Character Building Stories

( History and character education inspiration ) Often, we refer to well-known people from down the ages as historical characters or characters from history. Very often, we realize that these people had little character. But history records them as immortal anyway. Not necessarily because of their strengths and skills, but because they happened to be … Read more

Building Character

Teen peer pressure, what is peer pressure, Battling peer pressure Peer pressure is all about being forced into a certain way of living, dressing, talking, socializing and even thinking – simply because that is how everyone else you know behaves, dresses, talks, socializes and thinks. This is common amongst people who generally mix with people … Read more

Social Norms

Character and social norms A good character is, to a large extent, made up of what people believe is good. Here is where social norms come into play. Good and bad are defined by social and cultural norms and these definition change from region to region, generation to generation. In India itself, there are many … Read more

What is Character Education ?

Understanding Character A lot of times, we hear people talk about someone as a man of character. Other times, someone might be described as an unreliable character. Sometimes, we hear them referred to as quite a character ! When people begin to talk about character, there could be a dozen different shades to their tone. … Read more

Teaching Moral Science

Moral science is taught as a subject in most schools. Not always with a great deal of effectiveness. Perhaps, part of the problem lies in the fact that morality is not a science, strictly speaking. It is too much of a social phenomenon and there is too much of the personal and subjective mixed within, … Read more

What is Courage

Courage & Character education Courage is not something that comes from flying to your heart in moments of need or in emergencies. Courage is not something that can be handed over to you through lessons either. Courage is a way of life. It is as much a habit as anything else. Like getting up and … Read more

Character Education for Kids

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