Make Up Artist

Make-up artists are an absolute necessity in the world of films and theatres. Makeup artists are thoroughly trained professionals who can change the appearance of actors. These artists are responsible for showing us flawless faces on television and movie screens. The artists are equipped with skills that can change the appearance of any individual. We are living in a world where appearance and looks matter a lot. It is our innermost desire to look beautiful and that’s where makeup artists come into the picture. These professionals work according to the demands of their clients. They are the pillars of personal appearance industry.

Most of the make-up artists work on a freelance basis. Large film studious, independent television companies, photographers, theatres, cosmetic giants and models etc are major employers of make-up artists. A large number of artists open their own salon and offer their services to general public. They are also hired for special occasions like weddings etc. They can choose to specialize in specific area of make-up artistry like historical make-up.

To become a make-up artist in UK, one needs to study for a degree in a relevant subject, such as visual art, costume design, fashion, illustration, textile and fine art etc. Several colleges and universities offer courses in these subjects. One can also go for a diploma or certificate course offered by many public as well as private institutions. Among the most popular and prestigious courses is one offered by the London College of Fashion in Specialist Make-up Design. Many top class make-up artists have done this course. This is a constantly evolving field where one needs to develop his/her skills on a regular basis. One should also join associations like the National Association of Screen Make-up Artists and Hairdressers.

For students of USA, courses in fashion makeup, beauty therapy, production arts, cosmetology and hair dressing etc will be very helpful in pursuing a career as a makeup artist. Several vocational and technical schools, private and public colleges spread across the length of the country offer courses in these subjects. One is also recommended to take a state licensing exam the requirements of which include graduates from the training program, passing of written test and a practical test of skills. Given a chance, one should always go for internship or apprenticeship programs. It helps in gaining valuable practical experience and learning new skills. Because makeup artistry is a people oriented career, one must have good people skills along with creativity, patience, confidence and ability to work for long hours.

In India, there are no specific courses for a makeup artist.

However, one can pursue a beautician course offered by some reputed beauty training schools including:-

Shehnaz Herbal Women’s International (Mumbai)

Habib’s Hair Academy (New Delhi)

Akbar Peerbhoy Girl’s Polytechnic ( Mumbai)

RVTI for Women (Jaipur, Vadodra, Allahabad, Noida)

VLCC Institute of Health and Management (New Delhi)

A beautician course usually covers subjects like theoretical classes on diets, physiology, salon management and anatomy apart from extensive practical classes on make-up, hair treatments and applying facials.