Exercises During Pregnancy

The ‘Good Health is wealth’ is an adage that does not change even for a pregnant woman and the best way to maintain overall health is to exercise regularly. In fact a moderate and regular exercise regimen during pregnancy can improve the tone and strength of muscles, boost energy levels and even help to keep … Read more

Benefits of Aloe Vera

The aloe plant is a part of the lily family but it is Aloe barbadensis commonly called aloe Vera, which is of great significance. The health benefits of aloe Vera have been propagated throughout the world and there are very few places where it has not made a dent. Aloe Vera is available as a … Read more

Cellulite Products – Does it Benefits & How to Use?

An endless range of cellulite products have flooded the market. Before resorting to anti cellulite treatment and using anti-cellulite products it is necessary to understand why cellulite is so stubborn. The tissue beneath our skin is called the subcutaneous layer and this contains connective tissue which has vertical fat cell chambers. There is a network … Read more

Weight Loss Exercise

As our lives become more and more sedentary, �the battle of the bulge� is on. A constant tug of war between fad diets and potions, which profess to make you lose weight, seem to be of no avail. There are just no short cuts. Learn to accept the fact that exercise and a balanced diet … Read more

Natural Cure for Arthritis

As you age, arthritis dogs your footsteps and if you are not careful it could cripple you mentally and physically. The joints are usually affected especially the knees and elbows. Synovial fluid is the name given to the lubricant present in the joints and the cartilage is the special tissue, which absorbs shocks and ensures … Read more

Cellulite Treatment

In layman’s language cellulite is nothing but fat cells being trapped by fibers that have formed a network. These fibers are constantly cleansed by body fluids and poor circulation retards this cleansing process. The result is disastrous. Waste materials accumulate; they slowly thicken and become hard pockets of immovable fat. This is what causes the … Read more

Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil

The Flaxseed plant also called Linum Usitatissimum has its origin in Europe where it was a source of fiber. Gradually it came to be used as a healing herb and was often used in the place of what is now a multi vitamin supplement. It is rich in omega 3 acids, fatty acids (EFAs) and … Read more

Health & Fitness Articles

Category editors : M.Hemdev, Karishma Bajaj, Lata. S Batra, F. Peris, Monica Khatri…    health : » Vaccinations for children | Why vaccination is important | Visiting the pediatrician | Vaccine Pediatrics | Care after vaccination for children | Preparing children for vaccination | What you need to ask before vaccination | BCG vaccine | … Read more

Natural Cure For Insomnia

Insomnia is a common feature and is prevalent in young and old alike. A decreased level of melatonin in the brain is one reason why people are not able to sleep. Stress, depression or a deficiency in magnesium or iron could be other causes for insomnia. Sometimes there is a hormonal imbalance or individuals suffer … Read more