Acrylic Nail Removal

How to remove acrylic nails ?

If you have grown tired of your artificial nails and want to remove them for a change, there’s a process to it. To ensure that there is no damage to your natural nails, one must undergo the correct method with patience and good care.

You have an option of either getting it done professionally in a nail salon or try an at-home solution, which is not too difficult to do, but you must have sufficient time for it.

Also, you must know that there are different types of acrylic nails viz. EMA, MMA, fiberglass etc. The process to remove all of these is the same except the time taken is different for each.

First, let’s take a look at the at-home process:

Don’t ever try clipping the old acrylic nails. It can be quite painful and can cause damage. The best way is to use acetone and cuticle oil.

Here’s how it works
·Apply Vaseline on fingers and cuticles

·Take a bowl of acetone to soak your hands in it for a while. It’ better to use warm acetone than that at room temperature since it works faster on the nails. You can warm it by putting the acetone bowl in another bowl of hot water. Do not ever heat the acetone in a microwave or on the gas stove. Acetone is a highly inflammable chemical and can be quite hazardous.

·Cover the acetone bowl with a clean towel to avoid evaporation
·Keep the fingers in acetone for at least 15 minutes if it is warm and for about 30 minutes if it is at room temperature. Remember, the longer you keep it, the better since the acrylic will wear off easily and faster.
·Once the water becomes gummy, (which is the acrylic melting off), you can remove the rest of it by wiping it off with the towel dipped in acetone. Do not try to remove the acrylic before it is ready to peel off else it will begin to harden again and you will have to undergo the entire process again. An alternative method for acrylic nail removal is as under:

·Soak a cotton ball totally in acetone (preferably use real cotton and not synthetic)
·Apply lot of Vaseline or lotion on all fingers to condition them
·Put one such cotton ball on each finger and wrap it around slightly tight with tin foil
·Dip all fingers if paraffin thrice.

This is a safe method for creating heat and there’s no problem if the acetone gets into the paraffin.
·Once the acrylic begins melting, apply some pressure and try removing the remaining acrylic and using a nail brush clean the acetone off.

You can even wash you hands thoroughly to get rid of the acetone.
·Remove the rest of the acrylic using a tissue or cotton

So, that’s the at-home method for acrylic nail removal. Just ensure that you use acetone ingredients instead of non-acetone since the latter does not help in acrylic nail removal.

Also read the instructions properly if using a nail removal kit. Another way to quicken the process is to clip off the extra artificial nail.

Since acetone can dehydrate the skin, apply lots of Vaseline or lotion again to regain the moisture.

As mentioned earlier, you can even go to the nail salon but check on the rates before you decide to do that. The process might cost you anything between Indian rupees 250 to INR 500. The basic method they use is similar to the one used at home. The key is to soak the fingers a lot in acetone for best results.