Baby Sleep , Baby Sleep Patterns

Baby sleep. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. The first few weeks of your baby’s life are all about adjustment. Every baby is different. Your Baby may not be able to sleep for long stretches at a time for the first few months .

Research proves that babies sleep better when they are close to their mothers. Try to harmonize your sleep time with your baby. They apparently get used to the mother’s heartbeat and breathing rhythms.

Babies cry or become fussy when they get tired, while some babies will rub their eyes, pull on their ears etc. Newborn babies have no regular sleep pattern in the first few weeks.

Follow your baby’s subtle cues.  Parent’s may find that their own sleep patterns getting disrupted by having the baby in bed with them. Keep babies out of adult beds. Keep your baby close, but not in your bed during sleep. Make sure that babies less than two years of age sleep in a crib. If you are not sure about the best sleep position for your baby, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Baby sleep patterns are affected by bedtime routines which parents establish.  It is also essential for husband and wife to share their private time with each other, and baby’s sleep can sometimes become a real obstacle. Also, later it can be difficult for the baby to break the habit of sleeping with parents. Many parents have difficulties teaching a child to settle in his or her own bed later on. Both parents need to work as a team to figure out what will be the best arrangement since.   Baby Sleep patterns change with age & development.