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Free easy Baby Shower Games,  Baby Shower activities

Baby Scrabble

See how many baby related words you can make in 2 minutes from the phrase- “Whew, pregnancy is almost over, the big day is near!” or “Sarah is ready to hold her little girl!” or choose your own. You’ll go around the room and let guests read their lists. Everyone crosses off words that are duplicated and the one with the most words left wins.

Octopus Mommy

String up a clothesline across the room. Each guest takes turns hanging up the clothes while talking on a cordless phone and holding the baby at the same time! Time each guest to see who wins.

Pins and Rice

Place several tiny safety pins in a bowl of rice. Blindfold each guest in turn before they place one hand in the bowl and try to retrieve as many pins as the can in the allotted time. You and your guests will be surprised at just how difficult this is to do.

The Tray Game

Place a number of baby items on a tray. (Usually about 15-20). Slowly circle the room allowing each guest a chance to examine the items. Remove the tray from the room and see who can remember the most items on a paper in 2 minutes. Usually the items on the tray go to the expectant mom and the winner gets another little gift.


Make baby related cards in sets of two. Place them face down in rows. Guests take turns trying to match up cards. If the succeed in making a match, the get to go again. Guest with most matches wins.

Dirty Diapers?

Take a napkin (one per guest), fold the napkins resembling a diaper and secure with a diaper pin. Attach the “diaper” to the bottom of each guests seat in advance. Place mustard or chocolate in one. Have everyone at some point during the party reach under their chairs. The one with the “dirty” diaper wins the prize.

guess the baby food

This free game involves getting five different kinds of baby food. Take the labels off the jars and mark the bottom of the jar with a number 1-5. Set them down in an area where guests can examine and smell them. Have everybody write down what type of baby food they think is in each jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins this baby game.

Baby items in the bag

Place 10- 15 commonly used baby items in a large paper bag. Give each guest a pen and a sheet of paper. Let each guest stick their hand in the bag, touching the items, without looking. After each guest has had their turn, let them write down as many items as they can remember on their sheet of paper. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Baby Shower Activities

Advice Book:
Pass around a book and ask the guests to add a bit of wisdom to help the new parents. You can also write the baby shower gifts in this keepsake book as well.
Preparations: buy journal, pens

Birthday candle wishes:
Ask each guest to write out a wish for the baby. After the party, write out the wishes onto small pieces of paper and wrap each one around a candle. Place the candles in a pretty bag and present it to the mom-to-be.

The meaning behind this activity is that one candle be used on the child’s birthday cake each year. So, if you have twenty guests to the party, the baby can have one wish each year on his/her birthday cake up to the age of twenty!