Importance of Indian rupee symbol

Indian government cabinet gave approval to the new graphic symbol for the rupee on 15th July 2010. It is a well calculated move to project Indian currency as an icon of the growing importance of India in world’s economy. By giving its approval for new rupee symbol, India joined a very elite group of the … Read more

Rupee Symbol

New Indian Rupee Symbol : India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It was only fitting that currency of India; rupee will soon have a distinct and identifiable symbol. The new symbol will be a perfect representative of strength of the over-trillion-dollar Indian economy. The arrival of new Indian rupee symbol … Read more

History of the Indian rupee symbol

The Indian currency is called the Indian Rupee whereas the coins are called the paise. If we go back to the history pages, India is known to be one of the first civilizations to issue coins during 6th century BC. Throughout the course of Indian history, coins remained the prime monetary unit. Indians coins were … Read more