Fashion is not just the clothes but the accessories too. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and beauty products all constitute today’s fashion trends. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric, color and cuts. Fashion trends change according to the season. For instance, during summers the common colors worn are the pastel shades and lighter fabric. Come winter and the preferred color ranges are the darker and brighter ones and the fabric is heavier. These variations also apply to beauty fashion trends. Lipsticks and nail polishes for the summer are usually lighter in range and in winter it is darker with glitter and shine to go with festivities.

While these alternatives are more or less standard, each season does bring into fashion a particular color and style. Off late we have seen the trend of the sixties and seventies in, with the hippy and gypsy style being a preference.

Fashion is not just limited to female fraternity, even men have been taken over by the fashion world.

They have become more conscious of what is in and what is not. They pay more attention to their appearance than hey did earlier.

Children are also aware and prefer to wear what is in fashion.

While seasons are a major contributory factor, the glamour world of modeling and acting are the actual fashion leaders. Fashion houses endorse the latest trends through the media. So to know what’s happening and what’s not, you need to keep a keen watch on what models and actors are wearing, what kind of make up do they have on and even their hair-do depends on the present fashion trend.  So who said that keeping in times is difficult? Expensive maybe, but yet not beyond one’s reach!

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Maternity – a time in life that every woman cherishes and which every woman wants to go through at least once in a lifetime. During maternity, the woman is given special attention and importance. Loved ones take every possible effort to keep the lady happy. Some of these efforts include getting fruits, vegetables, and foodstuff that is rarely scarcely available in the market, reducing the lady’s regular work, and getting her new maternity clothes during her pregnancy. We all have seen pregnant women.

There is a different glow on your face and you know it is because of that little bump you are proud of. Motherhood is only a few months away where a new world is waiting for you. But before that you have to deal with your growing bulge. All pregnancies are known to be different, so you may have a nauseating morning or a puky session. Or you may not have any of it. Another problem you will be facing soon is the clothes size. If you are already a plus size then you would need plus size maternity clothes. These will be available at maternity outlets like Mother Care, Mother & Child, Moms to Be, Baby & Mom and many more brands. Another option is to stitch clothes with a tie belt behind, so you can loosen the belt as and when your belly gets bigger. You can also ask a friend or relative who has delivered before you to lend their clothes. This way you can fit into those clothes and purchase later as you know you will get bigger. Do not feel low or ashamed to ask for clothes, after all it’s only for a few months and you would not want them later.

Another option is to use your salwars and teem them with new khameez’s. This way you will not need to buy the entire set and save on a few bucks. Or you can stitch the biggest size and tuck them inside with gaps of 1 inch. So as and when they get tighter, all you have to do is remove the closest tacks. This way you can save on the money and use your material for a longer time. Buy stretch pants so you don’t have to bother about the button fit and a few stoles. Team them up with different tops so every time you look like you are wearing a new outfit.

This becomes necessary for working women, who need to dress up to office. So do not let your pregnancy to bog you down, infact with that glowing face and the right dressing you can look fresh every day. Their physical size grows due to which it becomes impossible for them to fit in their original clothes. In this case, new clothes are purchased. But these new clothes are not tight and fitting. That is because the woman needs to be comfortable in her clothes. Plus size clothes are clothes that are loose and comfortable. They are called plus size because they are of bigger size than the usual normal size. Plus size maternity clothes are usually found in designs like the shape of a gown, plus size maternity t-shirts, plus size maternity pants. Etc….

Designer plus size maternity clothes can be found at famous Indian malls like Globus, shoppers stop, aura, etc… plus size maternity clothes are usually medium colored i.e. not too bright nor too dull. They are found in silk or and cotton materials most of the time. These plus size clothes should be used for wearing only during maternity. Because is used otherwise other than maternity, they look very awkward because of its huge size. So it can be used for a temporary period only. This is one of the reasons that bother the customer while purchasing plus size maternity clothes due to its limited utility. So the customer compromises on the look of the maternity clothes and does not bother much about the color, design etc…India’s growing population might be bad for India’s development, but surely is very good for plus size maternity clothing manufacturers.

Most people don’t give as much time in choosing their handbags as much time as they spare to choosing a pair of jeans. If a handbag fits your lifestyle then it works, but there is much more to choosing a handbag than that, because a handbag can flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans.

If you get a bag that is in proportion to your figure, it works not only knock off some of your weight, but also works to polish up your style in a flash. Hobo bags are very practical to carry and yet have the right element and touch of fashion. They are spacious enough to let you take a lot of your essentials with you and still stylish enough to let you make that style statement .

These bags are usually crescent-shaped or they have a slouchy top and shoulder straps. Some of the latest design versions of these bags also come in suede, warm browns, denim and smooth leather. It would be a good idea to choose the more structured styles for business-perfect looks and use the softer versions of the hobo bags for casual wear.

Most people fancy the leather hobo bags. Some of the common varieties of the leather versions include smooth, soft leathers or pebbled leathers. Even the suede bags, which are usually soft, and have a casual look, are considered chic.

However, it is a thought worth considering, that leather, however fancy, causes the death of the animals whose skins it is made of, and there are many more versions apart from the leather to choose from. So, it might be a nice idea to choose a hobo bag of one of the other materials just to save a few animals.

There are hobo bags, which come with embellishments. These would be most suitable for people who like to make a rock ‘n’ roll style statement. There are number of designers who have managed to churn out designer logos with the classic hobo.

The larger versions of the hobos will give you even more space to and room to pack of all your essentials. Then there are the mini hobo bags which are definitely cute and little, but even very high in style. It is basically a smaller hobo shape and it looks great on women who are petite themselves and might be overwhelmed by the larger handbag.

Then there are the hipster shoulder bags, which have a shimmering sheen finish on its micro-fiber body and they have a handle style shoulder strap. These bags have a cool seventies look.

In fact these they have recently become a style quotient in India. Of course the popular style icons on TV such as the MTV Style tips and the fashion magazines such as Femina and Cosmopolitan define the style quotient for the Indian teenagers. The hobo bags have been classified as the fashion pick for the Indian audiences across various fashion shows and magazines.

The Mexicans in the cities and larger towns wear clothes that are similar to the ones that are worn in the United States and Canada. The village people usually wear simple types of clothes that vary according to the region and climate. The designs of these clothes date back hundreds of years.

In the central and southern Mexico, most of the men generally wear plain cotton shirts and trousers, and leather sandals called huaraches. It is during cold or rainy weather, that they wear Mexican ponchos. These Mexican ponchos are basically blankets that have a slit in the center for the head and are draped over the shoulders.

Some of the villagers’ ponchos are homemade. Hand weaving was an ancient Indian art, and today the Indians are famous for their beautiful home-woven fabrics. Styles of weaving vary throughout Mexico, and an Indian’s region can be identified by the colors and designs of his poncho or serape.

For example, blankets with a striped rainbow pattern come from the Saltillo area of the country. Some of the Indians wear unusual clothing. Large capes that are made of straw are worn in the Oaxaca state. On the holidays, most of the Indian women on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec wear a wide, lacy white headdress called a huipil grande.

In Yucatan, Maya women wear long, loose white dresses that are embroidered around the neck and bottom hem. These are essentially Mexican ponchos for women. The Mexicans sometimes also wear national costumes on holidays and other special occasions.

Though, the ponchos have their origin in Mexico, they have made great waves in the Indian fashion scene recently. They are the traditional outfits in mexico, and are in fact considered to be an everyday wear, but in India, like in some of the other western countries, they have become the fashion pick of the season. data(c)Indian child. all rights reserved.