Girl Child In India – Important Addresses And Contacts – The Department of Women and Child Development, India.As a nodal Ministry for the advancement of women and children, the Ministry formulates plans, policies and programmes; enacts/ amends legislation, guides and coordinates the efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organisations working in the field of Women and Child Development.  – Asha for Education … Read more

Awareness in Rural India

While the urban girl child is still at a disadvantage, her rural counterpart has some ray of hope. Nearly 19.70% rural mothers favour education for their daughters than 7.22 % in cities. This survey was conducted by the Woman and Child Welfare Department in north India. Underprivileged girl child education in India : Even 86% … Read more

Current Status – Urban Vs Rural

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”. – Jawaharlal Nehru- In India, goddesses are revered. But, only as idols to be worshipped in the form of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge), and Sita (ideal consort of Shri Ram). Once in a way, the … Read more

Importance of male and female child

Traditional role of the girl in Indian society is subservient. Despite that girls have done the country proud. The country had an able Prime Minister in Indira Gandhi. The government has taken conscious steps to nurture and protect the girl child. But the success entirely depends on the citizens. Will they make the womb a … Read more

Equality status and Girl Child in India

We Indians call our nation mother India and are great devotees of Mother Goddess in various manifestations. But is this devotion and respect for the country restricted to only a few words or do well actually implement these values. No, we all are openly playing a double standard game with our country as well as … Read more

A girl child is God’s gift, nurture her like a flower

India is one of the few countries where selective sex gender bias exists till today. The onslaught of feminism has not allowed Indian women to revolt against the century old systems. For centuries together women have played their roles of being the provider and sustainers of families without even a thank you note at the … Read more

Legal Rights of girl child in India

The fact that girls are being murdered quietly after sex determination tests, what can one say of rights of girl child in India? As per UNICEF guidelines the girl child must get equal opportunities to education, medicine, healthcare facilities and workplace. Although the democratic constitution and laws state there have to be equal and full … Read more

Girl Child – Future of India

‘Perseverance and inspiration often leads to privilege but without hard work and dedication they’ll be no success. The hardest profession to take in life is being a girl child. Discrimination and discrepancy are two most important factors that hamper the journey of every female from the earliest stage of life. Starting from her presence into … Read more

Save the Girl Child

‘How sad, many girls missing from our country are found buried in some graveyard…. India is growing dynamically in every fields. Today, the boom in economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure has become nation’s pride. The country has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against a girl child is still prevailing in the country. … Read more