Advertising agencies is dated back to 1812 when George Reynell opened an advertising agency in London. Next was Volneey B. Palmer who started space selling in 1850.

William James Carton started space selling in religious magazines in 1864 and James Walter Thompson joined him in 1868, he superseded his work and soon bought over the company, employed writers and artists and formed the first creative department. From then on many advertising agencies evolved and flourished.

Any brand is born to grown up in every household. But how should the owner sell his product. Salesmen are the best thing that could happen to them, yet they do not solve the purpose completely. They could make a print ad and release it in the publication. But what should the ad talk about, who will write it and which newspaper should it be published in? These and many more are small questions to the whys of an advertising agency.

And so the advertising agency is born. At the forefront it deals with clients and their perspectives. What do they want their brand to portray, what is the underlying meaning of the brand, who is the target audience and where should the marketing take place.

These are few questions the agency interrogates the client before they take on the brand. As they have to understand the fundamentals of the brand to achieve targets and create a market.

The task is then broadly distributed between the media department, creative and account management. The media guys have to learn which media will best suit the brand – print, electronic, outdoor or point of sale. This will depend on the budget at hand and what can be achieved maximum within the budget.

Next the creative department will hold a brainstorming meeting to ideate on the brand after the download from the account planning guys have briefed them. Its existing image, audience and style will be analyzed for necessary action to be taken.

For instance does the brand need a turnaround or it only has to be hammered into the audience more. Accordingly the idea will evolve and translate into the briefed media.

Presentations are done by the advertising agency to the client within the stipulated time and if approvals are given, immediate executions take place else it calls for rework.

These are mega processes that consume exhaustive hours and require staff to sometimes stay back for days together. All to meet the deadline with a formidable idea. And of course every good idea is received with increase in sales and a pat on the back for the agency.

For this the agency receives monies that help them sustain. However some agencies take a chip from the profit as they are assured of their deliveries.

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Fashion is the emblem of our status symbol and lifestyle. It determines what is in vogue and what’s is out. With the onset of globalization and exposure to media the fashion scenario in India has traveled the globe and today shares the same ramp as top designers of Milan and New York. Thus fashion designing is the hottest avenue suddenly. Let’s take a look in the world of fashion designing.

What exactly is fashion designing? Fashion designing is an art of creating apparels and related accessories to set a lifestyle statement.

Modern fashion design comprises of 2 basic categories viz. Haute-Couture, and Pret-a-porter or Ready-to-Wear. The former is a custom-made form of fashion designing catering to exclusive customers and haute couture is showcased through fashion shows for all Creativity knows no bounds in fashion designing. If one has the correct knowledge of textile, patterns, color coding, texture etc. there is no limit to the permutations one can think of in terms of designs.

For a country like India where Western influence has been absorbed, ethnicity has been fused with Western and a completely new dimension of fashion designing has emerged. In fashion designing, the colour combos, weaving and fabric are the most crucial elements. The entire look and feel depends upon these three aspects. Then it is upto the professional skills that render the cut, design, accessories, trimming etc. to give the full and final demeanour of the outfit.

It is also important that one plans the entire attire, draws the blueprint and visualizes the final outcome of the design. The success of the design will of course depend on the finish, thus its crucial to have a superb and glamorous.

One of the rummiest aspects of fashion designing is the thematic dependence of the attire such as season, fabric preference of the people etc. If one notices, the designing depends upon the specific season. E.g. A Winter collection will consist of the suitable colours, fabric and patterns. One can see ample woolens, polo necks, blues and browns etc. for this type of collection. Similarly, summer collections will be more casual, cotton, whites etc. Fashion is perishable. It is an abstract phenomenon that is here no and gone tomorrow. The trends cycle have shortened drastically from a few months to a few weeks. Spaghettis are passé and halter necks are in, pantsuits are extinct and skirts are hot. Thus with the speed of change, one needs to be alert and observant in fashion designing. In fact it is the designers that determine the trends of the season and what one should or shouldn’t wear. Celebrities, socialites, models etc form the mass couture –carriers who showcase the latest fashion.

Thus fashion designing is a very challenging profession but definitely in the cult of glitz and glamour. With a plethora of local level, regional level and national & international level fashion events like IMG fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week etc, fashion designing is considered to be one of the trendiest professions today. Indian designers have made a mark in International markets.  With the onset of recognition by International brands, the government has fortunately started taking fashion designing as serious business and have tried to set a method to the madness. Several fashion designing institutes like National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, National Institute of fashion Technology, Sophia Polytechnic etc. are some of the best Fashion Institutes in the country that have a given a breed of new age fashion designers to India.

All in all, fashion designing is the hippest profession today. But no gains without pains, especially with intense competition around. Fashion designing is a lucrative career but one needs to work very hard to keep up with the demand and competitive people. Late nights, continuous hours of work, rejection, disappointment, it’s all a part and parcel of the fashion world. Be prepared and take the plunge!

David Ogilvy once said ‘It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.’ Advertising is the womb for ideas, the place where great ideas are born and delivered. Fondly referred to as the ‘Mad Ad World’, the field of Advertising is a crazy riot of pitches and deadlines where target-driven client servicing executives harrying and ‘scaring’ the creative hardskulls whittle about for layouts and presentations. Welcome to your Career in Advertising!
Advertising is an enormous field.

You cannot say I want to get into Advertising and get into it. It will be like gaining entry into a 4-xenon multiplex without knowing which movie to watch. Before you know it you get into the wrong audience, get bored and walk out of it. Here’s a quick scan of various careers in advertising from which you can take your pick. Modern Advertising is structured as 1) Above the Line Advertising (ATL) and 2) Below the Line Advertising (BTL). In brief, ATL refers to advertising that uses mass media for communication e.g. TV, newspaper (print), Outdoor (hoardings), Internet etc.

BTL refers to niche forms of advertising such as events, PR, promotions etc that are actually an offshoot of the ATL. The nitty-gritty can be dealt with once you take up an Advertising course. We shall take you through the various careers in advertising via the process of advertising.

Agencies have teams dedicated to particular brands. Teams comprise of client servicing, creative and production. The Advertising process begins when the client-servicing executive approaches a potential client for a ‘brief’ (technical term for ‘what client wants’ for his product). The challenge for the client servicing executive is to ‘feel the pulse’ of the client and try reading the client’s mind. He is a ‘hunter’ for new business and a bridge between the agency and client thus he must be aggressive and have good communication skills. The client servicing person is responsible for the account planning i.e. gathering basic insights, research etc to decide the communication strategy, the backbone of the campaign. Positions in this career range from junior level management trainee to a, account executive, rising to a Sr account executive, Account Supervisor, Account director, Group account Manager and finally the Client Servicing Director etc.

The client servicing person then ‘debriefs’ his Creative team and explains his version of the story. The Creative team partakes the responsibility of putting across the communication message in the best possible manner. It is the team of the Art and Copy person that visualise the communication campaign and in consultation with the senior Creative people decide upon the idea or concept. The Art person shapes the communication with visuals and graphics while the copy person must support it with effective lines. One can begin as a junior art person and go ahead to be a senior visualiser, Art director etc.

From a trainee copywriter, one can go ahead to be a junior copywriter, senior copywriter, creative director etc. Once the ads are approved, after various modifications the TV commercials are put into production. The art director directs the commercial while the Film producer is responsible for model co-ordination, arranging the shoot locations, dates and other technicalities to produce it. The film is directed and produced and after editing ready to be shared with the client. In case of print, the DTP operators are given the brief and explained how to create the ‘layout’. Once the designs are ready, the same is taken to the client for approval.

Other advertising jobs
Besides careers in mainline, advertising includes Internet advertising wherein qualified graphic designers, web programmers, copywriters etc are required besides the conventional client servicing team. Direct marketing, events and promotions, rural communication all form an integral part of modern advertising.

Advertising qualifications & advertising job salary
To get into client servicing, an MBA in marketing is a big plus.
As an Art professional one needs Commercial Art from JJ or Raheja’s School of Art
Advertising Copywriters need no formal training if they have an inborn creative flair for writing. are some Copywriting courses conducted by AAAI , Radio Bhuvan etc. Remuneration in ad agencies can be quite disappointing if you are fresh. But just as in all other fields, once you attain experience and perform well, money will be no hitch. Salaries begin from Indian rupees 5000 ( as trainees / junior cop and art people) and go upto 10000 within 2 years. As a management trainee for client servicing, you can begin with Indian Rs. 10000 and go upto Rs. 35000 p.m. within 5 years
Advertising – the word has enough power to tingle and send chills. One needs to have passion for the field because it is a demanding field. If you want a job, it’s not the place for you. Thus we have aptly titled this article ‘careers in advertising’.

~ author Lata S. Batra. Copyright©2005

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Clinical research forms a division of therapeutic science that ascertains the efficiency and security of therapeutic plan, medicines, medical devices and products for diagnosis. This branch of medicine also deals with the act of preventing, treating or relieving the symptoms and the diseases affecting a body. The research process is performed with the help of government medical agencies, universities, hospitals and private research industries. The medical research outcomes form the key factor that helps the government to take a decision on whether to accept a treatment plan or medication.

The clinical research definition given by National Institute of Health consists of three major types of activities. The first and important is the research that is more connected to human body. Here, the studies directly engrosses a single person or a faction and utilizes a sample element of human body such as a cell or a tissue to tell about a living being. The main process incorporates the evaluation of diseases affecting human and its mechanism. It also includes treatment evaluation and the evaluation of cause of the sickness. Another important step embraces the critical inspection to generate newer technology in accordance to the disease.

The next important part of clinical research concentrates on studies related to behavior and epidemiology. This study scrutinize the spreading of illness, health affecting aspects and the method the people adapt to overrule health related issues. The third type of research includes the healthcare services and result observation. This type of study is conducted to recognize the very effectual and competent treatment plans, service plans and the interventions.

The main importance of the clinical trial program is that it blocks the arrival of harmful medication to the public. It also helps the patients reach for innovative therapies where standard therapies remain ineffective. The research program holds four probable results such as positive, equal, uncertain and negative results. With respect to the positive outcome, the research program proves that the innovative healing method is of better quality and highly effective compared to the standard type. According to equal outcome, the research confirms that both the innovative as well as the standard treatment plans are equivalent. The uncertain result indicates that the innovative as well as the standard medication is not evidently superior or inferior to each other. The negative research portrays that the standard program is beneficial and superior to the innovative method.

The clinical research is a lifesaving program adopted by healthcare organizations to mark the safety of the entire world.

Hunting for a job is no picnic but hunting and not finding one is terrible. When you open a newspaper or surf the web, there seem to be so many openings and yet when it comes to you, nothing seems to click. A lot of jobs are already filled even before anyone can apply for the ad is only a façade. Even when the ad is genuine, the ratio of the number of posts available and the number of applicants is an illogical one. All is not lost.. in fact even as you enter the academic area, the opportunity to hone your skills looms before you.

Vacations can be converted into a combination of fun and some real world experience by working for companies who hire temporary labor. In the process, you meet a lot of people some of whom will actually be willing to give your references later on. The kind of relationships that you build, the kind of image that you create will hold you in good stead for the years ahead. There is no teacher like experience. With that in your bag, you can create a stir wherever you go.

It is important to respond appropriately to an ad and market yourself and your skills properly. The first rule is to always be specific about the name of the newspaper containing the ad, the date when the ad appeared and exactly what position you are applying for. You need to forward the letter to the right person. So what should this letter contain? The first part should contain your personal information like name and address, contact no and e-mail id if any.

Then comes the most important part. The resume. Certain companies prefer the chronological structure that lists the recent job first and subsequently the others. This is usually resorted to if the candidate has been more or less in the same profession for a long time. In the case of candidates who have a variety of skills and achievements in various fields, the focus should be on a functional resume which highlights the skills of the individual and shows how these skills could be useful in the new set up. One point you need to keep in mind is whatever u do, do not lie.

All statements must be factual. What happens if the candidate s a fresher from college with no experience to his credit?

Job fairs especially the campus sponsored ones which are likely avenues. The other kinds of fairs are the ones sponsored by companies all under one roof. The serpentine queues at such fairs have to b seen to be believed. Then of course we have those walk-ins catering to the new graduates. Whatever be the mode of advertisement, competition is stiff and your resume needs to stand out.

If you are one of those who have been called for an interview, remember thee is usually more than one round. A preliminary round that is going to assess your skills and decide whether a 2nd interview should be granted. Dress conservatively but formally. If the job is a technical one, be prepared for a technical test of sorts. In case you make it through this round, a final interview with the HR is in the offing. At all points during the interview be honest and ask for clarification regarding points that have not been understood. Enquire about medical benefits and vacations.

Anticipate questions about long-term career goals and be prepared with the answers. It is a long road before you succeed, so be patient, be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes and take a job that you would enjoy doing. Author M. Hemdev

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Two things have changed the face of Commercial Art: 1.Computers have revolutionized the realms of visual communication or what is traditionally known as commercial art.

The canvas has been fit into the monitor, the brush is your mouse and the drawing tools your color palette. The only sacrosanct element to complete the skill circle is one’s creativity.

All this translates into a booming career option called graphic designing. Let’s take a roundabout trip of this career option.

What does a graphic designer do ?  ( Graphic design job description )
The dictionary defines a graphic designer to be  “ A person in the graphic arts who puts together art, text, and other visuals to produce professional printed results.”

To broadly outline it, the Graphic designer’s jobs is to set the layout, do illustrations and typography and unless the job needs to be ‘hand-made’, produce the required design on the computer for a commercial purpose.

Listen to the boom: spanning the scope in India
Art has merged with science and this fantastic relationship has produced tremendous scope in graphic designing as a form of applied art. Pictures are the most effective means of communication, thus with the onset of ICE Age (Infotainment, Communication and Entertainment), the need of designing for commercial and communication purposes has multiplied like the 100’s Table. A quick look into the variety of graphic designing applications:

Graphic Animation industry & India
The latest FICCI report of the recently concluded FRAMES 2005 boasts of the animation industry taking a huge leap.

Events (stages, sets, exhibitions)
The promotion and entertainment industry is already a mammoth entity. With a plethora of events ranging from live stage shows to consumer promotions, exhibitions to weddings, graphic designers are in huge demand for set and stage designs, decors, backdrops, direct mailers etc.

Ad Agencies
Posters, pitch-winning print ads, outdoor designs….the onus of translating the creative guy’s concept to reality will be on you. He might just thank you in his acceptance speech at the Abby’s maybe!

Books and publishing
The bestseller might not have the best looking cover page, but we don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Wrong. With the print and publishing industry growing steadily, cover designs are important for good brand perception.

TV channels (promos)
A huge surge in the number of TV channels has automatically increased demand for skilled designers for in-built promos.

Besides these key areas, graphic designers have immense scope in stationery printing, interior designing  / architecture, product package designing, films etc. The list keeps increasing.

Do you have it in you?

Graphic designer job Qualifications

Graduate in Commercial Art / Diploma in Graphic design/ Multimedia

Computer know how in programs like Flash for animation-intensive careers, Photoshop and Coreldraw, 3D MAX, Pagemaker etc. Knowledge of HTML and other web programming languages such as XML, Visual Basic etc. would help especially if your focus is website designing. Photography is an excellent value-add.

One must learn to use a MAC or an IBM because all companies don’t use Windows for designers.

Natural skills
Creative knack
Patience (to bear a hundred changes and your client)
Ability to burn the midnight oil (or your office nightbulb)

So now we know that you are ‘well designed’ for the profession. But lets do a critical analysis whether this career’s for you!

First the Pros
Creative Satisfaction
Graphic designing can give immensely satisfy your hunger for creativity. If you are a hardcore creative person, you will experience the bliss of admiring your ‘opus creatif’, a product of your hours of hardwork. Your designs could be adorning someone’s dream home, or help sell a product and better still, a million viewers across the world might be watching your stage during a Film Awards!

Creativity is as uncommon as common sense. Being a skilled creative professional, you will always be looked upon as a prized possession and the only way your career can go is upwards. From a junior visualize you can climb the corporate ladder to be a Creative director in a few years! Seeing the increasing trend of the field of entertainment, video gaming, TV etc, Graphic Designers are the next genre of IT people to mint a fab career.

Now for Cons

Late nights are inevitable due to the very nature of work. This can lead to stress but most careers today are stressful. Do the right things though – eat right, indulge in yoga and take power naps whenever you can.

Deadline, deadlines:
Whoever invented this word said it. If you don’t meet these, your are as good as ‘dead’. Working around the clock might be required if the printing has to be done on time because a successful rollout of the activity ( be it a launch or an event or an ad) depends a lot on how quickly or timely you can deliver .

Money Matters-  graphic designer salary  – how much you can ‘draw’
It’s ok if you start slow. The industry standards in India starts from Rs.5000 per month. But again, depending upon which field and company you land a job, the starting base may vary. I.e. event and ad agencies are not great paymasters. But once you have proven yourself, you can go on to Rs. 10000 – 15000 in 2 years and in senior position it ranges from 30,000 – 50,000 p.m.

Other great money-making options
Freelancing in graphic designing is an in thing for the extra pocket money in case you have 2 dates on one day! Besides your regular job, you can get into freelancing for assignments. (Depending upon your work load and time. But your first priority must always be your regular job)

After a few years of experience, you can venture on your on your own and become a ‘full-time freelancer’. Create a great portfolio of your past work and hypothetical work, approach various relevant companies and get enough assignments to keep you busy.

Where to get started….

Step 1
Get  a degree / diploma in Commercial Art
e.g. JJ School of Art , Raheja’s School of Art etc in Mumbai

And / Or
A diploma in multimedia / graphics
National Insitute of Design (Ahmedabad) offers a PG in design with specialisation in Graphics

Step 2
Your institute may or may not offer guaranteed jobs, so prepare a great portfolio and get yourself a nice job

How to scout for opportunities:
Approach an HR counselor ( their services are FOC for candidates)

Step 3

If you are called in for the interview, your portfolio will speak for itself
You might have to undertake a test to prove your skills.

And there! You have just begun your career journey in Graphic Designing. Bon Voyage!

We all are very much familiar with plumbers who come to our homes for sorting out regular problems. These problems could include fixing a leaking toilet or unclogging a drain or installing and repairing water systems and equipments. Many different types of water systems are maintained and repaired by plumbers. A plumber’s job description can begin from small houses and go to large industrial complexes. We all know the importance of specialized piping systems and need to maintain them in good health. Plumbers have always been in demand because of lack of supply of skilled plumbers. Going by the shortage of good plumbers, the demand for plumber jobs is expected to remain high in foreseeable future. That is in fact also an incentive for people who are looking to make plumbing as a career.

Plumbing job is a responsible one. It demands professionals to be clear about the job profile and shouldn’t hesitate in taking actions that might involve dealing with things considered not so desirable. The supply of safe and clean water is pretty much essential in all the private as well as commercial complexes. Career as a plumber involves installing piping systems apart from maintaining and repairing systems that haven’t been performing to the expectations. Becoming a plumber is all about installing and repairing gas systems in commercial, public and residential buildings, handling water drainage and waste disposal. Maintenance of appliances like water heaters, sinks, dishwashers, toilets, showers and bathtubs etc are also the responsibility of plumbers.

To become a plumber, one has to go through plumber training programs. It could be done through formal apprenticeship programs or one can also train in technical schools or colleges. But the best choice is definitely apprenticeship programs. The process of how to become a plumber gets a perfect beginning with these training programs where strong concepts and comprehensive training is provided. Most of these plumbing courses are managed by unions or contractor companies. One has to take the program seriously because it includes 4-5 years of on the job training and at least 144 hours of classroom teaching. To make the most out of a plumbing career, one should go for license as required by many states. In general, the requirement demands one to have to 2-5 years of work experience and successful clearing of exam that tests knowledge of plumbing concepts and codes.

There are plenty of jobs for plumbers. According to one estimate, the demand for plumbers is expected to increase exponentially in coming decade. With economic development and growth coupled with new constructions and renovations, plumbing careers appear lucrative in coming times. Also the fact that, there will be many senior plumbers who will be retiring soon further adds to the bright prospects of the plumbing career. People with added experience on their plumbers resume have better chances of getting profitable contracts. The plumbers’ salary on an average hovers in the range of $35,000 to $46,000 depending upon quality, skill and experience. However, the statistics also say that highest 10% of plumbers earned yearly salaries of more than $53,000. Plumber as a career choice is definitely attractive to those who are looking for a stable and interesting job.

‘I believe I can fly’ was not just a sweet song with a make-believe inspiration line. It carried the truth of a person’s faith. And if you too believe you ca fly, all you need is to join the aviation industry and get yourself a job in an airline.

Due to the onset of dozens of airline services in India – private as well as public, a variety of opportunities await you for Airline jobs. Here’s a detailed look at the various airline jobs such as an airhostess, at the front desk, flight attendant, ground crew etc.

Flight attendant jobs

Flight attendants overall responsibility is to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for passengers that include everything from rendering a warm welcome, ensuring that safety belts are tightly wound, all bins are shut and the airplane doors are secured.

Post the take-off, he prepares the beverages and food trays for the airhostesses to serve etc. In case of long stopovers, flight attendants are offered free lodging boarding in the city before flying off again.

Airhostess jobs
Graceful, slim and smiling… that’s’ what an air-hostess is made of. After a rigorous selection process, the candidates are well groomed to take on as the esteemed job of that of an airhostess. As the epitome of hospitability, she’s responsible for making the guests comfortable. Her job is inclusive of serving her guests, fulfilling their F&B, and comfort demands with an untiring smile, demonstrating safety instructions while the safety video is being played etc. Like it or not, the male customers consider the quality of the airhostesses a major parameter for choosing their airline!

Front desk jobs in airlines

If flights don’t entice you buy you want to help other people to fly, front desk jobs are for you. At the front desk, you are responsible for flight booking and verification procedures. Ticket bookings, checking flight availability, responding and giving alternatives to customers, allotting customers other seats in case of flight cancellations etc are some of the front desk operations.

Airline Ground crew jobs
If your are on the passenger front, checking the tickets, issuing boarding passes, verification of passengers, helping passengers with baggage check etc are some of the major aspects of a ground crew’s job aspects, Whereas ground crew for the cargo ensures things such as measuring and weighing the baggage so it does not overshoot the laid standards, ensuring the security, keeping check on the cargo etc.

Besides these, other airline jobs include flight engineers, technicians, staff etc that all make an important contribution towards a smooth and safe flight.

How to join – Finding an airline job
So if you are satisfied enough and are thinking of joining the sector, here’s how you can do it. Newspapers usually carry ads inviting applications. Certain qualifications such as 10+2, fluency in particular language, IATA score etc determine your chances of being short-listed.

After a shortlist, a preliminary interview is held and if you do well, in the second round of interview, your physical attributes such as height, weight etc are checked. Post this, the third round is to gauge one’s confidence and public speaking skills. And if you pass all these with great scores, you can make it to your job of choice after, of course, a clear medical certificate. After 3 months of training ( which might require a refundable deposit), you are ‘ready –to-serve!’

Remuneration aspects – Airline job salary
Employees of the aviation sector are usually well-paid but the range differs from airline to airline. In India, a trainees’ stipend starts from Rs. 8000 till he /she climbs the career ladder and draws anything from INR 20000 – 50000 p.m.

Airline Career prospects
If the recent media reports are anything to go by, the explosion in the aviation industry due to arrivals of several new airlines has increased the demand for new and skilled talent. This has given rise to poaching, so much so that the salaries and perks of employees have increased by 25 – 30%! So, you can be assured that airline jobs are quite estimable and lucrative. So go ahead and give a flying start to your career!

Management is what life is all about and if you are a graduate from IIM, the sky is the limit as far as payment is concerned. While these graduates earn 7-7.5 lakhs annually in India, their salaries are a whopping Rs 4 million to 5 million abroad. Companies like Price Waterhouse and Mckinsey, which have their branches in India, offer anything between Rs 1. Million –Rs 2 million a year, Company financial analysts especially those who have passed the CFA earn anything from 11-12 lakhs annually with a lot of extra perks thrown in. Offshore Drilling with the ONGC which is a company over which the Govt has a monopoly earns profits running into several hundred crores. The employees obviously have salaries that equal the icing on the cake.

The IT scenario is thriving and with the boom of the Internet and businesses demonstrating that IT has become a critical element of their overall business strategies, salaries paid by foreign companies are in the region of more than 15 lakhs annually.

Managers directly associated with the Internet command even more. Computer professionals have the going really good. As the world is edging towards a scenario that is going to be dominated by computers, these people are in great demand.

Software programmers are calling the shots and command salaries that are commensurate with their skills. Companies like Infosys and Wipro who have branches in India are willing to pay handsomely. Hewlett Packard is willing to pay a talented programmer about 10-12 lakhs per year. Outsourcing is the order of the day.

A lot of high paying tech jobs that are more expensive abroad are moved to India because of skilled labor available here. Certified computer professionals are also in great demand and can earn anything between 5-8 lakhs annually. You want to make money, then join the computer bandwagon. Who said teaching was a low paying job? Maybe colleges and schools do not pay much, but if you happen to be the owner of a coaching class, then you can make money faster than you can spend. A lucrative profession indeed!!!. The sky is the limit.

The medical profession especially the private practice has seen leaps and bounds in their salaries. Specialization has catalyzed this process and has further augmented their salaries. Their fees are so high and the procedures that they perform so expensive that the patient has to pay through his nose. Dentistry especially with individual branches like periodontics, orthodontics and the like are lucrative. Surgeons command respect and at the same time the fees for a single surgery and postoperative care can care run into a few lakhs. Well-established advocates and lawyers go easily into the top bracket.

On the lighter side, we have the Indian cricketers who are paid lakhs even if they lose matches and if they win, the amounts are astronomical because the amount they get by way of advertisements and prize money, not to say free houses and land surpasses by at least 15 times the amount a hardworking individual will earn in a life time. You intuitively have to know just way the wind is blowing and if you can sail long with it, money is never going to be a problem. ~Jobs India Data 2004.

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Turning fifteen is the best time of your life. Along with the passion to explore life’s treasures one also feels a sense of responsibility. Family and social atmosphere go a lot in making a 15 year old feel dutiful. There also stems another feeling to strive for economic independence. Jobs are available in plenty, except that one needs to attune to a standard pattern of responsibility without dwindling the focus on education. Balancing is the trick. Such jobs are ‘kudos’ to self.

Advertising jobs advocate a lot of flexi works. Mailers and flyers need to be distributed prior to launch of a product. Market research is a good area to learn and earn. Baby sitters are in full demand and with a little tact and creativity one can avail such temporary offers. Home jobs are also available, be it data entry, sealing envelopes or outsourced jobs.

Coaching classes require evaluators and if you possess the expertise in any curriculum, this is a splendid job. Numerous people owing to health and incapacity need to run errands. This is enjoyable and also a great feeling to help the needy. Such jobs are one-time nature and the most flexi.

Shopping malls these days offer lot of opportunity as attendees for child care or assisting visitors. Event management companies need young talent for their events. Such jobs introduce you to organization and management techniques.

Amusement parks and Play stations need staff to run their activities. Responsibility here is high and will help you in the long run. Beauticians and stylists require assistant while at a photo shoot or ramp modeling. Though such jobs are first-levels the experience is valuable.  Restaurants have many culinary careers waiting for you. You could enhance your flair for cooking and learn new arts about food display. House keeping too is a responsible affair.

High paying or not the focus for a 15 year old is to gather a sense of responsibly and have a balance. Future studies should be determined early. Flexi jobs not only fill your pocket but also increase your knowledge on the job know-how