Top 7 Baby Rattles for Your Tiny Tots

Baby rattles are made with materials like plastic or wood, and they come in different shapes that might look like keys, animals, flowers, or musical instruments.

These come with unique colour and sound patterns. The rattles are great for your babies to play and they keep them occupied when you’re not around.

Rattles make your baby respond to sound when they hear them. These serve as a source of stimulation and provide a sense of discovery. These are made from high-quality materials and are very affordable.

The article below will guide you with the 7 best baby rattles with their buying guide and a few FAQs for your benefit.

1. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle

This baby rattle will offer the sound that your child will love. It is made of soft plush filling and acts like a toy your baby can hug or cuddle.

The toy produces a rattling sound when it is shaken. This develops and stimulates your child keeping him or her entertained while playing.

This baby rattle was designed with your baby’s safety in mind. It is safe for your child to handle and it doesn’t pose any risk. This baby rattle is durable and portable to use.

It also comes with bright attractive colours that can draw your baby’s attention for hours of playtime.

2. Cable World Plastic Rattle

This baby rattle is made of BPA-free ABS plastic material. The material is non-toxic and safe to use. It comes with 8 toys with different unique designs, colours, and shapes.

It doesn’t cause any harm when your children put it in their mouth or chew on it. This rattle comes with a pleasant sound that helps to soothe your baby.

It works excellently well when parents make use of it to soothe their little ones. It can be used anywhere such as outdoors, indoor, or even in the car. It is lightweight and small in size.

The baby rattle also improves and strengthens your baby’s motor, sensory, hand coordination, and eye coordination skill.

3. Mee Mee Baby Rattles

This baby rattle is good for babies and it allows them to explore more. It comes in attractive shapes and colours. The baby rattle is made from non-toxic material.

It helps to develop your baby’s way of gripping objects. The rattle doesn’t need sterilization because it is very safe to use. It allows your little one to be entertained for hours.

It helps to stimulate your baby’s visual and auditory senses. The rattle is easy to clean and store.

4. TechHark Rattles for Babies

This baby rattle is non-toxic and safe to use. The baby rattle is made from non-toxic, BPA-free, ABS plastic material. It comes with 8 pieces of toys and it’s a perfect gift for a 3 to 18 months baby.

It allows your baby to grab the items, pull, shake, and rotate them using his or her hand or teeth. The toys help to strengthen eye and hand coordination. It also helps improve sensory skills and colour recognition skills.

It makes a pleasant rattling sound on shaking which excites your baby. The toys are big enough for easy grabbing and to avoid the harm of swallowing.

5. Ratna’s Musical Rattle

This rattle is good for babies and it provides a source of stimulation for your babies. It encourages babies to explore more options. It gives your baby a convenient grip.

It comes with colours, shapes, and sounds that offer an excellent attraction and engagement for children. The rattle helps to improve your baby’s eye coordination and enhances his or her cognitive and thinking skills.

It is one of the best quality rattles for your children.

6. NHR Animal Rattles

This rattle is made of non-toxic, BPA free, and durable plastic material that is 100% safe for your babies. It is designed for the amusement of infants. It supports and entertains your baby’s development.

It comes with 12 animals shaped toys with a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours. It improves your baby’s sensory, cognitive, and motor-skill stimulation while playing with it.

It can engage babies in jiggling, shaking, and playing. This rattle also improves your baby’s grips, textures, and sounds. It comes with no sharp edges and they’re great to handle.

The rattle comes with a nice design and it is portable to travel with.

7. Zeroonecraft baby rattle

This baby rattle comes with four packs of wooden toys that are great for enjoyable playtime. These toys include a drum, egg shaker, cage bell, and jingle bell.

The toys are made of plastic and wooden materials and are suitable for children from age 1 year old and above. The toys help develop your kid’s sound recognition abilities.

The paint used is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly which makes them safe for your children to use. These come with an easy to grasp feature for your little ones and help develop pattern recognition.

The toys improve your kid’s hearing, touching, tasting, and seeing. These will make your child want to learn more every day.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will look at the factors to consider when choosing the best baby rattle.


Rattles are made with a unique design that can end up in your baby’s mouth when in possession. So, make sure the baby rattle is safe before you purchase it.

You can also check the packaging to confirm if it has been tested. Your baby can bang, shake, or suck on the rattle and if the rattle is not safe it can cause a hazardous effect.

Also, ensure the baby rattle is at least 2 inches in diameter before you purchase so that your baby won’t choke on it.


Rattles are not designed with a particular age bracket in mind. Some rattles are designed basically for babies between 1 year and above.

Babies between ages 9 to 12 months will prefer a baby rattle that can withstand aggressive chewing. These babies are actively teething and would love to put everything in their mouths.

Also, babies between the ages of 6 to 9 months are already developing the ability to master new fine motor skills. They would love toys that come with interactive buttons, lights, and music.

From ages 3 to 6 months, babies can handle rattles and will love rattles that make noise. So, make sure you choose a rattle that fits your baby’s age category to facilitate your baby’s playtime and comfort.


Baby rattles come in different sizes. Not all baby rattles are slim or small for babies to handle. Some rattles are also large and convenient to use. A large baby rattle is also safe to use and handle.

Interactive Features: 

Make sure you know the features the rattle has before you purchase it. The rattle can come with features such as flashlights, sound, or music if the rattle is shaken or squeezed.

Some features can also be a song with light shows or produce fun sounds like animal noises or whistles.


Baby rattles are made from materials such as plastic, silicone, wood, and more. The plastic baby rattles are made with food-grade plastic and they are latex-free, BPA-free, and easy to clean.

The silicone baby rattle is flexible and soft to use and they’re also easy to clean. The wooden baby rattle produces natural sounds and they’re convenient to play with.

So, ensure to check if the material is convenient for your baby before you purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age should I purchase the baby rattle? 

The baby rattle is great and very helpful. The rattle is not recommended to any age but babies with ages ranging 3 months and above can use it.

2. Does the rattles produce excessive noise?

The baby rattle is unique and delivers sounds that your baby will love. The sound produced is soothing to the ears and causes no disturbances.

3. What is the common material used to produce rattles?

The rattle is made of several unique materials such as wood, plastic, or clothing materials. Your choice of rattle will reveal the material used.

4. Are baby rattles washable?

Baby rattles are made from several materials. Not all rattles are washable, but some are made of washable materials.

5. Are rattles breakable?

Baby rattles are made of high quality and sturdy materials. They are not breakable and are safe to use. They also do not get damaged quickly.

6. Is purchasing one rattle convenient for a baby?

Baby rattles come with interactive features that are enjoyable to use. So, even one rattle is sufficient for your baby to have a fun and soothing time.

The rattle can stimulate your baby and help him learn as he grows. However, the numbers are your personal choice and convenience.


The baby rattle is a unique toy that is suitable for babies. It helps in your babys’ growth and development by improving their cognitive, sensory, and motor-skills.

The rattle allows your baby to develop a strong gripping skill and also helps your baby identify colours. It comes in unisque colours, shapes, and sizes with a soothing and pleasant sound.

The most recommended baby rattles from the list above include Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle, Cable World Plastic Rattle, and Mee Mee Baby Rattles.