Copywriting refers to writing content to promote people, businesses, ideas, and opinions. Copywriters use words to convey a specific message. They are trained professionals that have acquired expertise in preparing a variety of content for advertising purposes. Copywriters usually work for publications and broadcasting firms. They create awareness about diverse range of products and services with fascinating words.

They are good at creating web content, sales letters, audio and visual advertisements, billboards, slogans, scripts for radio and television commercials, jingles, tag lines and promotional brochures. Copywriters use informative and persuasive text on websites and in advertising campaigns and marketing materials.

The nature of a copywriter’s work is such that, he/she is supposed to work closely with clients to create the desired theme or slogans. They use texts to bring concepts to life which is so very essential in creating a successful marketing campaign. Copywriters have to work in close sync with client servicing personnel and artistic directors.

He has to take into consideration exact needs and requirements of the clients and create exact copy. It is their constant endeavor to persuade readers, viewers, and listeners to buy a specific product or service.

Copywriters are an essential part of advertising agencies, public relations firms, newspapers, web development companies, magazines and publication houses. Copywriters don’t just create fascinating copies. They also write general interest stories for newspapers and press releases for companies.

The role of a copywriter further extends to coming up with ideas for textual content, coordinating with clients, researching, writing copy and proof reading. If you have a passion for words and want to make a career in copywriting, you will need to complete your bachelor’s in English, journalism, or other related field. However, if you have a postgraduate degree then your chances of getting a good job become much higher.

In this field, one needs to be sufficiently experienced. Most of the employers look for professionals with relevant experience and impressive portfolio. One can join any of the several short-term copywriting certificate courses by different institutes. Many educational institutions also offer placement services to the copywriters. To gain practical experience, many aspiring copywriters complete internships or obtain part-time jobs with school and local newspapers and other publications. Additionally, majority of the employers provide on the job training to the new recruits so that they get familiar with the work supposed to be handled by them.

The best way to learn is by shadowing experienced writers and completing simple tasks. As copywriters gain experience, they can move to more advanced tasks. This job is as much about requisite education and experience as it is about networking skill. The job of a copywriter can be quite hectic. This job can be financially very rewarding once the candidates have relevant experience. However, one needs to adjust during the initial period because of low packages and huge competition.

Educational institutes in India offering courses in copywriting are:-
Institute of Copywriting,
Pranah Institute of Advertising Copywriting (New Delhi)
Atlantis IMC (Mumbai). There are several other institutes that offer courses in copywriting.