Film Editor

Film editors are an integral part of film making process. They edit video and films for different mediums including television industry, cable broadcasts and motion pictures. The process of film editing is a very critical one in the final success of the movies. Editing can make or mar the way a film finally appears on the screen. It is the job of film editors to choose and combine different scenes and shots and create right sequence. It is also referred to as an ‘invisible art’ because not every moviegoer is aware of the important role performed by the film editor.

Film editor is responsible for several aspects of the movie like story, audience focus, rhythm, emotion and two and three dimensional plane of the screen. They help in creating the final product by arranging and mixing story, dialogues, sound, music and special effects in the right order. It is a highly specialized job that demands attention to the details. They can also decide what scenes are irrelevant to the film and can chop it off. Film editors perform their roles with the help of digital and technical equipments and a variety of computer machinery.
Editors have to work closely with the director of the film.

Their role becomes even more crucial during the post-production phase. Talking about educational qualifications for film editors, they typically have a bachelor degree in art. Many film editors also go for a major in film studies, film and television or communication. Editors have various choices when it comes to attending a film editing course. They can join independent film schools, reputed universities, community colleges or art schools.

The course curriculum usually covers subjects like film-making equipment, film-making process, traditional editing methods, cutting and splicing and computer editing programs etc. Editors also go through internship programs where they get the best opportunities to learn specific skills from a professional editor or team of editors.

In India, several courses for film editing are available to the students dreaming of building a career in film editing. These courses are offered at all levels, i.e., certificate level, diploma level or postgraduate diploma level. Students learn all the subjects of film editing like non-linear editing, professional editing etc.

The eligibility criterion for the UG courses is passing of 10+2 level and for postgraduate diploma courses; student must be a graduate in relevant stream. Because of the astonishingly high number of films being made in India in diverse languages, demand for skilled film editors is always there. India is one of the largest film making countries in the world. One can make a career as a film editor in television programs, feature and non-feature films, advertisements and documentary.

Several reputed institutes in India offer courses in the field of film editing.
Some of the prominent ones are;
Film and Television Institute of India (Pune),
Digital Academy (Mumbai)
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film and Video Editing (Bangalore) and
Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (Delhi).