Top Musical Toys for Your Child To Start Early

Babies love music! one of the first things they learn to identify the sound, so singing lullabies affects them. It is also why it seems like they are nodding along to a song when you are playing it around them. Music isn’t just entertaining; it is capable of boosting your little one’s mood.

Musical toys are special playthings which are capable of helping your little ones develop their sense of sound. While they don’t guarantee that your child will become the next Mozart, they are designed to help your kids pick up an art form or develop a talent.

In this article, you will find top musical toys that you can get for your baby. Along with top musical toys in India, you will also find a buyer’s guide to help you identify the best musical Toys. At the end of the article, you can find a few FAQ’s to solve any doubt you might have.

1. WISHKEY Set of 7 Plastic Musical Toys

With seven items representing seven different types of musical instruments, this dynamic set of music set is enough to help your babies form a band of their own. It is designed specifically to boost your infant’s amusement. It can also indulge them in experiencing and performing all types of grips, which will help them develop their cognitive skills.

In terms of safety, this set of 7 musical toys is one of the best. None of the instruments have sharp edges, which can be harmful to your kids, and they are all designed to be held by little hands. The toys’ realistic design ensures that your little ones will be able to identify those instruments in real life. In this regard, it serves an educational purpose.

The color is meant to toggle your little one’s interest. The contrasting patterns, coupled with the rattler’s different sounds, are guaranteed to give your babies a good time. It can develop their social skills and creativity when they play with other babies their age. Some of the instruments also come with animal drawings that stimulate your little one’s sensory experience.

2. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Toy

This rattle toy also doubles as a stuffed toy for your baby to hold and cuddle even while sleeping. The toy comes in bright colors and a cute kitty face that kids can easily relate to.

When your baby shakes the toy, it makes a soothing rattle sound, and when it is squeezed, it will produce a squeaking sound for your little one’s entertainment. These sounds can help with the stimulation and development of your toddler’s auditory senses in a way that spells “Fun.”

Pikipo is made in India and is extremely safe for your babies. It is made with fabric and plush fillings, which do not contain the harmful chemicals found in plastic and silicone materials. There are no sharp edges, and the only injury your baby is in danger of getting from this toy is too much fun.

Another impressive thing about this toy is that it is designed for small hands. Pikipo is only 16cm tall, which is just 1cm taller than a small plastic ruler. It is lightweight and perfect for helping your child develop his/her hand to eye coordination. This toy is not only loved by babies but also by pets. If you have a dog, he just might enjoy cuddling it too.

3. Spanking Flash Drum

Nothing says music like this toy with numerous sounds for your child to enjoy. It is designed like a drum complete with sticks but does not require much strength from your little one.

Simply touching the surface will produce a 3D light as well as a drumming sound or song. In total, this toy has nine dulcet songs, three gameplay modes, five colors of light, and nine drum sounds. In five tries, your little one cannot replay a single song.

In terms of development, this toy can help your children improve their hand to eye coordination and intelligence. By waiting for each song or sound to finish, your baby’s patience will be stimulated. Playing groups can also improve teamwork as well as social skills.

Another benefit of this toy is creativity. While no guarantee playing with this toy will make your children into a musical guru, it can boost their creativity through audio and video stimulation. It is made of rounded edges for your child’s safety.

4. And-Also Flash Musical Drum

If you want a toy that can produce a large array of songs for your baby’s enjoyment, you may want to consider this product. Not only will it keep your baby’s company, but it will also help with the development of his/her visual and auditory faculties.

The flashing colors are designed to take your little ones’ interests. Overall, this product is made from food-grade plastic, which will not affect your baby’s health. Although you may want to keep the battery section closed as it is very harmful.

The drum comes with a button to control the volume so you can protect your toddler’s eardrums as well as your own alone time while your little one plays. Although the light cannot be controlled, the brightness has been designed to fit both daylight and nighttime bath.

While this musical toy comes with drumsticks to produce sound, they are unnecessary as the sounds can be produced with bare hands. When your child touches the drum surface, this toy produces nine dulcet songs, three gameplay modes, five colors of light, and nine drum sounds.

5. Woodykraft Wooden Xylophone

This xylophone combines aesthetics with practicality to create a miniature version of a musical instrument for your baby. It is one of the musical toys on this list, which helps your child learn while uniquely developing his creativity. The vibrant colors are also perfect. Not only will your toddlers love them, but they will also help him learn how to identify colors.

When it comes to safety, the Woodykraft does not take a back seat. The xylophone does not have chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and lead, which can be harmful to your kids in it.

Furthermore, the wood is smooth, and the keys are well attached so that they will not easily break by a little throwing around. The wood’s smoothness means that no jagged pieces will be hurting your baby’s skin while playing.

The xylophone does not just work alone. It comes with two wooden mallets to create beautiful sounds. The xylophone keys have the basic musical notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, and, Do. This means that there is no limit to the number of combinations and sounds that your baby can make with this toy.

6. SUPER TOY Baby Farm Animal Piano

The greatest feature of this product is that it combines the things found in great baby toys into this one item. It is small enough to be held by small hands and can create rhythmic sounds, which can be soothing at the right volume.

The bottom button has eight keys, which stands for Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, and Do. These keys are accompanied by stickers of animals such as dogs, lamb, and chicken. This means that your children will be learning not only; they’ll also be learning how to identify animals.

Through the colorful nature of the toy, children can also develop their recognition ability. The toy has five modes. The first mode is designed to teach your little ones about animals. It will ask them about a particular animal, and they will have to press them on the corresponding button.

The second mode will help them learn the name of the animals in Chinese, and the third will play different songs for different animals.

7. Smart Picks Drum Keyboard

This toy comes with a keyboard and two tiny drums for your kid’s enjoyment. It has a table design for easy accessibility and different modes for novelty. The drums are wired to light up rhythmically while your child is playing, and the keyboard can either help your child identify animal sounds or enjoy Western musical notes.

The colors on the toy are vibrant. They are designed to appeal to your child’s senses and help with color identification. The plaything comes with a handle for easy mobility by your little ones and a switch when it is not in use.

When it comes to child development, the Smart Picks Drum Keyboard is capable of improving your child’s imagination as well as musical interest. The materials used in its construction are BPA and lead-free.

They also have zero sharp edges, and the LED light is soft enough for your toddler’s eyes both in the dark and during day time. As for volume control, the toy comes with a single butting for reducing and increasing the sound.

8. Toyshine Dancing Duck

The Toyshine Dancing Duck is a very cute toy with original dancing steps that can be mimicked by your little dancers. It comes in a bright yellow color, but some parts of its body, such as the head, lights up when a song is playing. On a smooth surface, the toy can walk, and your toddler can easily chase it. The songs are melodic, and there’s a matching sequence between the sounds and the blinking lights.

When your child crawls after the duck, the action exercises his/her large muscle groups, which helps with the development of gross motor skills. The duck can also help your little ones to improve their auditory and visual senses while giving a real boost to their mental faculties. This means they are educative, and the sounds are interactive enough to help with the cultivation of your little one’s cognitive abilities.

With this toy, there’s no reason to be concerned about safety. The plastic used in its construction is durable and will not break easily if your little one drops it. It also has no toxic chemicals and is safe for your kids to put in their mouths. The most spectacular thing about the duck is that it can help kids through every stage of their development.

9. Toyshine Dancing Dog

The Toyshine Dancing Dog has the same features as the Toyshine Dancing Duck with a little variation. It’s a dog which plays music. It can turn your living room into a small party for your kids with its flashing light from what looks like a disco ball on the dog’s nose.

The lights are vibrant and capable of helping your child learn more colors, and the toy is only a 6 inches toy. This means that your baby can easily pick it up for a more interactive play.

When your child is done with the early developing stages and does not want to play with the toy anymore, you can always incorporate the dog into a part of your decoration by placing it on the shelf. Playing the song during family gatherings, especially Christmas, can add to the cheerful atmosphere.

The dog is made of durable plastic, which is not likely to break easily simply because it has been thrown around a bit. It is also odorless as well as BPA free. It is guaranteed to give your kids loads of fun while they have imaginative plays.

10. Zest 4 Toyz 360 Degree Rotating Musical Dancing Girl

Nothing says party like the Zest 4 Toyz 360 Degree Rotating Musical Dancing Girl with its beautiful songs and vibrant colors. The design is unique, and the rotating balls are vibrant. It is meant to make your babies crawl after as it moves away. This movement can help them develop their large muscles and contribute to the development of their cognitive skills.

The Dancing girl is made of lightweight materials that can be easily held by your baby. The sound is loud but not too loud, and the light from the balls can be controlled to an extent. The toy does not have any sharp parts which can injure your baby, and the chunky design makes it perfect for gripping.

Buyer’s Guide

Although it may seem like buying a musical toy for your baby should be an easy thing to do, it is not. The sheer number of toys on the market is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. You may have to pay attention to a few features that are likely to elude if you don’t know them.

You may have to ask yourself the questions; “How do I choose which musical toy is right for my child? How do I know which one will engage his/her interest? How do I know which one will be more beneficial?”

Below are some ways to identify toys in which musical toys will challenge, nurture, and help your children improve their physical, thinking, social and language skills.

Things You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing Musical Toys for Your Babies

Special features are what manufacturers use to distinguish their products from that of other products. Some toys may be made of chewable silicones, which can double as teethers, while others are made of wood. What you need to ask yourself is if your little ones will enjoy playing with it. If they will, the last thing you need to do is to ensure they check out on the list of general features below.


The age range of musical toys is usually around 0 – 6 months, 6 -12 months, and 12 – 24 months. You may need to consider your child’s temperament and behavior while ensuring that your baby can easily hold the toy.

Paying attention to the musical toy’s age requirement will also enlighten you about other special features such as teething.


As babies, one of the most developed parts of your little ones’ senses is sight. They are a little lacking in motor skills, and they mostly rely on their eyes to learn new things and understand the world.

That is why they tend to appreciate brighter colors with simple designs more than they do dull ones. If your baby is still using a crib, a colorful musical toy can add spice and entertainment when you hang it where it cannot be reached.


No matter how smart your baby maybe, they will still try to fit in whatever toy you buy into their mouths. This can be quite dangerous. That is why at the barest minimum, you may want to ensure that the toys you buy are age-appropriate. The next is to read the warning labels and heed the instructions that can prevent accidents.

These instructions may be about choking, which is the highest risk babies stand when they are playing with toys. Therefore, any musical toy you want to buy should not have pieces small enough for your babies to put into their mouths. Recently, small parts of toys have gravitated from traditional towards modern parts such as button magnets.


These days, toys are made with several materials that can be harmful to your babies. Some contain chemicals, and the most popular are phthalates, which are used to make plastic softer. It is also likely to affect your baby’s hormonal imbalance. It has also been identified as a catalyst for asthma, as well as other behavioral issues.

If phthalates aren’t listed in the materials, being marked “#3” may sign that the toy contains some harmful chemicals. While phthalates are banned in some countries such as the United States, it is not in other countries. The only way to avoid buying a potentially harmful plaything form your child may be to avoid toys with no labels.


Musical toys can also double as educational toys. If they come with preloaded songs such as nursery rhymes, your child can learn them from an early age, and if they come with numbers or alphabets, they can help him/her develop both vocabularies as mathematical skills. They can also boost your little one’s sensory development and cognitive skills.

Another thing musical toys can do is stimulate your toddler’s neural pathway to aid the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The patterns and rhythm can help your child’s brain become faster and more efficient transmitting the information. Hence, the kinds of musical toys you should be considering for your children are those with rhythmic sounds. After all, children love music, not noise.


Babies like throwing their toys around. It is not a bad thing. It is a trait we fondly call “the ultimate test.” It is why many parents and manufacturers take the issue of durability very seriously. It can cost a fortune if you have to keep buying new toys every other week because the old ones just won’t stay in one piece.

The material of the toy can inform you about its durability. Silicone is more likely to last longer than plastic, and toys with fewer parts are less likely to be broken into pieces.

Sound Control

This goes hand in hand with good sound. While your baby may not care about a grating sound, you may. It may also be distracting while you work and can become even more annoying than your baby crying in the middle of the night. About sound control, this will enable you to reduce the volume of the musical toy if it’s too loud for comfort.


The ability to keep your child’s interest for a long period is a very important feature in buying musical toys. It won’t serve any purpose if you buy a subpar plaything that you have to pack away because your toddler refused to touch it again after playing with it for a while.

Since you know your child the most, the final question you should be asking yourself after ensuring that the toy has adequate features is if your baby will like it. Consideration of special features comes under this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are musical toys good for babies?

Yes, they are. They can help children improve their creativity when they form sounds by themselves. Musical toys can also help children develop their muscles as well as their auditory senses. When they teach your children nursery rhymes or teach them to recognize common animal sounds, they serve educational purposes.

2. When should babies start playing with toys?

Babies can start playing with toys from one month old, though not for holding. Only their hearing and sight senses are developed at this stage, and they will like musical and colorful toys provided you hold it a few distances from their faces.

At three months, they can fully play with toys by grasping it. At this stage, they are just developing their abilities to grip. They will be exploring their toys at six months by putting it in their mouths and throwing them around.

3. What toys can help a child’s development?

At 3 – 6 months, your babies are at their early development stage, and toys can help with this growth depending on which ones you buy.

To improve hand coordination and help your little ones build their motor skills, balls are the best choice to explore, while shape sorting toys are attributed to problem-solving. Mechanical toys with buttons teach cause and effect while role-playing toys help with emotional development.

4. What toys should a 2-year-old play with?

Most two-year-olds are toddlers, and at this age, they are very curious and interested in learning new things. They are also aware of their surroundings and the danger around them to play with complex toys. If you are buying playthings for your little ones, you can go for wood puzzles; building blocks are colorful crayons.

5. What to get a kid who loves music?

If your kid shows any sign that he/she loves music from a young age, you can get him/her any of the toys listed in the product review section of this article. As they grow older, you can buy them animal-themed earphones and tiny music players to store their favorite songs.


Adults are not the only ones who enjoy music children do too. Buying musical toys for your little ones can serve as a source of entertainment for them. You never know, with the right toy, you may be able to teach them about the alphabets and numbers as well.