Short Haircuts

Short hairstyles suit some people more and everyone seems to have given it a try. Besides being more manageable, they never seem to go out of style. Almost everyone knows someone sporting a short haircut. Short hair requires some length versatility with some areas shorter than others. The world is changing, in fact it is … Read more

Hair Care Tips

The hair is the crowning glory of a person and yet we find that not many of us give it the care it deserves. Hair has a central core called the cortical and around it there are a number of overlapping scales. If these scales are tangled it reflects on the hair and makes it … Read more

Layered Hair Cuts

Fashion is not restricted to haute couture only. It extends to the hair section also. Many lookout for trendy hairstyles and keep changing it to the latest in trend. Layered hair cuts style is one style that has been welcomed with open arms and has been in trend for some time. And with its great … Read more