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Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder! How true this statement is as definition of beauty differs from person to person. We often here the term ‘natural beauty’; and what does this mean? It actually relates to the unadulterated beauty of a person. It is a woman without make-up.

Today, beauty has touched artificial levels. There are fewer and fewer people satisfied with how they look. The result being they opt for cosmetic surgery or then a closet full of beauty products. Very few women can be seen without layers of cream and make-up.

Beautifying the face with make-up is actually not a new concept. When you read Classical English literature you come across phrases like, ‘The lady is busy painting on her mask’. In fact one of the earliest finds of make-up was in the relics of the Indus Valley Civilization, where archaeologists found lipsticks and eye make-up.

In fact, make-up and other beauty products are regarded as an essential as the form a kind of a cocoon over the face, shielding it from the pollution and harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreens in fact is a must have for every age group. Even most lipsticks manufactured have moisturizers that prevent the lips from drying and cracking. Cosmetics such as rouge and eye-shadow do enhance one’s beauty if applied correctly.

However, beauty is defined as plastic when one goes for surgeries to correct the lips, nose, raise the cheekbone, plastic surgery, etc. Glamour queens in the modeling and acting industry, across the globe, have popularized these surgeries. While such ‘beauty enhancing’ methods do bring about magical results, they do have their own side effects. Many precautions are to be taken. It would not be going too far to say that life is not the same after a nose job.

While make-up and cosmetic surgeries enhance the face, there are other beautifying methods for the rest of the body such as silicon implantation for breasts, liposuction to reduce fat, colored lens for the eyes, hair color, body piercing and body tattooing, the list goes on and on…

How far can one go towards reaching the pinnacle of beauty depends on one’s desire. But then, Cleopatra was a beauty like none other and at an age when there were no provisions for artificial beauty enhancements. So, when going for any beauty rectifying therapy ask your mirror… How beautiful am I? ~ editor Karishma Bajaj. Copyright©

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