Cartoonist is someone who uses cartoons to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. He/she is a creative person. Cartoon artistry is an innovative and creative field. Almost every newspaper, publication and magazine etc uses cartoons to convey messages on a variety of subjects. Cartoons are nothing if not pieces of art. Cartoonist draws political, social, advertising and sports cartoons.

These cartoons can be humorous or can make the readers/viewers think about the matter depicted by the image. A cartoonist can work on a variety of subjects. A cartoonist possesses many skills. He is not just a good observer but also has a keen sense of noticing minutest of things happening around him. It is not an easy task to convey a serious issue with help of a picture and without using any words. It is a challenging but extremely rewarding job.
Cartoonists work for different magazines, newspapers, brochures, advertisements, websites and comic strips. They are well trained professionals with expertise in creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images by hand or through computer software. Cartoonists use a variety of media to express their thoughts. Tools commonly used by them are pen, ink, pencil, pastels, acrylics and watercolors etc.

Cartoon artistry is a career for those who are skilled artists and wish to make a living applying their talent. One should have a natural talent for drawing. Now a day, most of the cartoonists are also trained in creating computer generated images and illustrations.
Those willing to pursue a career in cartoon artistry should complete a bachelor degree in art or design. Numerous good and quality colleges, universities, art and design schools offer degree and diploma courses in fine arts. Cartoonists will do well to complete their course from an institute which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Because of increasing use of computers and related graphic software in this field, cartoonists also complete training in different computer techniques. Internships play a very crucial role in gaining required practical experience. A cartoonist must strive to build an impressive portfolio of his works consisting of photographic, handmade, computer-generated and printed images.
Career as a cartoonist offers great job opportunities. There is a huge demand for animated and interactive images. Strong presence of online publications and numerous websites is also expected to increase the demand for talented cartoonists.
Some of the institutes offering cartooning courses in India are:-
Global School of Animation & Games, New Delhi
National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad)
Arena Multimedia
J.J School of Arts
Indian Institute of Cartoonists
Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA)
Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT – Mumbai & Guwahati
Academy of Animation and Gaming
Above mentioned names offer both diploma and degree courses in cartooning. However, not many institutes in India offer post graduate degree courses in this field. For a diploma course in cartooning, one needs to clear 12th standard examination from any recognized board. More so, this field encourages people with creativity and innovation. Once the students have completed cartooning courses, they can work with a newspaper, magazine or animation houses as a political or comic cartoonist.