow, which might result in a lot of complications depending on where it gets lodged.  This age is also when role-playing and drama become exciting subjects for children. There is no upper age limit for dollhouses, though children generally stop being interested in spending too much time with dollhouses by adolescence.

Types of Doll Houses for Kids

Barebones Dollhouses

These dollhouses have a variety of designs but do not come with dolls or furniture.  The idea is that you buy a dollhouse and then get alternate sets of dolls and furniture sets to fill the dollhouse up.  The advantage of this kind of dollhouse is that it is not themed and you will be able to choose from a variety of dolls, action figures and figurines and a variety of sets of furniture to match.  These types of dollhouses are great for savvy parents that want to entertain their kids for years with a single dollhouse purchase.

DIY Dollhouses

Do-it-yourself type dollhouses are great for saving money.  The companies that produce these dollhouses save on assembly and quality checking costs, which are then transferred onto you.  However, this means that you’ve got to be proficient at assembly yourself! While this can be a great project to do with your child, make sure that the end product will be something your little tyke is willing to play with.  Some of these dollhouses come with furniture and dolls to match, while others will need for you to make additional purchases.

Themed Dollhouses 

These types of dollhouses are definitely a favorite among children.  The most famous of which would be the Barbie franchise, where there are almost limitless additional purchases that can be made to augment your original purchase.  However, the more popular the franchise, the more you will be expected to dish out to make the purchase. This type of purchase would be great if your child is delighted with a set of characters from a TV series, book, or movie, and you are sure that it’s a longer-term addiction!

Activity-center Dollhouses

Manufacturers realize that while dollhouses have many ways in which your child can increase cognition, fine motor skills, and concentration, there is always space for improvement!  Activity-center dollhouses have additional games such as beads, slides, pop-up parts, spring-loaded games, and more to ensure that your child never gets bored. This type of dollhouse would be a great purchase as you are future-proofing your purchase to ensure that your child stays entertained for longer.

Doll Houses for Kids – Safety Tips


In most dollhouses, you are able to clip or fit furniture and/or dolls in certain positions.  This is especially useful since your child will undoubtedly bump into the dollhouse or crash into it while misjudging his/her speed, power, or weight.

Clip and fix as many add-ons as possible to ensure that all their positions aren’t erased due to mishaps such as these.


As dollhouses can often be a costly investment, make sure that you take precautions to keep it in a position where it is safeguarded.

Areas, where there is high traffic or other activities that might make your child lose balance and bump into the dollhouse, should be avoided.


Since children often lose track of how a game is to be played, the dolls/figurines of your child’s dollhouse might also be misused in a way that harms your child’s health.

First, teach the child to never put any of the figurines or furniture into his/her mouth or any other orifice.  Then, make it a point always to keep an eye on the child while he/she is playing with the dollhouse.


While it might seem a tedious task, it’s imperative that you clean the dollhouse.  As there are many nooks, crannies, and parts to a dollhouse, there are as many places for diseases to hide.  Figure out a schedule where the dollhouse is regularly cleaned so that your precious child is as safe as possible.


1. What kind of dollhouse is better, wooden or plastic?

Humans are generally conditioned to like wood, and it gives products a natural feel, but plastic is more durable.  Both types of material are able to be dyed/painted with vibrant colors that will attract your child.

Wood is less durable than plastic for several reasons.  Wood is more prone to be affected by insects that burrow into the wood.  Wooden walls of the same thickness as plastic ones have less tensile strength and are less elastic, resulting in more damage if wrongly handled or bumped into.

Plastic products are also more easily cleaned as wood loses integrity when exposed to liquids.  If your child is older and prefers a higher quality feel, then wood might be a viable option. If you are looking for a more durable product that is easier to clean, then go for a dollhouse that’s made of plastic.

2. Are there replacement figurines and furniture available for themed dollhouses?

This is a tricky question as, while there most probably will be replacement furniture packs and dolls for a themed dollhouse, the availability might not be as extensive.

You might be forced to actually contact the supplier and purchase replacement sets directly from them in some cases, while most dollhouse franchises will have sets available to buy off-the-shelf.

You might want to check on availability before buying the dollhouse you have your eyes on.

3. How old does my child have to be to buy a dollhouse?

As the general moving and playing parts are the same, a general age range can be given for the use of dollhouses.  The recommended age of at least three years is almost ubiquitous when it comes to playing with a dollhouse.

This is mostly due to the fact that there are parts that can be swallowed or prick into sensitive parts of a child.  As children get used to playing with dollhouses, there’s almost no upper age limit, and some play with dollhouses well into their adult years.

4. If dolls are included in the dollhouse, are changes of clothes included as well?

Generally, accessories like changes of clothes for dolls would not be included with a dollhouse that you purchase.  You will have to make additional purchases for different dresses or dolls. However, most dresses/clothes can be washed to look like new after some weeks of playing.

5. Can I use a DIY dollhouse as a project for me and my child?

Yes, DIY dollhouses are sometimes aimed at being projects for parents and children.  However, if you are buying a dollhouse for this purpose, it might not be the perfect dollhouse for your child to play with.  Since your child will be involved, there are undoubtedly going to be mishaps.

There is always the chance that your child will love the dollhouse even more because he/she built it with you.  So just like anything else in life, it depends on luck! If you are looking at assembling a dollhouse with your child as a DIY project, good luck!


Dollhouses are amazing toys that your child can learn so much from.  They will help develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, fine motor skills, precision, concentration, emotional intelligence, communication, and a whole host of other skills.

It’s important to realize that since dollhouses are complex structures with many parts, your child should be monitored when he/she is using it.  Make sure that you involve your child in the decision-making process when buying a dollhouse to ensure that the purchase is well-liked by the recipient!

Please go through our buying guide before making a purchase, as this will undoubtedly give you an idea of what to look out for when making a dollhouse purchase.  To ensure that your investment, as well as your child, are well taken care of, take a moment, and read the safety tips and the FAQ section.

Good luck with your purchase, and we hope that your child’s new dollhouse will provide him/her with hours and hours of entertainment and education!