40th Birthday

It is wisely said that life begins at 40! 40th birthday marks the entry into the so called ‘middle age’. You have passed the beautiful four decades of life and probably this is the time when you start enjoying life in the true sense of the term. Now, it may or may not be partying but it’s the achievement and a sense of pride that one feels when celebrating your 40th birthday.

It is great fun to plan a surprise birthday party for a 40 year old. You can keep a theme called ‘reminiscences’. You can make a presentation of all the happy moments and achievements that are important in the life of that person whose birthday party is being planned. Include pictures of previous birthday parties especially the childhood birthday parties and the 18th and the 21st birthday pictures. Make a collage of all the greeting cards and birthday messages that the person has received so far.

You can even publish a book writing about the way he/she spent his/her life so far. Include poems, anecdotes, memories, short stories and messages from near and dear ones. On this day, many people may even want to greet and share a few words with the guests. Make arrangements for the same.

You can even plan a ball. Most guests enjoy dressing up and dancing and this makes them feel younger as well. Masked balls based on a particular theme can also make for a great 40th birthday party. Retro theme can also make for a fun-filled birthday party for those in their 40s. Dancing to the 60’s rock and roll can be quite a fun! This will also make the party lively filling some enthusiasm amongst the guests. You can also plan a short three day trip and enjoy this time in a big villa or in a resort. Simple house parties with Karaoke and good food can also be organized if one has a budget constraint. Along with fun-filled parties, you can also donate to any NGO and help the needy.

Your 40th birthday party invitation should also be designed keeping the theme in mind. Include famous poems, funny quotes and verses in your invitation card. You can even share some of your life’s special moments in the invitation card. Some of the other things you will need to take care of are ordering the birthday cake, clicking pictures and taking videos, making arrangements for food and beverages, gifts if any.!