Child Pornograhy Laws in India

Child pornography is publishing and transmitting obscene material of children in electronic form. In recent years child pornography has increased due to the easy access of the internet, & easily available videos on the internet. Child pornography is the most heinous crime which occurs and has led to various other crimes such as sex tourism, … Read more

Child Marriage Act India

Child Marriage is the most unfortunate practices followed in India even today. Child Marriage is a abuse of children especially girls by their own parents in the form of celebration. It is a way by which parents push their children to experience the most traumatic situations of life. The medieval period brought the rule of … Read more

Child Custody Laws India

Child custody is the word which we hear in family courts, when the spouses are taking the divorce and fighting for the physical custody of their child. The child custody is the custody of the children who is below the age of 18 years. The matter of child custody comes in front of the court … Read more

Child Laws in India

Children are the future of a country. They bring the development & prosperity to the country. But as we all know that the children are the most vulnerable part of the society & can be easily targeted. In India we have enacted many laws & Acts related to Children in order to protect them & … Read more

Child labor laws in India

The most violated human rights are children rights. Around 185,000 children are working as domestic labour (2001 census). Is the most highlighted problem globally. The children’s are being forced in many labour works, domestic works, bonded labour, rag picking, forced to work in roadside eateries, prostitution, in factories etc. Causes: Poverty, child trafficking, ignorance of … Read more