Hair Coloring Tips for Parents

Color has a dramatic effect on people. Just as complexions have been debated about continuously and people go to great lengths to get a fairer complexion, thanks to Eugene Schuler, hair coloring has become a realistic option. Pigments that are present in melanocytes, determine the color of our natural hair.

So how do these hair colors work?

Simply put, a certain chemical reaction between the chemicals present in the hair colors and the pigments in your hair is going to determine the ultimate color.

This is not as simple as it sounds for certain reactions are irreversible and if you do not exercise caution you will be left with a headful of colored hair not particularly to your taste. Look before you leap into the world of hair colors.

Hair coloring tips : Do not buy the first hair color that you can get hold off. There is what is known as a color Swatch.

This guides you into choosing the appropriate hair color.

The color swatch talks of the term levels which merely indicates the intensity of lightness or darkness of hair. Remember, the darker the hair, less the reflection and lower the level. and the lighter the hair, more the reflection and higher the level. So Black hair is level 1 and blonde hair is level 11. Now comes the hardest bit.

Identify the level of your hair, take into account your natural skin tone and the color of your eyes and choose a hair color that is going to blend with and enhance those tones. If your are one of those fair complexioned beauties with steely blue, hazel or green eyes, choose a hair color combination of gold or blonde, and if your are dark skinned with black or brown eyes , go in for copper colors or mahogany. If you choose a hair color that is really contrary, God help you. You may be stuck with it for the rest of your life.

Now for a little bit of chemistry and math while using hair colors. Remember when we are changing the color of the hair, we are lifting it from 1 level to another level and if this involves jumping from level 1 to level 11, that is becoming a blonde from being dark haired, a little bit of subtraction and addition of undertones is what the process involves.

Since the jump is drastic, hair colors work in two ways. It first nullifies the dark pigments of the dark hair and then incorporates the new pigments into the base color of the blond or yellow hair. Whew! That is quite a jump. However, for amateurs, temporary colors like color rinses, color gels and mousses, hair crayons, and glitter sprays which wash off with shampoo are ideal to experiment with.

Everyday could be a new hair color day. Green purple, red, violet, blue name it and you have it. Once you make up your mind though as to what hair color you want to settle for, go in for a semi permanent or a permanent hair color.

A word of caution though – Always do a strand test on a few strands of uncolored hair to get an idea of the color you are ultimately going to obtain. You can do a little bit of mathematical juggling by adding more or less of a particular color to get the desired color. Hair colors can make you or mar you. Feel free to play around, but for drastic changes in hair color do get professional help.

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