Advertising Companies

Advertising agencies is dated back to 1812 when George Reynell opened an advertising agency in London. Next was Volneey B. Palmer who started space selling in 1850. William James Carton started space selling in religious magazines in 1864 and James Walter Thompson joined him in 1868, he superseded his work and soon bought over the … Read more

Fashion Designing

Fashion is the emblem of our status symbol and lifestyle. It determines what is in vogue and what’s is out. With the onset of globalization and exposure to media the fashion scenario in India has traveled the globe and today shares the same ramp as top designers of Milan and New York. Thus fashion designing … Read more

Careers In Advertising

David Ogilvy once said ‘It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.’ Advertising is the womb for ideas, the place where great ideas are born and delivered. Fondly referred to as the ‘Mad Ad World’, … Read more

Clinical Research Definition

Clinical research forms a division of therapeutic science that ascertains the efficiency and security of therapeutic plan, medicines, medical devices and products for diagnosis. This branch of medicine also deals with the act of preventing, treating or relieving the symptoms and the diseases affecting a body. The research process is performed with the help of … Read more

Jobs Search And Career Advice

Hunting for a job is no picnic but hunting and not finding one is terrible. When you open a newspaper or surf the web, there seem to be so many openings and yet when it comes to you, nothing seems to click. A lot of jobs are already filled even before anyone can apply for … Read more

Graphic Design Jobs

Two things have changed the face of Commercial Art: 1.Computers have revolutionized the realms of visual communication or what is traditionally known as commercial art. The canvas has been fit into the monitor, the brush is your mouse and the drawing tools your color palette. The only sacrosanct element to complete the skill circle is … Read more

Plumbing Jobs

We all are very much familiar with plumbers who come to our homes for sorting out regular problems. These problems could include fixing a leaking toilet or unclogging a drain or installing and repairing water systems and equipments. Many different types of water systems are maintained and repaired by plumbers. A plumber’s job description can … Read more

Airline Jobs

‘I believe I can fly’ was not just a sweet song with a make-believe inspiration line. It carried the truth of a person’s faith. And if you too believe you ca fly, all you need is to join the aviation industry and get yourself a job in an airline. Due to the onset of dozens … Read more

Highest Paying Jobs

Management is what life is all about and if you are a graduate from IIM, the sky is the limit as far as payment is concerned. While these graduates earn 7-7.5 lakhs annually in India, their salaries are a whopping Rs 4 million to 5 million abroad. Companies like Price Waterhouse and Mckinsey, which have … Read more

Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Turning fifteen is the best time of your life. Along with the passion to explore life’s treasures one also feels a sense of responsibility. Family and social atmosphere go a lot in making a 15 year old feel dutiful. There also stems another feeling to strive for economic independence. Jobs are available in plenty, except … Read more