The Best 10 pregnancy Books for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy comes with emotional, psychological, and physical changes as well. Reading a pregnancy book is not only comforting but also reassures you that everything that you feel at the moment isn’t at all uncommon.

Pregnancy books prepare you for the changes to come and also give tips on how to stay healthy at the time. These books are not only about the stages of pregnancy but also on breastfeeding. They also equip you with knowledge on how to take care of a newborn and how to become a mindful parent as well.

Listed below are 10 of the best pregnancy books you can find in the Indian Market today. They cover different topics that suit pregnant mothers and soon to be dads as well.

Choosing the Best Pregnancy Book

1. Pregnancy Notes: Before, During and After

First on the list is this book written by Rujuta Diwekar, an Indian Top Health Expert. She is a renowned nutritionist who has written several books, all on health matters. In this book, she takes you the pregnancy journey with tips for even before you conceive to until you receive your bundle of joy.

The book explains every pregnancy stage and includes notes on food and exercise to follow up when pregnant. Rujuta has also included heritage recipes from across the country, enabling you to be well-equipped with knowledge.

The book will help you to battle pregnancy-related anxiety and stress. It includes sleep and exercise information to help you with your pregnancy journey. It also describes food that you can find with ease at any regular Indian household.

2. Baby on Board

Sonia Sahjwani Saini narrates her pregnancy journey through this book. It’s a journey of a person who has suffered from the fear of childbirth, also known as tokophobia. The story is not only unique but also fresh. She beautifully explains almost every point that every pregnant woman would like to know.

The book is divided into two chapters that are readers’ friendly and comes in a simple language for you to understand with ease. Her style of writing is also flowing. The might be short but has a lifelong impact.

Sonia writes about the feelings that every pregnant mother experiences when carrying a baby. She explains how it actually feels to carry a living being in your womb. She has also shared some information about gynecologists.

Overall, it is an informational lead.

3. Awakening in Womb

If looking for a pregnancy book that will guide you all through your pregnancy period, put this book written by Monika Singh into consideration. It will forever change the way you think about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting as a whole.

The book mainly talks about the subconscious mind of the baby and parents to be as well. It is a spiritual guided book for those looking forward to getting pregnant. It also helps those that have lost hopes on pregnancy to regain one.

It gives answers to lots of questions that are beyond reason and logic in this materialistic world. It explains what is happening at the subconscious level and acts both as a mental and spiritual comfort during pregnancy.

4. A New You for Your New Baby

Preeti Subberwal, the author of this book, has done a thorough exploration and brought old generation wisdom to you. Raging from the fields of parental psychologically, neuroscience, nutrition, genetics, to consciousness studies, the book covers it all.

If you have any pregnancy-related question, this book has it all covered. It is a comprehensive one-stop solution to all pregnant mothers as it helps expand awareness in a format that is quite easy to understand.

The book brings together the world of science and spirituality. It is highly informative when it comes to parental care and birth. It has a word for midwives, mothers, doctors, philosophers, scientists, and other experts.

The book gives an insight into childbearing and the childbearing mother as well. It also contains both modern light and ancient wisdom. The writing is engaging and simple. Every chapter has the aha moment due to the many important things the book avails to you.

5. The Bump to Baby Co. Your Happy Pregnancy Book

Since a new person is coming into your life, this book by Preran Singh will help you make adequate preparations. The happy pregnancy handbook is both a guidebook and a journal. It will help you shift through all the information there is from baby’s health to maternity, development, and fashion and also helps one to make informed choices.

The book will help you navigate through your pregnancy without panic or stress. It has interactive sections where you get to jot down all your magical experiences during pregnancy. The book is also full of color, cheerful and happy, just like pregnancy ought to be.

It is highly informative and addresses the thought and creativity of every young parent out there.

6. Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy

Sixth on the list is this book written by Gita Arjun, a revised version that guides modern Indian couples to a healthy pregnancy. If looking forward to comprehending, tackle as well as enjoy the various stages of pregnancy, this is most likely the book should be looking for.

The book aims at demystifying pregnancy and comes with an easy to understand language. It also comes with lavish illustrations; all focused on Indian couples. It will empower you and your partner to proceed through the pregnancy with confidence.

The book reassures, influences, and also inspires. For all women looking forward to getting pregnant and their husbands, the book is a must-have. It is illustrated by color diagrams and color photos that make reading much easier.

It covers everything from the 1st day of the first week of pregnancy.

7. Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy and Motherhood

Having a healthy pregnancy is every woman’s dream, which requires meticulous research on everything with some as simple as what to eat. The book comes with information on six superfoods that are vital in every pregnant woman’s life.

The book also provides medicinal values of all the major ingredients, most of which are rooted in Ayurveda used in most of the recipes listed. It also doles out tips on how to maintain an ideal weight throughout pregnancy and after.

8. Nine Memorable Months: Your Guide to Carrying with Confidence

8th on the list is this book that includes everything that every expectant mother and her partner need to know and do for a smooth pregnancy. It answers all questions on pregnancy, easing the young parents of anxiety and stress.

The author, Dr. Nabat, has illustrated everything in a clear, precise, and beautiful manner, making it easy for everyone to fall in love with it. It is not only reliable but also an amiable guide for any mom-to-be. It is also written in simplified and easy to read the language.

This book will help you to learn how to bond with your baby. It is colorful, engaging, and also interesting and will also guide you on the 9-month diet you need to take as well as the different forms of exercise to follow.

9. Nine Months-A Joyful Journey

This book happens to be one of the most useful guides to all expecting mothers. It consists of all the necessary information and valuable tips based on all the latest medical knowledge. It, therefore, not only helps mothers to solve queries but also clear all confusion associated with pregnancy.

The book is written in an easy and straightforward non-medical language, making it easy to understand. The author uses medical/technical terms in easy to understand words. It also comes with useful information for expectant dads.

10. Own the Bump

Last on the list is this book by Payal Gidwani, a famous fitness and yoga expert in India. In this book, she brings to the fore the importance of preparing your soul and body as well to changes associated with pregnancy.

From pre-pregnancy to post-natal information, Gidwani utilizes all her knowledge of yoga to provide you with the best advice. This way, you can now take care of yourself during and after birth. Her workout sessions are all designed for modern parents.

This book prepares you for a smooth delivery and also enables you to take care of your health. It is well written and informative and will help you prepare and embrace motherhood beautifully. It will provide you with great insight, especially if you are a first-time mom.

Buyers Guide

The following are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a pregnancy book.

The information you seek

For you to get the right pregnancy book, you need to ask yourself what you really want to learn from the book first. Are you interested in learning how to take care of your unborn baby or knowing how your little one will grow day by day inside your womb?

Different books come with different information and thus important for you to have an idea of what you seek from a book before you set out in search of one.

During the search, you’ll come to understand that some books incorporate all that you need to know about pregnancy. These should be your ‘go-to place’ if you want to know what’s going on and what will most likely happen in the future. The only downside with such books, however, is that most miss a lot of details.

If looking for more detailed information or information on a particular topic, you need to select a book that deals with that specific topic.


Once you’ve decided what you want to know, it’s time to consider the best author you can get for that topic. There are a lot of authors out there who claim to know much and write the best content, but only a few deliver the best.

To know more about the author, take a look at his bio that is commonly found on the book’s cover. You can also get it in the first few pages of the book.

What makes the book the best will depend on the information you are interested in. For instance, if you want to know how one feels when pregnant, you should consider getting a book written by another mom.

Age of the book

When was the book was written?10 years or 2 years ago? This is another thing you need to put into consideration before you pay for a book. Just like with computer and mobile phone technology, information on pregnancy also changes with time.

Information like the health checks to have and the type of food to eat when pregnant also changes with time. A more recent book is probably the best to buy. Consider one published within the last 5 years.


Consider the number of times a book has been published before you pay for it. The more editions a book has, the more successful, popular, and thoroughly reviewed it is likely to be.


Try as much as possible to find out the organization that published the book you intend to purchase and whether they have a good reputation. A general or online publisher may not have checks in place to ensure that all the information they publish is accurate.

Most reputable publishing houses verify the accuracy of their products. Books published by big organizations or government departments that deal with pregnancy (for example, hospitals) are most likely to be reputable.

Place of publication

Although most aspects of pregnancy are universal, some depend on geographical location. Others may differ according to religion or touch on specific products that might be present in some countries and not in others.

You don’t necessarily need a book published in your country. What you should know is that some of the information may be different or not apply if you purchased a book overseas.


If interested in a particular book, look for some reviews so that you can find out what others think of it. If looking for these reviews online, you need to know that some might not be based on knowledge or experience. Anyone can add a review to another person’s website these days.

Check out for reviews published on websites of reputable organizations or people with appropriate experience (e.g. of health professionals).

Try looking for online bookshops and see how many times people have rated them positively. You also need to consider whether the ratings are genuine.


If you have family members or friends who have recently been pregnant, ask recommendations for a good book from them. Doctors and other health professionals may also recommend a few good pregnancy books to you.

What you should remember is that their information needs might not be the same as yours. You, therefore, still need to look out for things like the publisher, author, and the information that the book has to offer.


Of what use will a book be if it’s tedious and difficult for you to read? Look for one that is interesting to you. Get one with what makes you tick. For instance, if you like books with lots of diagrams and pictures, then go for it.

To make things a lot easier, drop to your local bookstore and pick through a book before you pay for it. This way, you’ll be in a position to buy one that suits you best. You can also borrow one from a friend or the local library.

Many books also provide online previews providing potential buyers with a feel of the content and style before they commit to buying.


A good pregnancy book needs to be accessible, meaning that you should be able to afford it. Remember that pregnancy books can also be expensive, especially those covering several topics. You thus need to come up with ways of saving your hard-earned money.

You can choose to borrow or swap books with friends and family members. You can also borrow from a functional library for free and hence reach a wider destination. You can also choose to get second-hand books, which are less costly. The good thing is that you can get even recently published hand pregnancy books.

Benefits of Reading to a Baby While Still in the Womb

Reading to your unborn baby comes with loads of benefits to your baby and you too. Some of these benefits include.

Reduction of maternal anxiety and stress

As you engage in reading to your baby, you’ll not only get relived from prenatal stress but also worries. Study shows that when moms read to their kids in the womb, the heart rate seems to drop. Kids also tend to calm down, an indication that they are enjoying the read.

Improves Bonding Behavior

The bond between a mother and her unborn baby becomes stronger when reading to her. The baby starts getting familiar with his mother’s voice and can also identify soft and loud tones of music.

The baby feels relaxed when soft music gets played as it helps them rest due to its comforting quality, just like a lullaby. If your baby is sleepy and loud music is played, it might express dislike by kicking.

Enhances concentration and attention span

When you start reading to your baby, he picks up the melody of the song. Though the words do not bring any meaning to him, he’ll begin to identify your voice. Your baby tends to listen to it for a long time, something that results in increased attention span and concentration levels as well.

Increases knowledge

As you read for your unborn child, you also get to learn things that you had no idea about. You become more knowledgeable and informed, as well. Also, some pregnancy books come equipped with the content on how to take care of your baby after birth, breastfeeding, among others. They make the pregnancy journey appear less complicated, especially to new mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does reading during pregnancy increase my baby’s intelligence?

Your baby’s nerve pathways in the neural system, as well as the ear, start developing on her 26th week. At this time, your unborn baby starts responding to voices and sounds as well.

Introducing word and music to your baby while still in the womb may increase her intelligence. Reading provides an auditory stimulation to your baby’s growing brain. It also acclimates children to the sound of their mother.

2. When can I start reading to my baby in the womb?

At about six months, your baby is already quite familiar with every sound of the womb. She can hear her mother’s heartbeat and digestive sounds as well. From outside the womb, sounds are quite clear as well, but about 10 decibels lower.

3. What are the best books to read during pregnancy?

Although your little one can’t understand the meaning of the sounds and words she hears, she can already pick up the rhythm as well as the tone of the sentences. You’ll note this as at times, she’ll respond to how you read.

Soothing, lighthearted, and fun reading material is one of the best ways to entertain your baby during pregnancy. Avoid thrillers and horror stories like these can raise stress levels to you and then result in anxiety response in the baby.


Pregnancy books will help you overcome anxiety and stress associated with pregnancy and give you essential tips on diet and exercise. These books will also guide you on child care and enable you to face one of the most important phases of your life with confidence. To benefit from all that, all you need to do is select a book that addresses your problems. This guide contains books on different topics, and we believe that you’ll surely get what you are looking for.

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