Permanent Hair Removal

From time immemorial, women have all over the world have yearned for smooth, flawless skin with no fuzz at all.Over the years, and in the more recent times, technology has helped make this a reality.  However, the word ‘permanent’ when it comes to hair removal appears to be a misnomer, because one finds that in this case ‘permanent’ does not mean forever!

For the purpose of definition – ‘permanent’ could mean anything that could last a few weeks, months or even a year.

What most of the permanent hair removal systems really offer is hair reduction, which lessens over time.  Most hair removal systems work towards the complete destruction of a hair follicle’s ability to grow hair yet again.

For those looking for permanent hair removal, the market offers a number of methods which are not quite 100%.  You could probably take a look at some of these options.

– Electrolysis has been proved to be clinically safe and effective.  It is a method where a hair-like metal probe is inserted into a hair follicle (ensuring the skin does not puncture) and an electric current is delivered to it through the probe.  It thus causes damage to the areas that generate hair.  The only disadvantage with this method is that it can be painful. Tedious and expensive.

– Laser hair removal is a method through which light is delivered at a specified wavelength from a hand piece into the skin. It targets the pigment in the hair and causes damage to the hair follicle while sparing the surrounding tissue.  This method is considered safe if properly executed.  The re-growth is usually lighter in color or finer in texture.  However, this method too can be expensive, painful and requires eye protection.

– Flash lamps/ Intense Pulsed Light is a process by which filtered light is delivered from a hand piece into the skin and causes damage to a hair follicle.  It has delivered fairly successful results, but has been found to be ineffective on unpigmented hair, and even on red and blonde hairs.

Added to that, improper treatment can cause burns, skin discoloration, which can last several months or result in patch/grid-like re-growth. The other hair removal methods are electric tweezers, photo epilators, and transcutaneous hair removal ways in which to acquire that smooth silky feeling even for a short duration.