Biographies of Great men and women of India

Famous People from all over the world

A biography is telling the story of someone’s life. This is a relatively old genre of literary writing, the beginnings of which can be dated back to the Egyptian civilization. The artisans and writers of that age would write glorious tales of their pharaohs that were inscribed on the stone. And through the ages this has become an important literary form with immense educative value. Today, biographies of great personalities are not just written in books, but are also made in television series, as well as film.

The biographies of great men and women have been written and rewritten not only to glorify their great deeds, but also to provide great inspirational tales of achievement, sacrifice, courage, commitment and all those exemplary qualities that made them as famed as they are. And India is a country that has produced innumerable – countless – men and women who have served great purposes and are written about in the history books.

The list as mentioned is beyond count, yet there are some of them who are placed on bookshelves and regarded as precious gems of Indian history. Some of them belong to the age when India was ruled by the kings and few queens who managed to gain the throne. And these vastly read biographies include those of the rulers themselves, as well as certain personalities who added to the value of that particular rule.

To go a little further behind into the history of India, there are works written on the lifetime of Gods and Goddesses, literally putting them to the level of the human being, as if they had led a glorious life on earth. Well, this does bring one question to the fore – are the Gods and Goddesses who are worshipped actually glorious human beings who did tread upon earth at one point? Leaving that aside one can read the biographies of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Allah, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak and all other names and forms worshipped.

So, it is not just the rulers, Ministers, freedom fighter and the like who are figured in the list of must read biographies. The list also includes famous Indian laureates and scientists, spiritual leaders and contemporary political leaders, as well as film stars.

One question that people usually ask is why should one read biographies? Well, the fact is that all those who have been penned about have achieved and magnanimous amount having made a difference not only to the contemporary society of their time, but for generations to come.

They have been ordinary people who have done extraordinary deeds, all in the name of humanity. And they all did so selflessly. They only knew one thing – they are here with a mission and for purpose. And they considered their prime duty to do some for the human race.

And yet one more thing to be remembered that biographies are not only about those who have contributed positively, but even of those absolutely notorious people who have been famed for their misdemeanors. After all, anyone who belongs to history should be mentioned in history… Should be given ample space to be known about.

Mahatma Gandhi


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