Top Digital Thermometer

Fever is a symptom of some illness that shows some kind of problem in the body.  Fever is the body’s way of reacting and fighting from illness. The best method to measure the body temperature of your baby is to use a thermometer.  A digital thermometer is very easy to use, just put it in the mouth and wait for the glass to show the readings. Average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius; your baby can have high temperature due to eating, physical activity, by over clothing.

You need If you are concerned about your kid, it’s better to use a digital thermometer to know the correct temperature. Mercury based thermometer always has a danger of breaking. Digital and Mercury thermometers are available in the market for taking body temperatures. The digital once is safe to use for children because they are quick and safe. Digital thermometers are mercury-free to keep your child safe from harmful conditions.

Top 10 Digital Thermometer

1. Control D Automatic Digital Thermometer

Control D is a pioneer of the home health care industry in India, determined to bring high-quality products at affordable prices. They are selling Glucometers, Lancets, Swabs, Healthy socks, Nebulizers, and Green Coffee

Control D digital thermometer is suitable to use for babies.  It can be used for rectal, oral, and oxter measurements. It can give you highly precise and accurate information. It is suitable to use for kids as the reading time is just 60 seconds.  This thermometer can provide you with accurate readings.

It has a feature of giving beep sound with dual-mode. We can see the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It will save the memory of the last reserved for you.  It has an auto shut mode for energy saving, and the battery has a long-lasting life. It can provide you with a highly precise and accurate reading. Its battery has a life of 200 hours, which is quite a suitable duration. It can work for you efficiently for a long duration.


2. Dr.Balance Digital Thermometer

Dr.Balance is a health care provider in the pharmaceutical industry. They are dealing with multiple health care products all around the country. Dr.Balance Digital Thermometer is a Mercury-free product so safe to use for kids.  It is a thermometer as medical-grade accuracy, so you can always get reliable results about the body temperature of your kid.  Is the thermometer will complete the time, and it will give you a beep alarm.

It has the auto shut off option that can save the battery for more extended use.  This thermometer can say the memory of the last result to keep the medical record of your baby’s health. You can have the dual-mode option so you can see the results clearly both in Fahrenheit and Celsius degree scale. It has a battery that can work for 200 hours. This distinct feature made this device a good choice.


3. TechiconYes Plus Medical Digital Oral Thermometer


Techicon is a non-government-private registered company in India. They are dealing in automobile and pharmaceutical industries.Techicon Yes Plus Medical Digital thermometer is super quick and for rectal use.  It can give you results in just 10 seconds. It is the best digital thermometer that you can use as an alternate of Mercury glass thermometer.  The thermometer will be the alarm as it finishes the job of taking the temperature.

An exciting feature of this product is that it will give you a rapid beeping to show that temperature is above the normal range.  This thermometer has a soft, flexible tip that can fit naturally under the tongue or underarm. Better to use it underarm measurement as it is not uncomfortable for your baby. This thermometer is an excellent choice for kids that you will not have any safety concerns about the broken Mercury glass thermometers.



4. Dr. Trust (USA) Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Dr. Trust is working as a skilled team of specialists to present new inventions in health sciences. They are providing trustworthy services and health monitors to maintain health and wellness. Dr. Trust (USA) is the best safety thermometer for children.  This digital thermometer is available in white color. It has a soft that can fit naturally under the child.  This flexible tip is suitable to put in the mouth as well as for underarms. It has no Hazardous danger as of broken mercury glass thermometer.

This flexible tip feature makes this product quite suitable for your kids. Although it is a waterproof device, it cannot be washed with water. This high-quality product is made of durable material so you can choose it for your child. Clean it carefully with an alcoholic swab. For infants, you can use this device in axilla instead of the mouth. It will give better results and can save your baby from any possible hurt.


5. AccuSure Digital Thermometers MT 1027

Accusure is a famous Indian on-line service for providing support in the health care industry. They are spreading their network throughout the country to provide high-quality services.  AccuSure Digital Thermometer is a clinically approved testing device.  It gives you the option to see the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. AccuSure digital MT 1027 has a fever alarm so you can get alert about the medical condition of your child.

This is a waterproof device made of durable material. After the use, it will switch off automatically that can save the battery for the next use.  This product doesn’t use Mercury to measure temperatures. That is why it is the safest testing device for a baby. This premium quality product helps keep check of your baby’s fever during illness.


6. DOYO Digital flexible probe waterproof thermometers

DOYO Private Limited is a private limited company. They are providing health monitoring devices at affordable services at their on-line mart. DOYO Digital Thermometer is a product that is specially designed to use with convenience to the kids. It is the ICD thermometer to indicate fever.  This thermometer can show you temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. The automatic option can save the battery for frequent future use.

This digital thermometer has a fever alarm to alert you that the baby has a fever. Fever alarm helps you to make a decision about the medication process.  You can find it easier to check the last reading about the assessment of health conditions due to the memory-saving options. DOYO digital thermometer is suitable to use for oral, rectal, and axillaries temperature assessment.  This mercury-free testing device is ideal for kids of all ages due to its distinct features.


7. Hicks MT-101M Digital Thermometer with Beeper

Hicks is providing health and wellness services around the country. Hicks MT-101 Digital thermometer is a clinically approved medical device.  This product is safe for kids and gives you fast readings in just a few seconds. It can provide you with temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Hick’s digital thermometer measures temperature with oral, rectal underarm use.  It has an LCD system, which makes it very easy to see the temperature.

It is a medically testing device so you can rely on the accuracy of results. Beep alarm will tell you that the device has completed the process. Automatic shut off system can help you to save the batteries.  The digital device can the body temperature of your kid within a few seconds, and this feature makes it the most suitable choice for a sick, uncomfortable child.


8. Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip Thermometer

Rossmax is an international health care services company working with four principals as quality, service, teamwork, long-term vision. Rossmax is undoubtfully the leader of the global healthcare market, and they are committed to developing and supplying quality products. They find solutions with a technological approach. Rossmax TG380 Flexi Tip the temperature measuring device that is safe to use for kids.  Medical professionals highly recommend this device. The digital thermometer has a flexible tip that is mercury-free.  This product is highly suitable for infants due to its exemplary features.

The waterproof body is made of high-quality plastic and has a matte finishing texture. It helps you to have a sturdy grip when to place it on the skin. The digital device has smart Technology to indicate the low battery. It was the quick shut off mode. Let’s start working after 10 seconds off display.  The plastic body of this device makes it waterproof. This flexible tip temperature checking device helps you to find the reading about the body temperature of your baby. This digital device is made of high-quality material so can be a good choice for baby.


9. Medlife Digital Thermometer

Medlife Pharmacy is the leading medical store that has several years of experience in the health care industry. They have a knowledgeable and trained team providing exceptional services. Optimum standard in everything is their specialty. They never compromise on the quality of products, and this thermometer is no exception. Medlife Digital Thermometer has a large LCD for the Clear View of the temperature reading.   It is 100% Mercury-free, so it has no danger of any breaking; these features make it a suitable device for kids.  A flexible tip thermometer is very convenient to use.

It has a fever alarm, which you can use as an indicator of some problems.  It can save the body temperature within 60 seconds and can store the previous reading for future use. Make sure to clean the tip after wiping it with a dry cloth.  You can use alcohol wipes to clean it. Take special care of the display area what to soak it in water in any case. It can affect the working of the thermometer negatively. It’s essential to protect the display area from the water. Take great of this digital device and can serve you for a long time.


10. Dr. Odin Medical Digital Thermometer

Dr. Odin is providing health care items and medication through an online store. They have a wide range of medical assessment devices and home-related wellness products. This thermometer is one of their best medical products. Dr. Odin Digital thermometer can give you highly accurate readings in easy to use for kids.  It will just give you a 10-second beep sound without flashing to stop. If the temperature is more than normal levels, it will provide you with the indicator through a sharp beep.  Memory function is available in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales so that you can use them according to your reading habits.

Changing the temperature unit, you have to use the turning switch.  Auto shut off system makes things easier for you if you are not using the device; it will shut off automatically within one minute. This digital thermometer is highly durable and break-resistant. Keep it at a dry place to maintain its quality and functioning. The durable quality is the special feature of this product. This is a digital device has a switch to make things easier for you.


Buying Guide


Some thermometers even provide you with advice when you should see a doctor.  Thermometers available in the market are double duty, you can use a thermometer to check the temperature of different things.  It is essential to clean the thermometer after one-time use. There are dual-duty digital devices that can help to see the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can select one according to your reading habit. As the reading time is over, the beep will be the alarm to check the device. It’s beneficial for the parents to get alert.

Ease of Use

There are many thermometers available in the market that is very easy to clean.  You need to consider the battery life of a thermometer.  Things that can be frustrating if you find the thermometer batteries getting die and your baby is with fewer.  Numbers to indicate the temperature should mention so you can see the results instantly on the thermometer. Choose a device with great battery timings because you are not going to buy the thermometer quite often. Digital devices mostly indicate when batteries start losing their strength. This indicator helps you to get the batteries replaced timely. It`s important to keep the batteries work properly


The essential quality of a thermometer is accuracy.  You will not be able to rely on the result if your thermometer is not working correctly.  To make the best health decisions for our family, you need a thermometer for accurate readings. For babies under three years of age, it’s better to use rectal readings. There are different methods that can produce activate results, including from thermometers don’t even have to touch the skin. Accurate results for fever will help you to decide about the medical treatment of the child. Always select a medically approved digital device to get the best results for the assessment of fever.

Response Time

A digital thermometer can tell you the temperature within one minute. For a sick infant, choose a device that can tell the temperature by touching. The strip is an excellent option to check the temperature of infants as it works by merely contacting them. If a thermometer is not working within the given time, it means it has some functional problem. A digital device can provide a quick reading around 60 seconds duration. It is tough for a parent to hold the thermometer for a long time with a sick baby.


It is vital to note that glass-based mercury thermometers are not safe for kids. They always have the danger of breaking that can harm the baby. Mercury has poisonous substances so essential to keep your baby away from it. Another threat is about carrying germs. Do make sure that the thermometer you are using is appropriately sanitized. Before any use, clean the snob with an alcoholic swab or sterilized cotton. Sometimes digital thermometer is not available to you; in this case, you can use measure temperature of baby with a mercury-based thermometer. It is not dangerous for him as you stick with baby during checking

Useful Tips

Follow these simple safety tips to avoid any bad situation while using a thermometer

  • Keep the thermometer away from the child to prevent any possible danger of chocking and hurting.
  • Must clean it before and after use to save your child for being the victim of other viruses.
  • Clean with swab not to wash digital devices even though they are waterproof.
  • Store it at a cool and dry place.
  • Check the batteries often, so you will find it working in a time of need.
  • Keep it at some easily accessible place, so in time of need, you can get it quickly.
  •  Take good care of your device so it can work for a long time.


1. How accurate are thermometers?

Most of the thermometer can give you accurate readings, for best results take a medically proven device so you can be sure about the results of the device. Digital thermometers can give you accurate readings in a few seconds. Sometimes the probe covering can give you a bit different reading from actual temperature. It’s essential to read the instructions about using the device. It will help to understand the readings.

2. Must I put the thermometer under my child`s arm to check the temperature?

Yes, you can check it through armpit while the option of checking through mouth and rectum is also available. All these body parts can indicate fever in the body. While taking the temperature of your child’s mouth requires special care. Better ways are to put the thermometer in armpits or rectum.

3. How long does it take to get the reading from a thermometer?

Digital thermometers are super fast; they need a few seconds to tell you the temperature. Usually, a digital thermometer can show you the temperature in 60 seconds. It will give you a beep that 1minute is over. Some will flashlight to indicate that time is over. Many digital thermometers will provide a rapid beep for higher body temperatures.

4. Does the thermometer require refrigeration?

A digital thermometer needs to keep at a cool and dry place. They don`t require refrigeration to get a cold atmosphere. It`s not suitable to place a thermometer at a higher temperature. Any proper storage place is right to keep it safe.

5. Can we wash a digital thermometer?

You don`t need to wash the thermometer, and it will affect the quality of the device. You can use a swab to clean the probe or a piece of satirized cotton. Before every single use, you must clean it again. It’s not good to wash a digital thermometer while a mercury thermometer is easy to wash. You can wash a mercury thermometer if you want; it will not affect its quality as it is glass protected.

6. Which thermometer should I use for baby?

A digital thermometer is considered as the best thermometer for babies. They are more accurate and give instant results. Digital thermometers are easy to use, so they are best for small babies.


As a caring parent, you always try to take the best actions for your children`s health. Your child`s health is a great matter of concern for us as well. We have been attempting to provide you with useful information about the selection of a thermometer. We have discussed the best digital thermometers with distinct features.

You can keep all the crucial points in your mind while choosing a thermometer. Digital thermometers are super fast and medically proven to give accurate readings. To maintain the record for the health of your baby, these thermometers can help you. Make the right choice according to the age of your child. If you have any questions, leave your comments in the comment box. We will do our best to assist you in picking up the right product.