Washing Machine Capacity (Based on family size)

Some washing machines are larger than others, but what size do you need?  Have you wondered as “what is the cubic feet of my whirlpool washer?” It all depend on the washing machine capacity. Often we see a washing machine described as a 5kg machine or a 10kg washer. This does not indicate the weight … Read more

Maternity Swimwear

The tummy is now showing and your well into a few weeks of pregnancy. The do’s and don’ts increase and you want to just leave it all behind with a dip in the pool. But, before you get in there please get a clear ok from your gynaecologist. There are some pregnancies where swimming is … Read more

Medical Uniforms, Medical Clothing

Medical uniforms have always meant fitted white dresses and white nurse caps. More recently, however, nurses and doctors tend to wear scrubs. Scrubs constitute of a pair of cotton or cotton/polyester pants with a drawstring, accompanied by a short sleeved, v-neck top of the same material. Occasionally medical uniforms still include the white coat indicating … Read more

Clothing For Cold Weather Climate

After the humid hot, or dry hot season, especially in the month of October, everyone in India awaits the winter season. But then, not every part of India actually gets to experience the thrills and chills of snowfall-winter. That is primarily for the northern belt, close to the Himalayas, as well as the northeastern belt. … Read more