Business, Trade & Industry

Business is the activity in which one engages time, attention, or labor of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whether for a long or short duration, reaping a benefit from such an activity.  A large number of businesses actually are small-scale, which benefit the proprietor and the few employed individuals. On the other end large-scale business employs a large number of individuals and also has an impact on the economy. However, no matter what the size maybe, one can reap many benefits from indulging in a business.

Apart from that being involved in a business gives one the independence to make key decisions; they are not answerable to higher ups. Its about being one’s own boss and of those employed.

The varied businesses range from manufacturing to marketing; from outsourcing to job working. With unemployment being one of the biggest problems world over, there are more and more people tilting towards setting up their own business after gaining initial work experience.

While there are stresses attached to owning one’s business such as preventing losses, paying salaries, etc., yet a vast majority of people prefer owning their own venture rather than being employed. This is because as an employee no matter how many working hours one puts in, yet the income is far less than expectations whether in cash or perks.

A businessman or businesswoman is master of their income. Their profits or losses are in proportion to the efforts they put.