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The largest wholesale electronic market in India is the Lajpatrai market in Delhi. Goods from this market find their way to every small towns in India. Mumbai has its wholesale electronic market located at Lamington road. This is where you could buy electronic parts at wholesale rates. Since the last few years, made in China electronics goods have arrived and are currently dominating the scene.

The reason is simple. They are available at fraction of the cost of locally made electronics products. Wholesale markets, like most markets in India, works on credit basis, in which the imported or manufacturer generally gives the goods to the wholesaler on one months credit.

The term wholesale refers to something that is sold in large quantities. Electronics have come a large way since its invention. Electronic items have become a part of our daily life. Right from the washing machine, air-conditioner, fan, television to MP3 players, Discmans, treadmills etc…

We purchase electronic items from the electronic stores that are called as retail purchases. The storeowner purchases the same items but from a supplier, manufacturer which is called as wholesale purchase. But the twist Is that when the storeowner purchases it in huge quantities, the price per article is much less than what we pay to but that electronic product.

In 2002, with the re – launch of FM radio stations in Mumbai, there was a craze about china manufactured pocket FM radios. These radios were sold for anything between Rs.75/- to Rs.100/- per piece to the customer. But in reality, these sellers used to purchase it from Chinese manufacturers for as low as Rs.20/- per piece. Ofcourse the orders placed were in thousands of pieces.

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