Wholesale Clothing

This is the age of entrepreneurs. More and more people are establishing their own business set-up in order to gain financial and mental freedom. Having your own business will not only make you an owner but will also give you leeway to chart your own course of action. One of the lucrative independent businesses is wholesale clothing business. This is not only financially rewarding but also relatively easy to establish. Those thinking of risk and reward ratio need not worry about potential windfalls of establishing a clothing business. The fact of the matter is everyone needs clothes and demand for latest garments are never going to vanish. Chances of recovering invested capital is also quite high and that too within a short span of time. One more tempting aspect about wholesale clothing business is that keeping in mind current tough job scenarios, it is better to start a new venture.

Wholesale clothing business thrives on less margins and more volume. People normally prefer to for clothes that carry lower price tags. If one is purchasing clothes in bulk quantity, he is sure to get them at cheaper rates. Further, these clothes are supplied to retail shops at fair margin and that’s how this business cycle goes. Purchasing clothes from the manufacturer also makes sense if one is focused on business. Many wholesale clothing merchants prefer to deal with the manufacturers directly. Dealing with a well known brand goes a long way in establishing wholesale business. People always like to take clothes from a well known brand. That aspect will take care of one’s clothing stock. Wholesale business works on the simple premise of buy low and sell high.

Clothing business is very much affected by changing fashion statements. So, one needs to be creative as well. The store should appear attractive to the customers and should have the reputation of holding fashionable dresses for all ages. One can always offer discounted sales scheme during special occasions. Most retailers who do not have an in-house designer team prefer to purchase wholesale clothing. This is because the profit margin is much higher than buying from other retailers. Usually people owning boutiques and departmental stores need to buy a couple of pieces of each style that is available.

In India, there are basically three types of wholesale clothing markets. There is one for fabric of various kinds. The other is for Saris and finally one dedicated to Indian readymade garments such as Salwaar Kameez, Ghaghra Choli, etc. Most exporters and importers make all purchases in bulk. The wholesalers maybe manufacturers themselves or then maybe the middlemen between a manufacturer and the local market.

There are also whole clothing markets for men. Here one can purchase all types of men’s’ wear. These include shirts, trousers, sports wear, Indian garments, wedding clothes, etc. Even men’s clothing fabric is available in the wholesale market, which is cost-effective for companies that have provide their staff with uniforms.

There is a third section of wholesale clothing, which is dedicated to clothes for children. Some wholesalers deal in school uniforms, whereby schools purchase the material that they get tailored for their students, making it cheaper for parents. Otherwise, other fancy attire for girls and boys are available in bulk. One can even purchase baby clothes in bulk from such markets.