Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding in India

Motherhood is the most joyful feeling for any woman, but it has some pains with it as well.  We all feel happy looking at the Smiling babies, but there is a lot of pain. The mother has to bear pains during the whole process.

Breastfeeding is the safest food of feeding to the infant and creates a strong bond with the mother product whole life.  These movements give the sweetest memory to a mother. You can make these moments more special while getting rid of sore and cracked nipples pain.

We need to create awareness about the use of nipple creams.  Most of the breastfeeding mothers consider them as made of harmful chemicals, so they try to avoid it.  It’s essential to let the mothers know about the creams available with organic ingredients that are still safe for them.

Soft and tender nipples can make the breastfeeding process comfortable for the growing up child.  It is an immense pleasure for a mother to see her child growing happily and gaining good health. It can be possible through enough quantity of breast milk, while sore and cracked nipples can disturb the flow of milk.

To avoid any nasty situation, you need to take care of your breast well as a responsible mother. In this way, you can ensure the good health and happiness of your cute little one.

8 Best Nipple Cream

1. Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter Cream

Mother Sparsh brand has a variety of baby products prepared with high-quality standards. They have a natural made skincare range for babies and nursing mothers.

Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter Cream has all the goodness of organic ingredients such as Shea butter, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil.  The Natural ingredients make this cream safe for the nursing mother and baby. This cream heals and cures the dry tip of nipples so they can better feed an infant baby. It is free form parabens, petroleum, and other preservative chemicals. Mother Sparsh nipple cream is the best ointment for the painful nipples as it is fragrance-free. It is made of organic composition, and this product will not be harmful if ingested by the baby.

The cream has a non-greasy texture with non-stick properties so convenient to use with nursing bras. This organic product is useful during the painful process of breastfeeding. Natural ingredients of this nipple butter nourish the sensitive skin of the breast. It heals the nipple cracks with great care. Shea butter and turmeric makes an excellent combination to reduce dryness and scars.

2. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Lansinoh is a famous Indian store dealing in skincare maternity products; they are producing high-quality maternity items for nursing mothers.

Lanisnoh HPA Nipple Cream is a product prepared according to international health standards. This brand is famous among the women of the US and the Uk.

The Lanisnoh HPA Nipple cream is made of 100% natural ingredients. It is BPA and BPS free cream, so the safest choice for nursing mothers. This cream doesn’t contain any preservatives or medical grade lanolin. This product is medically tested and trusted by mothers all around the globe for its quality. Mothers prefer this cream for its natural ability to heal sore nipples. It can soothe the itching nipples by its moisturizing composition. It has no taste, color, and smell that irritates the senses of the baby during breastfeeding. It is the harmless nipple cream for a nursing mother going through many physical changes.

3. Himalaya Nipple Care Butter, White

Himalaya is the top Indian pharmaceutical company to produce natural organic products. They have a variety of health and personal care products available with pure natural ingredients.

Himalaya Nipple Care Cream is an ideal product for expecting and pregnant mothers. The main ingredient is Kokum butter that has the natural healing quality for skin scars and bruises. It has emollient properties for deep moisturizing of the skin. The virgin coconut oil is an expert for the skincare regiment due to antiseptic and antibacterial features. It has vitamin E that is the best element considered for the healing of broken skin.

This cream is not only suitable for nursing mothers but can help to reduce skin ulcerations. It is the best balm for cracked lips and chapped elbows. Apply a small quantity of cream on the affected area to work in the best way for healing. Himalaya natural balm is useful for the healing of nipples during the nursing period. Vitamin-E naturally promotes skincare to reduce the chances of dryness and cracks.

4. Ardo Gold Cream – Lanolin Soothing Nipple Cream

Ardo is a swiss company that develops premium quality products according to the medical sector. Ardo breastfeeding accessories are manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards. Swiss embodies a concept of quality that includes technical support with reliability.

Ardo Gold cream is a medical-grade Lanolin based cream; it keeps the skin soft and smooth to maintain the natural moisture. It helps to cure the dry, cracked, and sensitive lips. This natural ingredients based product is safe, so don`t need to remove it before feeding. Ardo Gold cream is without additives and hypoallergenic agents. This odorless and tasteless cream doesn’t create irritating feelings for babies during a feed.

A lot of women have to go through painful conditions due to soreness and nipple sensitivity. It happens due to the fat loss process during breastfeeding. Lanolin matches to heal the skin-fat burning and replenish the natural moisture. Just take the pea-size amount of Ardo Gold Cream to rub it between thumb and finger. Gentle application on the nipple-areola after every breastfeed will create a safety layer for the protection of skin. It is not vital to wash nipples before feeding as Ardo gold doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. Ardo cream is according to the health standards of the WHO international code. It can provide a solution for breastfeeding difficulties to offer a natural treatment for nursing mothers.

5. B-URBAN NC Cream For Cracked Or Sore Nipples

B-URBAN brand is an online store that is an expert at skincare products for women. They are experts at preparing premium quality products for maternity and women health care.

B-URBAN Cream Nipple cream is best for breastfeeding mothers. It helps to comfort the cracked and sore nipples due to frequent feeding. It consists of Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil that gives this cream natural ability of healing dry skin areas. The Organic shea butter rejuvenates the cracks of soring nipples. Organic Jojoba Oil comforts the skin by moisturizing the different areas of skin. B-URBAN cream is a natural Sulphate and Paraben based product to secure the nursing mother from harmful effects of chemical-based products.

6. Mamaearth Nipple Butter

Mamaearth company deals with mother and baby skincare products. These are made of organic ingredients. They have a wide range of natural-organic ingredients based products that are purely blended with care. This brand is providing 100% effective products that ensure the highest quality.

Mamaearth Natural Nipple Butter is organic calendula rich and Lanolin free product.  This buttercream can naturally heal the Solar and cracked nipples.  This cream is safe for both baby and mama; it can also be used to repair the cheeks of babies. After each feeding, you can apply to the dry patches, and its natural composition makes it a product to use on the face of babies.  The nipple butter is made of medically approved clinically tested ingredients.

It is dermatologically reviewed and powered by natural elements. It is made of purest coconut oil and Shea butter as the perfect blending to take care of the nursing moms. Mamaearth cream doesn`t contain any of the harmful chemicals as sulfates, parabens, dyes, and synthetic perfumes.

7. The Moms Co. Natural Nipple Butter Cream

The Moms Co. provides skin, body, and face and hair regimens with high-quality products. They deal with baby care items that are approved by health standards. Most of the products are tested and trusted by the doctors that make this brand suitable for mom and baby.

The Moms co. Natural Butter is a safe and toxin-free breastfeeding cream. It is lanolin-free and free of fragrance made of Kokum butter and Calendula oil that cures the sore nipples. The natural butter is a safe choice, so you never need to worry about removing it before feeding. This Kokum Butter and coconut enriched cream to increase the flexibility of skin by reducing dryness. This Nipple Butter has Rich qualities of Vitamin-E to give a protective shield for the skin. Calendula oil is a plant-based element that reduces pain and relieves swelling due to soreness. Wheat germ promotes healthy skin and keeps problems away from it. Due to Anti-inflammatory power, the vitamin-E heal the damage and broken heals, lips, and elbows.

Clean your breast thoroughly with a soft cloth. Take a small amount of butter and apply softly on the nipple. It’s not vital to remove the cream before feeding. To get the best result and healing cracks, use it at least once in a day. If required, you can increase the use.

8. Gaia Skin Naturals Pure Pregnancy Nipple Balm

Gaia Skin Care brand is dealing with products related to skin and hair care of babies. They are providing a wide range of maternity items at affordable prices around the country.

Gaia Natural Pure Pregnancy balm is for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.  This nipple balm is made of pure natural organic oils like avocado and sunflower. It’s not necessary to rinse off this balm from the nipple before feeding. It’s best to apply this balm after every feed to avoid cracking on the nipples. Gaia skin Natural balm is Lanolin and petrochemical free. This cream nourishes by protecting the breast from the effects of baby feeding. The beeswax is the special ingredient that gives this balm a waxy feeling to apply smoothly.

Buying Guide


The first question hosting comes into the Mother’s mind if this nipple cream is safe for my baby?  What will happen if your baby will ingest this cream?  Here you need to make sure that the nipple cream is made of all-natural ingredients.  The ingredients should be safe enough for your baby.  The ingredients of cream should be free of pesticides and preservatives.

The best nipple cream will not have a warning sign to remove it before breastfeeding. Organic ingredients based on nipple balms are safe to use during nursing. These ingredients are approved medically, so the most reliable choice for breastfeeding mothers.

Ingredients to Avoid  

It is better to avoid cream with Harsh Chemicals like Petroleum, Parabens, and Triethanolamine.  These ingredients can irritate the skin.  Avoid nipple creams with alcoholic composition.  The dry effect of alcohol can cause cracking on your skin.

Creams with preservatives are not safe to use as they may contain harmful chemicals to affect the baby`s health. Before making a purchase, make sure you are taking a health-friendly cream for your breast. You can`t take it for granted as this matter is equally related to the well being of your child.

Numbing Effect

Some of the nipple creams have the numbering, in fact, to your body. It is not safe to use such a product.  Before buying the cream, ensure that it is not a steroid. The steroid can cause a numbing effect on the body, and it can also affect the mouth of your baby.

It’s better to avoid the steroid cream for the breast application. These steroid creams can work instantly to remove the scars on nipples, but they have harmful effects afterward.  Numbness is a sign that there is something wrong with the product you are applying to a sensitive body part.


Nipple creams are sometimes very thick, and some are too sticky. Some creams are thin and oily. Before buying the nipple cream, check the consistency. A smooth and easy application of the cream will not cause discomfort. Avoid rubbing the cream on a nipple, instead apply small quantity gently on the nipple.


Strong fragrances are unsafe for the baby in it should not be in contact with the mouth.  You should always prefer an unscented cream for nipples.  Some types of smell can be irritating for your skin.  The effect of fragrance can prevent the baby from taking the feed. The best cream for nipples should be color and odorless for the safety of the infant.


An inexpensive brand of nipple screen can give you value for your money.  Most expensive cream organic materials provide the best safety for you and your baby. Don`t spend a massive amount on just a single nipple cream. Try to find natural based cream with a reasonable price that is affordable for you.


For the nipple cream, you need to check the label; it should not have the warning of removal before breastfeeding.  If you have purchased the dream and you see that it has the advice on the label, you need to replace it. These creams may contain harmful ingredients that can be unsafe for the health of the baby. The labels are helpful for the customers to understand more about the qualities of a product, so read it thoroughly before purchasing one.


1. What do nipple creams do?

Nipple creams are used for the dry, cracked, and itchy nipples.  This condition will get worse; it will lead to the bleeding nipple during breastfeeding.  Within the time of one or two weeks, your nipples will adjust to the breastfeeding practice. Mostly at the start of the breastfeeding process you need to apply some ointment

2. Can nipple creams harm my child?

It depends on the product you are going to choose for your little one.  Here you need to be extra careful when selecting a product; you have to consider the safety of your baby must be your top priority.

There are many products available in the market that are recommended by the doctor and safe to use.  While purchasing a cream, you need to do the ingredients that can be dangerous for your baby. A lead-baed or petroleum-based product is not the right choice for your baby.

Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions to the baby.  You will get to know about the result after the use of the product as you get to know about any kind of allergic reaction you are supposed to discontinue the use of green immediately.

3. Can I pump with the nipple cream on?

If you are facing the problem of cracked nipples, that is a good idea to apply the nipple cream before you start the process of pumping.  At this stage, you have to make sure about the ingredients of the cream that they are not harmful during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding nipple creams are to support the mothers that just have started the feeding.

4. How do I use nipple cream?

It’s better to use the nipple cream immediately after the baby finishes the feeding.  It can help you to reduce the soreness of the nipples and prepare them for the next feed.  If you dream a lost you not to buy before feeding, then you don’t need to worry about that.  If you are very conscious about the cleaning of your breast before feeding, then just use little water to clean your chest.  You can use a clean wet cloth for this purpose is well.

After the application of the cream, you just have to dab it a little bit.  You don’t have to apply the cream on your whole breast. It’s vital to know that the application of too much quantity of cream can make your nipple slippery so that it would be a problem during the feeding. This quantity of cream can cause a problematic situation for the baby so better to avoid too much amount of cream.

5. How often should I use nipple cream?

You are required to use the cream until your nipple gets smooth and healed.  After every feed, apply a little quantity of the cream on the nipple so it can moisturize your skin for the next feed.  If you feel that your nipples are healed now, and they don’t need the application of the cream, you can stop using it.

6. Can I use nipple creams when pregnant?

Yes, there are many creams available in the market prepared specially for pregnant women.  They can keep the skin moisturized at making your breast for the upcoming feeding process after childbirth.   After the time of pregnancy, you will start feeding the baby. At this time, the moisturized nipple will work smoothly during feeding, while the cracky and dry skin can be bothersome for an infant baby.


You must need a nipple cream if you prefer breastfeeding all the time instead of bottle feed.   In this condition, if you have to face the problem of cracked nipples, you can take a few days to break for recovery.  There is no other way better than breastfeeding to create a strong bond with your little one.  Breastfeeding is the most precious gift a mother can give to the newborn baby.  It’s also true that the breathing process is not easy for the mothers most of the time. The sore and cracky nipples can spoil this perfect mummy and baby time.

It’s better to choose a cream with organic ingredients so the mother can feel comfortable about the safety of the baby. The cream based on natural ingredients can be the safest product for the mother.  The best nipple creams are odorless, smell, and colorless. These qualities of cream will not let the baby refuse to the mother feed. Mother feed is the greatest blessing for an infant, so we need to make efforts to make this process easy for the baby. If the nipples are smooth, then this feeding process will be a source of great pleasure for both mother and baby.