Top Baby Hammocks

Do you have trouble getting your newborn to fall asleep or calm down?  The answer you might be looking for might be a little simpler than you think.  As the baby is in the mother’s womb, he/she gets used to the gentle movements of the mother and is used to getting lulled by it.  The same movements can be replicated using a baby hammock to gently rock your child to sleep.

As there are many safety and functional questions to consider when buying such a product, we have compiled a buying guide and reviewed the most high quality and fast-moving products for you. We hope to make your baby hammock purchase a little less painstaking.

Top 10 Baby Hammocks

1. Multipro New Born Baby Cradle Swing

This top-of-the-line stand-alone baby hammock is easy to set up and doesn’t need any additional tools for assembly.  It comes with a stainless steel structure, a cloth hammock, and a handy carry case to increase portability. The lightweight materials used to weigh only 7kg, making it great for air travel. The hammock is designed for infants of up to 20kg in weight. It also has rubber pads at its feet to ensure a better grip.

This baby hammock’s vibrant color scheme and smooth finish will make it a favorite with your baby.  The stainless steel pipes are rust and corrosion resistant and will last the lifetime of the product. The cloth hammock is made out of cotton and has a canopy to protect your baby against mosquitoes and other bugs. The gentle motions generated by the swinging of this special hammock will ensure that your baby feels soothed and falls asleep quickly.




2. A TO Z HUB Baby Portable Folding Swing Cradle

This high-quality stand-alone baby hammock is also designed for high portability and speedy assembly though priced quite a bit lower than the Multipro version.  This hammock also comes with a stainless steel structure, a cloth hammock, and a carry case for travel. There are also rubber vacuum pads at the feet of the structure to ensure that your baby’s nap time is safe.  This baby hammock has been designed for children of up to 20kg.

A soft blue-heavy color scheme ensures a baby-friendly environment for your little tyke.  This baby hammock can be disassembled into a carry case that is only 4 feet long for transport without the use of any additional tools.

It has been designed to prevent babies from developing flat head syndrome and colic while improving digestion.  All models come with a 1-year warranty during which period all parts will be replaced for you free of charge in the case of any malfunction.

3. Little Chime Window Cradle Hanger

This baby cradle is a high-quality window-fit hammock that has been designed to gently rock your baby to sleep in a space-cramped environment.  Its solid structure enables it to be used with children of up to 20kg in weight. The metal fixture that fits onto the window grill, as well as the metal hanger and spring, are all made from high-quality steel for extra durability.  However, the metal fixture is sold only for an additional cost and is not included in the cost of this baby hammock.

The baby cradle comes with a handy mosquito net to ensure that your baby does not get bitten by mosquitoes or other bugs while trying to get some shut-eye.  The cotton fabric that has been used can be machine washed and has been designed for quick drying. The fabric has a curved designed to aid your baby’s natural sleeping posture and minimize pressure on the developing spine.  The spring that comes with the hammock ensures that the swinging motion is cushioned to increase your baby’s comfort.

4. BAYBEE Newborn Baby Cotton Randy Hanging Swing Cradle

This baby hammock has been designed to be hung from any hook that is available at your house.  It has a beautiful pink color scheme and a soft design. The product has been manufactured to E71 European standards denoting safe use for babies and toddlers.  This baby hammock is hung using a spring to cushion the swinging motion of the hammock in order to increase your child’s comfort. It has been designed to withstand the weight of a 15kg baby.

The hammock has been designed for easy and quick disassembly for washing.  The cloth material used is machine washable and hypoallergenic, which means that it is manufactured to suppress allergic reactions by your baby’s skin.  The mosquito net that is included can be used to ensure that your baby doesn’t get bitten by mosquitoes or other bugs while drifting off to dreamland.

5. Kidzy King Baby Hammock

This baby hammock has a hefty price tag but comes with a lot of premium features that offset the price.  The heavy-duty hammock stand has been tested to withstand a weight of 100kg, which would be more weight than an average grown adult.  The cloth used in the hammock has been manufactured using organic cotton. Unlike other baby hammocks, this one has a mattress that goes above the cloth to ensure a perfect curved shape to compliment your baby’s delicate spine.

The cloth material used in the hammock is perfectly safe to wash and dry.  As in all high-quality hammocks, this one has a spring to cushion the swinging motion, augmenting the comfort level of your child.  The structure allows you to use this hammock for children up to 3 years in age. A mosquito net is included to protect your baby from mosquitoes and other bugs.  This product is the height of luxury and provides all the bells and whistles you would want in a baby hammock.

6. BAYBEE Newborn Baby Cotton Bubbles Hanging Swing Cradle

This simple cloth hammock comes with a soft blue and white color scheme and supports up to 15kg in weight.  It has been made to E71 European standards, which assures us that it can be used safely with babies and toddlers.  The cloth part of the cradle is made from cotton and is fully machine washable. It is also made from a material that is hypoallergenic, ensuring that your baby’s skin won’t have any allergic reactions.

The cloth part of the hammock fits over a plastic structure to ensure that your baby isn’t squished inside the hammock.  It also has a spring to cushion the swinging motion for your child. The included mosquito net fits onto the top with a zipper to ensure that your child is free from mosquito and bug bites.  A handy clear carry case is included to easily transport this hammock to wherever it is needed

7. Younique Baby Cradle with Mosquito Net

This baby hammock has a simple design and is recommended for newborns and infants of up to 18 months.  It is also safe to use with children of up to 10kg in weight. The hammock has been made with the soft, skin-friendly fabric without any fibers or fabrics sticking out to disturb your resting baby.  The dual-springs that are included with the hammock are there to cushion the swinging motion so that your child’s resting time is as comfortable as possible.

The cloth parts of the hammock are fully washable and easy to dry.  The hooded part of the hammock is there to ensure that your baby’s head is protected at all times.  A mosquito net is included to ensure that your baby’s nap time is free of bug and mosquito bites. The overall design has been made to make sure that your child doesn’t choke or face any other breathing discomfort while he/she is in the hammock.

8. NOVICZ Newborn Wooden Swing

This baby hammock is one of the more unique products in this category.  The basic round structure of the product is made from wood, while the netting is made of soft nylon.  While most other hammocks depend on cotton cloth, this one is able to use nylon because of its airy woven design.  This design makes sure a lot of air comes in contact with your baby’s skin so that it can breathe. The whole product is also fully hand-made, making it even more special.

The nylon rope hanging apparatus is attached to an S clamp which can be used to hang the hammock on any hook inside your house, or even a tree branch when outside.  The product comes with a 1-year warranty, which ensures that broken parts are replaced free of charge. The round design of the product enables your baby to rest comfortably without having the sides of the hammock get pressed again his/her body while sleeping or resting.

9. ZURA Baby Cradle with Mosquito Net

This soft baby hammock with a simple design is suitable for babies of up to 12 months.  The cloth part of the hammock is made from 100% cotton material, which ensures that the parts that touch your baby’s skin are breathable, preventing rashes and other irritations.  It also comes with a dual-spring design to cushion the swinging motion of the hammock, increasing your baby’s comfort while sleeping. After placing your baby into the hammock, you can use its zipper to secure him/her inside it.

The cloth parts of the hammock are fully washable and dry quickly. The hammock comes with a handy mosquito net to ensure that your baby is protected from pesky mosquitoes and bugs while getting some shut-eye. This product is great for a mom or dad on a budget that is looking for a simple hammock to help his/her baby sleep.

10. MultiPro Newborn Baby Soft Cloth Swing

This product by MultiPro has been designed to be light on the wallet while fulfilling the basic functionality of a baby hammock.  The cloth part of the hammock comes in a colorful collage of popular children’s characters to keep your baby interested while falling asleep.  It is also made of 100% cotton, ensuring that the cloth touching your baby’s skin is breathable.

This baby hammock also comes with a mosquito net that will help keep your baby safe from mosquitoes and other bugs while falling asleep.  It also has a zipper to secure your child within the hammock after he/she is placed inside. The steel hangars that are included with the product go into firmly stitched cloth hooks in the fabric to keep your child securely tethered while swinging.  The cloth part of the hammock is fully washable and dries quickly for reuse.

Baby Hammock Buying Guide


One of the most important things to look for in a baby hammock is whether it is adequately ventilated.  There should be sufficient space above the baby to ensure proper circulation of oxygenated air. The material that the hammock is made from should also be breathable that won’t suffocate the child even if the baby turns to his/her side


The baby hammock should be suitable for the climate you live in.  If you live in a hot climate, then the hammock should facilitate the cooling down of your baby as he/she falls asleep.  Conversely, if you live in a cold climate, the hammock should have features that keep your baby warm as his body cools down.

Cotton is an excellent material for a hammock for use in a hot climate.  A cotton/polyester mix might be better for a cold climate as the cotton would ensure breathability while the polyester would preserve some heat for the baby.


Many baby hammocks have springs to cushion the movements of the hammock.  As the baby moves from side to side, the weight of the baby increases slightly due to centripetal force. This added pressure is relieved through the use of springs. The manufacturers of higher quality baby hammocks make sure that this kind of suspension relief is available in their products to help your baby sleep better.  If you can afford it, this feature is a must-have in your baby hammock.

Structural Integrity

Many baby hammocks come with a stainless steel or metal alloy structure that keeps the hammock up.  Generally, the top and bottom ends of the hammock or the sides of the hammock are attached to this metal frame. It is crucial to see whether this structure can withhold the weight of your child and whether this structure is durable.  Most baby hammocks are designed for baby weights of up to 20kgs. However, go for a baby hammock with a metal structure that is as strong as possible to ensure your baby’s safety.

Room Space

If you don’t have space in your home to have a baby hammock with a stand-alone metal structure, you have a few alternate options to choose from.  Some baby hammocks come without any metal parts and with just the cloth hammock.

If you have a stable structure to hang the cloth hammock in, this might be a right solution for your space problem. Many hammocks also come with metal frames that connect to your window grill. These hammocks are a great option for space-constrained living quarters, especially if you have a window next to your bed.

Hammock Design

There are many hammock designs to choose from.  The key is to choose one that will ensure that your baby is safe while being in the hammock. As the baby gets bigger, he/she will start to move, and this movement might cause the baby to fall out of the hammock if the design is faulty.  Try to choose a hammock that will constrain the baby from falling on all four sides.


As hammocks and their metal frames come in many colors and designs, it is also important to think of where the hammock will be placed most of the time. If you have a green-themed living room and this is the area the hammock will live in for most of its life, make sure that the hammock fits into your living room’s color scheme.

The visible area for your baby should also be calm and soothing to encourage your baby to fall asleep.  Sharp and vibrant colors in this visible area would defeat the purpose to a certain extent.

Foot Grips

If you are looking at buying a hammock with a stand-alone metal frame, please make sure that the feet of the metal frame is adequately gripped.  If you choose one that doesn’t have rubber grips and you place it on your tile floor, the metal frame will move around on the floor as the hammock swings.

Not only would this create an unsteady environment for your baby as the propensity for the hammock to tip over would be bigger, but your flooring would also get damaged.

Mosquito Net

If you are living in a hot and humid climate, then there are sure to be many bugs and insects that would love to take a bite out of your precious bundle.

Many baby hammocks come with mosquito nets to ensure that no mosquitoes or bugs can crawl into the hammock to harm your baby.  This feature is a must-have for parents living in countries that are near the equator.

Types of Baby Hammocks

Cloth Hammock

These types of hammocks are the most budget-friendly in this category.  They don’t come with any additional parts or materials to fix them onto any structure. It only includes the cloth material that the hammock itself is made from.

If you have a place at your home where you can hang a hammock safely, then this might be a good option for you.  However, you need to make sure that the fixtures you attach this hammock to are strong and that they will be able to withstand the swinging motions of the hammock with your baby in it.

Window-Fit Hammock

This type of hammock is innovative and designed especially for homes in countries where window grill fixtures are common, such as in South Asia, Latin America, or Africa.  The metal structure of a window-fit hammock will fix right onto your window’s grill. The hammock then generally hangs from a hangar at the end of the structure fixed to the grill.  This is a great option for parents with homes that lack the space for a stand-alone hammock.

Stand-Alone Hammock

By far, the most portable type of hammock, stand-alone hammocks, allows you to set up shop wherever you take your baby.  This type of hammock comes with a self-sufficient metal structure that you are able to hang the cloth hammock in. Some products also come with a handy carry case to transport the hammock to wherever you need to take it.

Baby Hammock Safety Tips

Periodic Checks

When your baby is in a hammock, it is always important to check whether your baby is comfortable in it.  If your baby has turned to his/her side, then the baby might have trouble breathing with the side of the hammock pressed against his/her mouth/nose.  Gently adjust your baby’s position if this happens so that he/she can have a sound nap without any breathing difficulty.

Safety ‘Net’

No, we aren’t talking about a mosquito net here!  This is just to ensure that nothing happens to your baby even if he/she manages to wriggle out of the hammock.  If your hammock is higher than a foot from the ground, there is a possibility that your baby might be harmed if he/she falls out of the hammock.  This is especially true for hammocks that fix onto window grills, which are generally higher up. Make sure that you keep your hammock above the bed or a couch if it is more than a foot off the ground.


Make sure that you clean your hammock regularly.  As we are designed to sweat as we sleep to regulate our body temperatures, your baby will sweat as well.  To ensure that your baby has a clean environment, the hammock should be washed after several uses (according to how dirty it gets).  This will make sure that your baby is as safe as possible.

Checking Before Use

There is a big possibility that creepy crawlers might also find your baby’s hammock comfy. Make sure that you check the hammock thoroughly before placing your precious baby inside it to ensure that there aren’t any nasty bugs to harm your child. This will help ensure that your child has a trouble-free nap and that he/she will wake up happy.


1. What age group are baby hammocks suitable for?

The size, durability, and structural integrity of the baby hammock you will buy will determine the exact age range.  However, most baby hammocks are for babies from ages of up to 24 months. It is also essential to gauge how active and heavy your baby is as the baby gets closer to the age limit prescribed by the hammock’s manufacturers.

2. Will the hammock fit a wooden structure?

The cloth hammocks are designed to be attached to any stable structure.  If you have a wooden structure that you think will support the weight of your baby in the hammock, then you are free to use it.  Just make sure that the hooks that the hammock gets attached to are stable and able to withstand the swinging motions of the hammock.

3. Up to what weight can a hammock accommodate?

Most hammocks are built to be able to withstand a 20kg child.  However, some hammocks only support weights of up to 10kg. Please make sure you look at the prescribed age-range of the specific hammock you buy to ensure that your child remains safe while using it.

4. Can the hammock be washed?

Yes, all hammocks are designed to be washed.  However, please refer to the instructions that come with the hammock to see how to clean it (hand wash/machine wash).  A hammock should be washed at regular intervals to ensure that it can be used safely by a child.

5. Can the hammock be fixed by screws to the window?

Window-attached hammocks generally are designed to fit without screws onto the grill.  These hammocks need no screws or additional gadgets to attach. However, if you bought a hammock that specifically asks you to use screws, then you should do so.


A hammock is a useful tool in your arsenal aimed at keeping your baby safe and happy during nap time.  Most hammocks are designed to ensure proper ventilation while your tyke is falling asleep. Many come with the frames necessary for your hammock to be functional without additional support structures.

It’s essential to choose a hammock you think will best suit your lifestyle and your baby’s specific needs.  We hope that the buying guide will help you select a product that does just that. Please make a note of the safety tips included in this article to ensure that your baby remains safe and healthy while using a baby hammock.  Good luck with your purchase, and we hope your baby enjoys the soothing swing of a hammock in the very near future!