Legal Assistant

Legal assistants or Paralegals is one of the fastest-growing careers across the world. They provide wonderful support services to government agencies, legal firms and corporate entities. Paralegals perform a range of tasks in challenging legal environment. Considering the large number of lawsuits taking place in different verticals of the business and society; now is perhaps … Read more


Microbiology is basically an important branch of biology. It studies growth, characteristics and various other aspects related to the life cycle of microbes such as viruses, protozoan, bacteria, algae and fungi. The main focus of this field is study of microorganisms and their relationship with other creatures. Microbiologists are highly trained professionals that examine different … Read more

Forensic Science Technician

Forensic Science is a scientific discipline. It deals with the application of different scientific principles to examine and solve legal matters and provides physical scientific evidence for use in criminal and civil investigations. Forensic science primarily analyses the physical evidence found at the scenes of a crime. Forensic science technicians are trained professionals that gather … Read more


A housekeeper is an integral part of a hotels, hospitals and residential care facilities. They are responsible for the general management and running of these establishments. Housekeeping job can be very demanding. He/she has to ensure that all jobs within the house or hotel are finished in time in best way possible. This job is … Read more

Freelance Writer

A freelancer can be defined as an independent worker who works for no fixed employer and may also work for a number of employers at one point of time. A freelance writer is someone who earns his living by offering writing services to different individuals or organizations. Career as a freelance writer is relatively a … Read more

Youth Worker

The role of a youth worker is very important in the society we are living in. The reason is, youth workers help in the social and personal development of youths. They prepare and deliver activities for young people that can prove instrumental in making them acquire new skills and in improving their confidence. For the … Read more


Toxicology deals with subjects of biological agents and poisons and their effects on the human body. It is one field that has a bit of many other fields such as pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology and histology among others. No other professional studies poisons and their effects on living systems the way a toxicologist does. At one … Read more


Cartoonist is someone who uses cartoons to express ideas, thoughts and feelings. He/she is a creative person. Cartoon artistry is an innovative and creative field. Almost every newspaper, publication and magazine etc uses cartoons to convey messages on a variety of subjects. Cartoons are nothing if not pieces of art. Cartoonist draws political, social, advertising … Read more


A stock broker deals in various kinds of stocks, shares and securities on behalf of particular investors like private clients, corporate and institutional investors. He acts as a liaison between the individual investors and stock market. A stock broker is a licensed professional who performs tasks like purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, securities and advises … Read more