Child Psychologist

Child psychology is one of the most crucial specializations of psychology subject. The demand for child psychologists has increased because of various reasons. Nucleated families, child growing up on his own with his parents working, television, internet and video games replacing the tradition forms of sports and recreation and negative influence of his surroundings etc … Read more


Climatology is the study of climate over a period of time. It is a highly specialized field that seeks trained professional with an ability to study long-term climate trends. Climatologist can predict atmospherical changes and how these changes are going to affect our environment. It is the job of climatologists to study seasonal variations and … Read more


Cinematography is one of the most important parts of film making. Often described as visual storytellers, cinematographers play a very vital role in the final outcome of a movie on the screen. He guides the cameras during the filming and handles the complexities of lighting, human nature, special effects, cameras, optics, and composition. They are … Read more

Make Up Artist

Make-up artists are an absolute necessity in the world of films and theatres. Makeup artists are thoroughly trained professionals who can change the appearance of actors. These artists are responsible for showing us flawless faces on television and movie screens. The artists are equipped with skills that can change the appearance of any individual. We … Read more


When it comes to problems related to hearts, there is no one better qualified than cardiologists to handle such complex cases. A cardiologist is someone who prevents, diagnoses and treat heart related conditions and diseases. His tasks include treating cardiovascular system, circulatory ailments and disorders and using medical imaging studies to diagnose the heart conditions. … Read more

Environmental Scientist

Factors like climate change and global warming have led to popularity of environmental science as a career choice among the youths of today. This field is an interdisciplinary discipline that combines physical and biological sciences like biology, physical science, geography, chemistry and soil science etc. The most basic function of an environmental scientist is to … Read more


The basic definition of a translator is that someone who can interpret the meaning of one’s written language. He is responsible for translating written materials from one language to another. A language translator is proficient in both source and target languages. Translators play a very vital role in our society and corporate world. They make … Read more

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the most prominent career choices in banking industry. The job of an investment banker is of high profile and they handle financial transactions worth millions and billions of dollars. Investment bankers perform a wide range of functions. They advise clients on investment options and on raising money. They thrive on … Read more


Beauty care has emerged as one of the most promising career field for people all around the globe. Last few decades have witnessed huge emphasis on personal beauty and appearance. This is not just a developed country phenomenon. Worldwide, the personal disposable income has increased substantially and lifestyle needs have also changed. Now people are … Read more

Health Inspector

Health inspectors are the professionals that evaluate variety of public places visited by millions of people every year and ensure they are abiding by the health standards. Public places must meet all the health standards and rules for the safety of people visiting and working in the environments. These public places could be malls, beauty … Read more