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Baby showers allow family & friends to share the joy & excitement of welcoming a new life into the world.

While it was once traditional that only the first baby had a shower, we now have showers for every baby, Each baby is special & and a Gift from the Lord!  Every baby deserves a special welcome into our world. There really is no set time for a baby shower.

Most baby showers occur in the last trimester of the mother-to-be’s pregnancy stage, however this is not a fixed rule. Advice from a friend or family member can be extremely helpful, and the presence of everyone who attends the shower is a supportive gesture.

Planning a baby shower is exciting !  The first thing to do is get organized. Keep a notebook, or a binder to track everything from brainstorming to the clean up roster. Planning a baby shower is easy when you break the event down into it’s components. Mail the invitations at least 3-4 weeks before the intended party date.

Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes can be as general as “Noah’s Ark,”  “teddy bears,” or “storks.” Other themes can revolve around gift ideas to help the new parents stock their nursery:

Having a theme to your party helps gives guidance to how you decorate your party – and it’s fun! Basically, you need something that is repitative and creates a feeling of continuity. Here are some baby shower ideas:

Nursery Colors
Use colors from the nursery for your Baby shower theme. This option gives the flexibility to use any type of napkins, tableware, decorations for your party. And You don’t need to buy expensive decorations all in the same patterns.

Nursery Theme:
Similar to the nursery colors, but this one uses the actual theme of the nursery.  “Noah’s Ark” is an example. Ask the mom-to-be what she plans for her nursery decor and go from there. If her decor is lace and cream, then keep to that same look and feel for the party, decorating with that color and pattern.

Baby Shower schedule

Typically a baby shower last about 2 hours.

  • Welcoming the Guests & serving some light appetizers
  • After the majority of guests have arrived, go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and how they know the mother-to-be.
  • Play 3-4 shower games – it is fun to play games at the beginning as “ice breakers.”
  • Have everyone serve themselves at the buffet.
  • Once everyone is served with snacks, have the mother-to-be begin to open her gifts.
  • Guests usually leave a few at a time. Make sure the mother-to-be gets to say goodbye to everyone and you should thank everyone for comming.  If you have a shower favor, this is the time to give it out.Thank You Note Drawing

    As guests arrive, they fill out envelopes with their name and addresses and place them in a basket. Later the mom-to-be draws out an envelope for the winner of the door prize. The mom-to-be then can use the envelopes when mailing out her thank you notes later.

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