Social Scientist

Social science primarily studies the social life of individuals and groups. Social science is made up of many different disciplines catering to specific subjects. Social scientists are well trained professionals that study and research all characteristics of society including group relationships, human behaviors, past events and accomplishments, decision making and change agents etc. It is … Read more

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers play a major role in our society. It is one of the broadest of the engineering disciplines. Civil engineers perform a wide variety of role. Right from planning, designing and supervising the construction of facilities essential to modern life to maintaining the final product, civil engineers do it all. They are also involved … Read more

Business development manager

Business development managers are in charge of developing the business side of the company. It is the job of business development managers to identify and deal with all the business opportunities available to the organization. Business development managers (BDM) play a vital role in the success of a company. They help organizations to grow. BDM … Read more


Copywriting refers to writing content to promote people, businesses, ideas, and opinions. Copywriters use words to convey a specific message. They are trained professionals that have acquired expertise in preparing a variety of content for advertising purposes. Copywriters usually work for publications and broadcasting firms. They create awareness about diverse range of products and services … Read more


One of the most growing and evolving industry is of Alternative medicine. It is a large field which includes several specialties like Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, yoga, ayurvedic medicine, hypnosis, crystal healing and acupuncture among others. Specialists of this field use natural healing methods to help alleviate pain, reduce stress and increase energy. … Read more

Film Editor

Film editors are an integral part of film making process. They edit video and films for different mediums including television industry, cable broadcasts and motion pictures. The process of film editing is a very critical one in the final success of the movies. Editing can make or mar the way a film finally appears on … Read more

HR manager

HR manager The job of a Human Resources Manager is very crucial in the organizational scheme of the things. They perform a wide range of duties including recruitment, development, and welfare of company personnel. It is the job of a HR manager to see employees are recruited and managed effectively. We all know how important … Read more

Market Researcher

Market research can be defined as discipline of gathering of important information related to needs, desires and opinions of the consumers. Marketing research is a detailed and thorough process that uses variety of data compilation methods. These data are very crucial for organizations in deciding what types of products and services they should be launching … Read more

Environmental Health Officer

Environmental health officers are also referred as EHOs. The main role of EHO pertains to development, implementation and enforcement of health policies. Environmental health officers work in different industries. They can be found in housing, safety, health and food safety departments of government as well as private organizations. The role of an EHO is very … Read more

Brand Manager

Brand Manager plays a crucial role in success of an organization. He not only develops and implements appropriate marketing strategies but also manages them to raise the public profile of a particular branded product or company. A brand manager performs various roles and responsibilities. He plays a pivotal role in the organizational scheme of the … Read more