Top Toys That Will Inculcate New Skills in a 2-Year-Old

Your baby had his/her 2nd birthday. Now it’s time to present him an age-appropriate toy that optimally fulfills his educational and entertainment needs. 

At this juncture, your child needs a toy that promotes his movement, such as walking with smoother heel-to-toe movement, kicking a ball, standing on tiptoes, etc. 

An ideal toy for a 2-year-old helps him coordinate his palm, fingers, and wrist movements for scribing or building structure with blocks. 

It should help him speak longer sentences together for effective language skills and imitate others for better social/emotional skills. It should promote learning and thinking skills, such as sorting shapes, sizes, colors, and numbers. 

Go through our Top 10 toys for 2-year-old babies along with Buyer’s guide and FAQs for buying a toy that would become your baby’s best buddy.

1. Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby

The Einstein Box for a 2-year-old baby is designed for all-round improvement in babies, including teaching good habits, improving thinking skills, and developing interest in books.

This box comes with two books and three activities that promote socio-economic skills and develops a love for reading among 2-year-old babies.

It features two high-quality books, including “Tiggy goes to the doctor,” which is a wipe-clean book that teaches about healthy eating habits and “Sid’s holiday,” a sticker book teaches about vehicles.

It provides three engaging and interesting activities such as Vehicle puzzle, Farm match, and finger painting.

The vehicle puzzle is a set of high-quality puzzle pieces that boost the cognitive thinking skills in babies. The Farm match is an excellent memory and correspondence game. 

The finger painting set comes with a palette, colors, brush, and workbook for enhancing creativity and drawing skills. It is a safe toy for babies as it is prepared from non-toxic materials and uses child-safe colors.

This Einstein box for 2-year old babies encourages good behavior or habit in kids. It stimulates creative thinking, logic building, and imagination skills in babies.

2. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price baby’s first blocks feature 12 colorful blocks that provide interesting and engaging activities for babies such as sorting, dropping, and stacking. It comes with a colorful bucket and blocks that provide hours of fun-filled playing activities.

It promotes great hand-eye coordination and motor skills in babies as they stuff the bucket with blocks and empty it to be refilled again.

It comes with a shape-sorting lid that allows the babies to sort, match, and stack five different block shapes. It has a spacious bucket that can easily accommodate all the 12 blocks. This bucket can be easily carried around using a carry handle.  

It enhances the problem-solving and critical thinking skills in babies as they exercise their brains to discover the right block to fit into the right shape. It improves the hand and finger dexterity as babies grasp and hold the shapes for stacking.

3. Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums

The funskool giggles stacking drums are designed for developing the creativity and coordination amongst the babies. It allows your babies to engage in multiple interesting activities and learn while playing with them.

It comes with a set of 8 colorful drums of different sizes. It helps the babies in identifying the colors and building their color association skills. 

It features the animal shapes based on the stacking drum set that helps the babies learn about different animals. 

This stacking drum set is prepared from high-quality plastic that provides enhanced durability for withstanding babies’ rough usage. It is also safe for the babies as it does not contain any sharp edges and is prepared from high-grade child-safe plastic.

This drum set is ideal for babies to develop their creativity, observation skills, and acquire multiple skills while having fun. It is a lightweight drum set that is easy to carry around.

The stacking drum set improves the hand-eye coordination and motor skills in the babies as they need to stack the drums in the correct order as per their sizes. Apart from motor skills development, it also offers long periods of mental engagement and fun.

4. LuvLap Starlight Baby Ride

Luvlap 18325 starlight is a battery operated ride on car for babies. It is certified as per the safety standards of European Standard EN 71. It measures 56 x 29.4 x 29 cm and weighs 3.51 kilograms.

It features an ergonomically designed rotatable car steering and a horn, three musical tunes, and lights for entertaining your baby and keeping him engaged in active play.

It comes with a spacious seat and a safety backrest that ensures your baby does not fall off while speeding on this car. It provides a comfortable seating position during driving.

It features a parent push handle that allows parents to control the car for those babies who need support while driving.

It features a spacious under-seat storage space that can be used by the babies to keep their small toys and other stuff. It features a windshield and safety guard for added safety.

It comprises four big and wide wheels for enhanced safety and comfort for the child. It is suitable for babies of 12 to 36 months and weighing up to 25 kgs.

This ride on car is designed for promoting the gross motor skills in babies while having great fun.

5. LEGO 10913 Brick Box

Lego 10913 Brick Box is an impressive colorful assortment of Lego Duplo bricks that provide amazing developmental benefits and boost babies’ immense creativity.

It is a versatile play-set for babies, and it is designed to trigger various imaginative and inspirational ideas in babies while they play with it. It opens up the world of endless possibilities for them to explore their creativity. 

It comprises 65 colorful bricks, Duplo people figures, and common pieces for stimulating babies’ thinking abilities. It does not require any batteries.

It provides endless imaginative play with various bricks and pieces for creating various objects such as flowers, roofs, windows, cars with wheels, bread, etc. It is a great toy for teaching numbers to your babies with its 1-2-3 number-learning bricks.

Lego Brick Box is a superb toy that provides numerous developmental benefits such as fine motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

6. Galaxy Hi-Tech® Activity Cube

Galaxy Hi-tech activity cube is a 6 in 1 educational activity toy that comprises interactive games for babies on all sides such as the telephone side with different keys, shape sorting side, key side with mirror, shape sorting side, abacus side, and lock. 

All the six sides of this cube toy provide different fun learning activities for keeping babies engaged in hours of learning and fun-filled playing activities.

It encourages your babies to identify colors, numbers, shapes, and cell phones. It also promotes problem- solving skills and fine motor skills.

It features attractive colors and designs that instantly grab the attention of babies to engage them in various activities. It is a lightweight, compact, portable, and handy learning cube convenient to carry and operate by babies.

It is a great gift idea for babies. It comes packed in a pretty box. It helps in developing good bonding between parents and babies. 

It is a safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic cube that is 3rd party tested in the US and conforms to CPSIA standards. It is free from harmful materials such as BPA, latex, phthalates, formamide, and lead. 

It provides great entertainment and learning for kids with a wide range of activities such as turning the key to open the box, moving beads around, role-playing with the phone, sorting ten different shapes through the holes, and playing the musical piano.

7. Orapple Puzzle Toys Safari Cube Puzzle for Kids

Orapple Safari cube puzzle toys for babies are safety certified with EN71 and BIS 1493. The colors and chemical composition are examined and tested for ensuring the utmost safety for kids.

This puzzle toy is based on the Montessori technique that encourages collaborative play, self-directed activity, and hand-on learning in babies.

It allows the babies to develop puzzle-solving ability by arranging six different wooden cube picture puzzle pieces. 

It features a Safari cube puzzle that helps the babies to recognize different animals on the cube, including lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, rabbit, and turtle.

It boosts the logical skills in babies as they arrange pieces to complete the puzzle.

It provides multiple skills development, including hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, motor skills development, and cognitive skills development.

8. ButterflyFields Magnetic Shapes Toys Puzzles for Kids 2 Years

The magnetic shapes toy puzzles by ButterflyFields are educational, innovative, and meaningful toys for babies that provide endless playing possibilities with geometric shapes.

It features exercise sheets for arranging geometric shapes that are kept on a magnetic board.

These magnetic shape puzzles are prepared from soft foam with embedded magnets and eye-catching colorful stickers.

These colorful pieces are lightweight and feature soft edges so that they stay safe for your young ones. These pieces inspire your baby to think creatively and develop a scientific approach.

It is an ideal birthday gift for babies that effectively engage your child for hours and reduce their screen time.

It comprises 23 geometric magnetic shapes, including five trapeziums, 1 star, two squares, two circles, two ovals, two rectangles, two semi-circles, and seven triangles. 

The magnetic shape puzzles stimulate the babies’ creativity and imagination to explore and learn. It promotes soft skills, boosts self-confidence, and develops an understanding of constructive mechanisms in babies.

9. Orapple Wooden 3 in 1 Stacking Tower Toy for Baby

Orapple wooden stacking tower toy is designed for multiple skills development in babies. It is a 3 in 1 stacking toy that helps the babies in number recognition, color recognition, and block building activities.

It is a safety certified product that conforms to EN71 and BIS 1493 standards. The materials used in the manufacturing of these toys are examined and tested for providing high levels of safety for kids.

This stacking toy is based on the Montessori technique that includes self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on learning.

This toy helps babies in developing problem-solving skills as they arrange different shapes in a proper sequence on one another.

It comes with a shape sorter that features colorful rings for teaching your child about colors and helps in recognizing them. 

It helps develop cognitive skills in babies as they sense different physical objects of varying shapes and sizes by touching them while playing.

It provides multiple skills development, including problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, and cognitive skills development.

Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider a lot of factors before you buy a perfect toy for your 2-year old babies. Go through our comprehensive buyer’s guide that would enrich your knowledge and assist you in hassle-free buying.


What are the best toys for 2-year-olds?

The best toys for 2-year-old babies are as follows:

What skills should a 2-year old have?

A 2-year old baby should have the following cognitive, movement, language, and social skills.

  • Ability to finds the missing objects 
  • Effective sorting of shapes and ability to recognize and identify colors
  • Pronounce longer and completes sentences 
  • Imitate adults, older children, or other babies
  • Begin to enact and play easy make-believe games
  • Play block-building games and build towers with four or more blocks
  • Walk properly without staggering; move up and down the stairs with support
  • Ability to throw the ball overhand; stand on tiptoes
  • Follow simple directions and repeat words heard during the conversation

Is TV bad for a 2-year-old?

You should avoid TV for a 2-year-old as it may cause lasting harmful consequences on various attributes of children’s development, such as short-term memory, language development, and reading skills. 

Watching TV may also lead to sleep-related problems and attention deficit in babies.


As a parent, you would be excited as ever to give the best toys possible to your babies. However, you need to choose a toy that helps him/her to achieve the prescribed developmental milestones.

It is important to select a proper toy because a too-complex or too-simple toy would make your babies lose interest in them.

Our choice for the top toys for 2-year-old babies includes Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby, Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks, and Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums.