Riding a fun ride-on car generates immense joyous feelings that stay with the kids for a long time. This car gives wings to your kid’s imagination to soar high and playfully enact various adventurous stories. 

Playing with these cars develops cognitive and psychomotor skills in the child. These cars are the ultimate gifts for your kids to enjoy endless fun-filled moments.

This article provides necessary information about ride-on cars through reviews of the Top 9 best ride-on cars, Buyer’s guide, and FAQs to help you choose the best ride-on car for your kids.

1. LuvLap Sunny Baby Ride On Car for Kid

LuvLap sunny baby ride-on car is an exceptionally looking car toy certified as per European Standard En 71. Its beautiful crafted design catches the kids’ attention instantly and promises fun-filled entertaining rides.

It is recommended for the kids up to 12 to 36 months of age and weighing up to 27 kgs. The dimensions of the car measure 51.82 x 24.89 x 19.05 cm and weighs 2.15 Kilograms. It is made of durable and safe plastic materials.

Riding this car helps your kids to develop cognitive and gross motor skills. Its pleasing rotatable steering design comprises music and horn buttons that enable the kids to listen to 3 different music types and press funny horns during the rides.  

This car comes with a spacious seat that allows your kid to sit comfortably and rest his/her back safely on the backrest. The backrest also serves as a parent push handle for training the kids to ride in the beginning. 

This car features two wide rear wheels and two wide front wheels for enhanced safety, comfort, and enjoyable riding experience. It features a durable safety guard and windshield for effective protection against untoward collisions. It engages the kids in active playing for hours.

2. R for Rabbit Iya Iya Scratch Car Ride

This is a trendy ride-on car by R for Rabbit that features impressive twister magic swing and scratch-free design. This appealing car comes in four multi-color variants, including orange-blue, blue-red, pink-blue, and red-blue for your kid to choose from.

It is built with a safety-first approach that conforms to the En 71 safety certifications. It is prepared from BPA-free plastics for enhanced protection and safe rides. It is recommended for kids of age group 3 years and above.

The dimensions of this car measure 76.4 x 30.8 x 28.6 cm and 4.47 Kilograms

It features PU wheels for smoother performance. Its swing and twister design make it ideal for indoor riding as well. Due to its high-quality PU wheels, it does not leave any marks on the floors.

The presence of ABEC 7 bearings ensures faster, as well as ultra smoother rides. It is prepared from high-quality plastics that provide superb strength to withstand the weight of adults as well. It provides an impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 125 kgs.

It is an easy and simple swing car that can be conveniently used by young kids for riding. All you need to do is simply twist, wiggle, and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled ride.

3. LuvLap Ranger Jeep Car Ride-On for Kids

LuvLap ranger jeep ride-on car is a green-colored jeep that is certified as per European Standard En 71. It is recommended for the kids up to 12 to 36 months of age and hold weight up to 25 kgs.

The dimensions of the jeep car measure 67.1 x 30.5 x 40.6 cm and 3 Kilograms. 

It is prepared from durable and safe plastic materials. Riding this jeep assists in developing gross motor and cognitive skills. 

It comes with a rotatable steering design that comprises music and horn buttons with blinking lights. It enables the kids to listen to 3 different types of music and press the horn during the fun-filled rides.  

This car comes with a spacious seat that allows comfortable seating for your kids. It features a sturdy backrest for enhanced safety. It can be used as a parent push handle for helping the kids to learn to ride. 

It features a spacious utility storage box under the seat that provides ample space for the kids to keep their toys.

This car has four wide and powerful wheels, including two rear wheels and two front wheels. It is designed for improved safety and comfortable riding experience. The wheels have alloy like wheel caps that add to its appealing design.

It features a durable safety guard and windshield that ensures good protection against any accidental collisions. Its unique and robust design makes it ideal for young kids to engage in the jungle safaris and forest ranger acts. It engages the kids in active playing and entertaining rides for hours.

4. Eco Panda Magic Car/ Swing Car Rider

The Eco Panda swing car from Toyzone features a robust and safe design. The dimensions of the car measure 73 x 37 x 40.5 cm and 3 Kilograms. It features ABEC 7 bearings that make it durable and sturdy for providing smoother rides. 

It is built with a safety-first approach that uses BPA-free plastics in its manufacturing for enhanced safety. It is recommended for kids above the age of 3 years. It has a load-bearing capacity of 70 kilograms.

Its rotatable steering handle provides 360-degrees rotation for swift and safe turn around the corners. The steering features music and light functions for fun-filled rides.

It comes with a front basket for storing small toys and other items. Its front wheels don’t touch the ground except when turning, and its broad back wheels are meant for providing superb grip on the surface for stable rides.

It does not require any electricity, pedaling, or gears for riding. You can set it into motion by simply rotating the steering left and right. It provides ample space and footrest for one rider to enjoy safe and comfortable rides.

5. Baybee Kids Ride On Push Car Toy for Babies

Baybee ride-on push car toys are designed for kids of 1-4 years of age. It features appealing looks in attractive yellow colors that capture small kid’s undivided attention.

The dimensions of the push car measure 10 x 8 x 5 cm and 3 Kilograms. It helps develop gross motor skills in kids and provides a maximum load-carrying capacity up to 40 kgs. The seat offers adequate cushioning effect for comfortable seating. 

This push car is EN 71 certified that conforms to the stringent safety European standards for toddlers and babies. Its non-skid wheels are designed for better grip on the surface.

It has strong wheels and lightweight design that makes it a portable push car for easy carrying. It features a durable virgin PVC plastic body, parental push handle, and strong back support for stable and comfortable rides.

It comes with a protective safety bar for enhanced protection. The presence of surrounded guardrails and sturdy backrest offers added protection. The footrest allows the kids to rest their feet conveniently during rides.

This push car provides a 3 in 1 design, including a sliding function, swing function, and push function. It comes with easy steering and Sportster style for smooth and safe rides. The storage bin under the seat is useful for storing small toys and other items.

6. GetBest GetBolles Z4 Electric Ride on Car for Kids

Z4 electric ride-on car by Get best is an En71 and Bis certified car that conforms to 

European and Indian standards. It provides enhanced protection with a 3 point safety belt. It has a spacious seat that allows the kids to sit comfortably.

This white colored car is designed for kids in the age group of 1.5 to 5 years. It is designed to withstand loads up to 40 kgs. It features stylish, elegant, and charismatic looks. 

Its dimensions measure 100 x 51.99 x 40.01 cm and 10 Kilograms. It is convenient to ride by the kids. It can be easily driven manually using acceleration pedals for moving forward. 

It is powered by a 12V battery and a double motor that allows continuous ride for 45 minutes to 1 hour while simultaneously playing music. It has a working LED and flashing lights that resemble a real car.  

It comes loaded with various robust features, including a realistic dashboard including rearview mirrors and music system. This music system is compatible with Aux, SD card, and pen drive.

Z4 electric ride-on car features sporty, cool, and charismatic looks. It also features a swing option for convenient driving around. Parents can control the car for toddlers who can’t drive the car by using remote Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Toy House Majestic Z4 SUV

Z4 SUV ride-on swing function car by Toyhouse is a safe and robust car that conforms to EN 71 European and BIS Indian certifications. Its dimensions measure 108 x 70 x 47 cm and 13 Kilograms.

It features an eye-catching and elegant red colored design that makes an instant impression on the kids. It is suitable for kids in the age group of 2-6 years. It can withstand the maximum weight carrying load up to 30 Kgs.

It comes with a 2.4GHz remote control mechanism that allows the parents to operate the car on behalf of the toddlers. The kids can easily drive it under adult supervision.

It features a rechargeable double battery that provides long-lasting backup for uninterrupted rides. It has a double motor for enhanced performance. It features shock absorbers and a seat belt for safe driving for kids.

This car comes loaded with several features that give the feel of the realistic car, such as LED headlights, hi-fi dashboard, rear lights, advanced slow start function, and advanced digital power display.

It provides an electronic car sound effect and features Aux input and USB port for playing music. It has stylish openable doors, an ergonomic handle under the bonnet, and 3-speed controllers as per child’s driving skills.

Z4 SUV ride-on car comes with an independent swing function that rocks the car back and forth for providing superb entertainment for kids. Its anti-skid tires provide superb grip on the surface. It is designed for both outdoor and indoor riding.

8. Baybee Mercedes Benz Baby Toy Car

Mercedes Benz baby toy car by Baybee is an exceptionally elegant and trendy ride-on car that comprises two powerful motors on its both rear wheels. Its direction can be easily adjusted by freely rotating the front wheels. 

It features a high-quality and streamlined body engineered for enjoyable and safe rides. It is easy to drive on flat surfaces, including a park, playground, indoor floor, etc.

Its powerful motor provides a safe speed in the range of 3-8 km/hrs. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. After a full charge, the battery provides a running time of 1-2 hours.

 It has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 30 Kgs. It is recommended for the kids between 2 and 5 years of age. It features a stylish side door with a lock and 2 point harness safety belt for improved safety.

It features attractive LED headlights with a superb display. It supports music playing with AUX/USB/TF cards through ports on the car. The kids can also control the volume. The dimensions of the car measure 11.99 x 10.01 x 8 cm and 997.9 grams.

It comes with remote control with a stop button that allows the parents to control their kids’ car to avoid any accidents.

It is an easy to ride car that allows the kids to move the car forward, backward, left, and right using a handle. It features wear resistance, anti-slip for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

9. Samaaya Non-Battery Operated Ride On Car

Non-battery operated car by Samaaya is a sleek toy car designed for children aged three years and above.

The dimensions of the car measure 22.86 x 22.86 x 7.62 cm and 957 grams. It offers a comfortable ride without any pedals, batteries, or gears. All your kid needs to do is twist, wiggle, and go.

It comes in three attractive colors, including blue, red, and pink. It has a patented safety seat that provides comfortable seating and enhanced protection for toddlers.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor riding. You can use it anywhere where there is a flat and smooth surface. The rotatable steering wheel allows easy turning on the corners. 

It serves as a great toy for keeping the kids engaged in playful fun for hours. It comes with a footrest that allows your kids to conveniently rest his/her feet during riding. 

It is prepared from high-quality, rugged plastics, and it is free from harmful phthalates. It is a washable and easy-to-clean car.

It helps in keeping kids active and develops their gross motor skills. It is extremely easy to ride for your toddler as it provides smooth and simplistic rides.

Buyer’s Guide

Battery and weight carrying capacity 

The battery of a ride-on car is correlated with its weight carrying capacity. A car with a larger battery capacity can carry a kid with higher weight and attain a higher maximum speed.

The car batteries of toy cars generally come in 6 Volt, 12 Volts, and 24 Volts capacity. Choose a ride-on car for kids with sufficient battery capacity to comfortably carry your kid and allow him to ride with safe and appropriate speed.

Ideally, a toy car should strike an optimal balance between battery capacity, child’s weight, and speed.


The ride-on cars are usually designed to look aesthetically appealing for the kids. They come in a wide range of coolest and trendy designs. The power wheels are crafted to look similar to the real world popular cars.

Choose a ride-on car that instantly creates an impression with its looks and capture your child’s attention effortlessly.

Protective Features

The ride-on car comes packed with various safety features for ensuring the kid’s safety during rides. Ensure that the toy-car seat belts are prepared from high-quality material for a comfortable and safe fit.

The ride-on car’s body and its power wheels should be prepared from non-toxic and durable materials for withstanding any unexpected accidents and collisions. 

You may also check if the tires and suspension quality are good enough for long-lasting and smooth rides.


The speed of the toy cars varies in the range from 2 to 5 mph. Some advanced cars may even provide speed up to 10 mph. For attaining higher speed during rides, you need batteries with a larger capacity. 

Choose a ride-on car with larger battery capacity for getting more speed and higher weight carrying ability.

Remote Control

Some battery-powered ride-on cars for kids feature remote control. The parents can use this to control the speed of the car to ensure the optimal safety of their kids.

You may choose a ride-on car with remote control for enhanced protection during rides.

Additional Features

A ride-on car for kids may come with various additional features, including attractive flashlights, melodic music for honking, cushioned seats, and trendy graphics on its body.

Choose a car that provides a maximum number of additional features within your available budget for added convenience and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ride-on cars?

The ride-on cars are electric or manual toy cars designed for kids in the age group from 1-6 years and even older. It comes in a wide range of colors and graphics, and designs. 

It is meant for entertainment and educational purposes that involve teaching driving skills and road rules to your kids. Moreover, the ride on cars serves to improve cognitive and psycho-motor skills among the kids.

What is the best ride-on car?

Many brands offer high-quality ride-on cars for kids. The best ride-on cars in India are as follows:

 How fast does a 12v ride go?

A ride-on car with 12v batteries can attain a high speed of 4 mph. The larger the batteries’ capacity, the higher the speed a car can achieve. In addition to that, some ride-on cars are designed to run faster than others.

What is faster, 6v, or 12v?

The ride-on cars are powered with batteries. The higher the number of batteries volts, the faster the car. 

Thus, a car with 12V batteries is faster and more powerful than a car with a 6V battery. You should choose a car with a higher voltage battery as it will provide faster speed and withstand the rough terrains with great convenience and comfort.


Ride-on cars are a great way to introduce your kids to the art of driving. They can learn to accelerate, steer, and apply brakes while having fun. 

They get familiarized with the car components such as steering wheel, headlights, brakes, etc. 

Don’t think twice about choosing the best ride-on car for your kids as our impartial reviews and buyer’s guide make it surprisingly easier for you.

No matter how much healthier diet you plan for your kids, your kids won’t get the nutrition they need if the foods consumed by them don’t get digested properly. The probiotics & prebiotics are your kid’s digestive companion for a healthy digestive system.

 The probiotics and prebiotics contain colonies of good bacteria and yeasts that compete against harmful bacteria for food and space in the human digestive tract. 

They reduce bad bacteria and improve digestive ailments, such as irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea.

They restore the optimal population of good bacteria that were depleted with anti-biotics intake. In addition to being an effective remedy of digestive issues, probiotics and prebiotics also prevent allergic reactions and enhance oral health.

This article helps you pick the best probiotics and prebiotics for your little champs through its top 10 product reviews, Buyer’s guide, and FAQs. 

1. Shrey’s Biofibe probiotics powder with prebiotics

Shrey’s Biofibe probiotics powder with prebiotics is a scientifically proven formulation that keeps the healthy gut environment and enhances digestive functioning. 

It contains six natural probiotic strains along with two prebiotics. The prebiotic strains enhance beneficial bacteria’s growth, while probiotic strains compete with harmful bacteria and kill them. 

It restores the proper intestinal balance and boosts one’s immunity. It is an effective combination for relief from irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, infectious or antibiotic-associated diarrhea, etc. 

This probiotic supplement improves intestinal micro-flora by replenishing healthy bacteria. It strengthens bone density by increasing calcium absorption.

Each serving provides 1.5 billion CFUs probiotics. It comes in powdered form in sachets. It contains ten servings or sachets per pack, and every sachet contains 1.5-gram powder. 

It is suitable for both kids and adults. It has a delectable orange flavor that kids enjoy.

2. Cipla ActivKids Unobiotics Junior Probiotics for Kids 10 Sachet Pack

Cipla Activkids Unobiotics is an effective and potent probiotic for kids prepared from high-quality and pure lactobacillus that supports digestive and immunity health.

This probiotic supports healthy living by restoring the natural balance of gut flora and improving overall wellness. This premium quality probiotic detoxifies the body and boosts the immunity.

It is an exceptional quality oral unobiotics that replenish healthy gut bacteria for restoring intestinal health and improving irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The lactobacillus strain survives the stomach acid and reaches large quantities in the intestine to promote intestinal and digestive health.  

This probiotics supplement brings Lactobacillus rhamnsous GG in MICROBAC technology that offers 5 times more probiotic activity equivalent to 30 billion uncoated traditional probiotics.

It comes in powdered form in sachets. Each pack contains 10 sachets. The recommended dosage is 1-2 sachets daily or as directed by doctors. This sachet can be directly consumed into the mouth or by mixing it with 20 ml of water.

This premium probiotics supplement does not need any refrigeration and is available in the sachet form, making it easy to carry anywhere.

3. Carbamide Forte Multivitamin Gummies for Kids & Adults with Superfoods

Carbamide Forte Multivitamin Gummies are a perfect blend of 20 vitamins, minerals, prebiotics(fructooligosaccharides), and superfoods that provide excellent nourishment and healthy development in kids.


It features 90 delicious vegetarian gummies per container. The recommended dosage is two gummy daily for kids aged 4-9 years. 

It is also suitable for adults as a daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

These gummies are packed with 20 high-potency nutrients and vitamins such as Vit K2-MK7, Vit D2, and beta carotene (Vit A). Each serving of gummy provides 100% RDA of vitamins along with minerals, super-foods, and prebiotics. 

These gummies contain super-foods such as Withania Somnifera (ashwagandha), Alfalfa, and Echinacea.

These gummies boost the immune system, promote digestive health, make bones stronger & healthy, and improve brain health among kids and improve overall wellness. 


These gummies come in delicious flavors that are loved by kids. These are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan gummies. It keeps kids active all day long.

4. BILLIONCHEERS probiotic drink for kids

Billioncheers probiotic drink is specially designed for kids. It is meant for promoting intestinal and digestive health. It helps in maintaining the optimal functioning of intestines by replenishing the good bacteria in the gut.

It comes in powdered form. The recommended dosage is 1-2 servings daily or as directed by doctors. It is suitable for kids aged 5 years and above.

Each serving provides 10 billion CFUs probiotics for replenishing gut bacteria in kids. This is an instant mix powder that provides 30 servings in a 90 grams pack.

It is a potent probiotic that reduces digestive issues such as stomach bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort. It is suitable for consumption during and after antibiotics intake as it maintains the healthy gut flora. 

It comprises the optimal balance of bacteria strains, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium lactis. It also features smart prebiotic for enhanced immunity.

It comes in delicious mango flavor, and it is a great probiotics supplement to consume with and after antibiotics.

5. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic

Renew ultimate life flora is an effective probiotic for kids that help alleviate occasional digestive upsets and improve the children’s immunity and general wellness. It was the #1 probiotic brand as per the consumer satisfaction survey in 2018.

It is prepared from 3 billion live cultures using 6 specially selected probiotic strains that match the child’s gut microflora’s natural diversity. It supports digestive balance and improves symptoms of occasional gastrointestinal disturbances in kids.

It is a high-quality probiotic supplement that is prepared in the USA by using superior quality global ingredients. Thus, it guarantees the potency, purity, and quality throughout its shelf life.

It is a safe probiotic supplement for kids as it is free from gluten, dairy, and soy. 

It features 30 chewable tablets of probiotics per container. The recommended dosage is 1 chewable tablet daily for kids aged 2 years and above.

It provides 3 billion CFUs per serving that is ideally suited for kids for maintaining their recommended daily intake.

It comes with a tasty berry flavor that pleases children. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

6. SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins Kid’s Probiotic and Pre-biotic Gummies

Smartypants Vitamins and probiotics gummies are formulated for boosting the immunity and digestive system in kids. It features an encapsulated design that enables the probiotics to survive stomach acid with up to 95% survivability rate.

It provides a potent immunity formula for kids as it is packed with prebiotics (beta-glucan) that support the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria and strengthen the immunity. 

The probiotics bacteria (B. coagulans and B. subtilis) in these gummies provide balanced micro-flora in the gut for supporting normal digestion. 

This probiotic gummy supplement is free from food allergens, including milk, wheat, fish, soy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, and tree nut allergens. 

 It is a safe probiotic supplement for kids as it is free from GMOs, artificial flavors, synthetic colors, gluten, preservatives, etc.

It features 60 probiotics gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 2 gummies daily for kids aged 3 years and above. It can be consumed with or without food daily as a dietary supplement. 

It provides 4 billion CFUs per serving that is ideally suited for kids for maintaining a healthy digestive system and strong immunity levels.

It comes with a tasty strawberry crème flavor that is loved by kids. It’s a vegan gummy supplement.

7. OLLY Kids Multi-Vitamin and Probiotic Gummy Supplements

Olly kids supplement is a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and probiotics that provides a boost of probiotics to your kids. It increases the bio-availability of nutrients, supplies vital nutrition, and improves the children’s health.

It comes packed with a potent dose of good bacteria that assists in supporting healthy gut bacteria and a robust immune system. 

It comes packed with the goodness of Vitamin A, B, C D, and Zinc for boosting overall wellness. 

Its certified other ingredients include sugar cane, glucose syrup, water, gelatin, and natural flavors. The coloring of the gummies is done using purple carrot juice, tartaric acid, citric acid, and lactic acid.

It has a naturally tasty flavor that contains fruit punch and berry blast. It is safe probiotics to consume as it is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

It features 70 multi-vitamin and probiotic gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 1 gummy for 2-3 years old kids and two gummies daily for kids aged 4 years and above.

It is an easily chewable gummy probiotic supplement that does not require food or water for consumption. It has an appealing berry taste that is liked by children.

8. Nordic Naturals, Probiotic Gummies Kids

Nordic flora probiotics gummies by Nordic naturals is a non-GMO verified probiotic that comes with third-party tested purity and ultimate freshness.

It contains research-supported strains that are safe, pure, and effective for the kids. It supports digestive and intestinal health along with boosting immunity in the kids.

This probiotics supplement comes with prebiotics that supports the growth of good probiotics bacteria and strengthens the children’s immunity.

It’s stable, and potent probiotics provide 1.5 billion CFUs with Bacillus Coagulans. 

It features 60 probiotics gummy supplements per container. The recommended dosage is 1 gummy daily for kids aged 2-4 years and 2 gummies daily for the kids aged 4 years and above.

It is a vegan probiotic gummy that does not require any refrigeration. It’s a dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free probiotics supplement that delivers great taste. 

 It is a safe probiotics supplement that does not contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, milk derivatives, and sweeteners.

Its tasty flavor comprises merry berry punch. It is comfortably absorbed in the body. It uses only fruit and vegetable juices for adding colors to gummies.

9. Garden of Life, Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Organic Kids

Dr. formulated probiotics by the Garden of life is an organic supplement that combines the goodness of probiotics and vitamins.

 It is a third party certified probiotic supplement that is USDA organic certified, non-GMO verified, and NSF certified for purity, potency, and freshness.

It features Vitamins C & D that promotes immune system health. It contains strains of lactobacillus, acidophilus, and bifidobacterium.

It is prepared from 14 specially selected probiotic strains that are similar to the natural diversity of the child’s gut microflora. It supports digestive health and improves immunity in kids.

It provides 5 billion guaranteed CFUs per serving that fulfills the recommended daily intake of probiotics for maintaining optimal digestive health in the kids.

It is free from gluten, dairy, and soy. It features 30 yummy chewable tablets of probiotics per container. The recommended dosage is 1 chewable tablet daily for kids aged 4 years and above.

It provides delicious organic watermelon flavor that is loved by the kids. It does not contain any added sugars. It does not require any refrigeration.

10. Earth’s Pearl Probiotic and Prebiotic for Women, Men, and Kids

Earth’s pearl probiotics and prebiotics is designed for advanced digestive and gut health in women, men, and kids.

It features 60 time-released pearls per container, and its recommended dosage is one pearl daily. Each pearl offers 4 billion CFUs of good bacteria.

It is a 100% natural and safe product that is free from GMO, lactose, gluten, sugar, eggs, corn, soy, peanuts, and wheat. 

It is a multi-strain probiotic supplement that increases the good bacterial profile and population in the digestive tract, including the stomach and gut region. It features four power probiotics strains that are well documented and most researched.

It features an innovative time-release patented technology called as Biotract. It comes in the form of pearls that deliver up to 15 times more good bacteria in the intestinal tract and thereby exert 15 times more potency than regular capsules.

These easy-to-swallow pearls provide a huge quantity of correct beneficial bacteria strains that help in keeping a healthy gut and alleviate gas pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, IBS, and other bowel discomforts.

It supports and boosts the digestive system, which results in enhanced bioavailability of nutrients from healthy foods and supplements consumed. It comes with fructooligosaccharide (FOS) prebiotic that act as a food source for the probiotics.

These probiotic supplements result in the growth and settlement of billions of good live bacteria in the gut lining and provide a comfortable relief in various digestive ailments. It comes in pearl form that is easy to swallow for kids.

Buyer’s Guide

Types of Kids Probiotics

The probiotics for kids come in various forms depending on the ease of consumption as per kids’ age and preference.


These probiotics come in powder tablets that are easy to chew. They contain less artificial ingredients and added sugar. They are suitable for kids 2 years and above.


These probiotics come in the form of candy or gummy snacks. They are added with sugar and artificial flavors to make them tasty probiotics for kids.

These gummy probiotics are suitable for kids three years and above.

Easy-to-swallow pearls

These probiotics are designed for swallowing purposes instead of chewing. These small pear-like probiotic supplements are more effective when swallowed as a whole, and they are easier for the kids to swallow.

These pearls probiotics are suitable for kids four years and above.


These probiotics come in the form of flavored sticks or cubes. They easily melt or dissolve inside the kid’s mouth. They are suitable for kids 3 years and above.


The liquid probiotics are consumed with a spoon or along with water. They are suitable for kids of the age group 2-3 years.


These probiotics are found naturally in commonly available food items such as

Yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, pickles, etc. When your child eats such food items that are enriched in probiotics, he gets these probiotic supplements.


The different sources of probiotics have different probiotic strains and ingredients. Some probiotics for kids contain common allergens such as dairy or gluten, while some other probiotics contain sugar and artificial colors.

You should research about the ingredients of the probiotics to ensure their safety before giving them to your kids. 

The ideal probiotic supplements are sugar-free and without any allergens to provide a dosage of only healthy bacteria and yeasts to your child.

Number of CFUs   

The quantity of probiotics is measured in terms of colony-forming units (CFUs). It refers to the number of active living bacteria present in each serving of probiotics.

A good probiotic should ideally have at least 1 billion CFUs per serving.

Most of the probiotics for kids comprise 1 billion to 10 billion CFU’s per serving. As per the American family physician, kids should consume 5 to 10 billion CFUs daily for keeping a healthy digestive system and strong immunity levels.

The gummy probiotics usually provide 3 -5 billion CFUs however;, not all the food options provide the same benefits for your kids.

You should check the quantity of CFUs provided by the specific probiotics for your kids so that they can reach the recommended daily intake.


The recommended dosage of probiotics for kids may vary from one kid to another as per the health conditions. You should consult with a doctor to find out the exact dosage of probiotics that are suitable for your child. 

The dosage recommended for adults is usually high and may not be beneficial for kids. You may also find the dosage directions on the probiotics product’s label.

Ensure that your child receives the proper dosage of probiotics for maximum health benefits.


The probiotics come in various types as per the age of the kids. The smaller kids prefer chewable probiotics while larger kids find gummy probiotics comfortable to consume.

Most of the probiotics brands specify the recommended age group of kids on the product label. Check the label to find out if a particular probiotics product is matching to your child’s age.

Doctor’s Recommendations 

If your child has certain medical conditions, you should consult with a pediatrician and discuss various factors related to your child’s health, such as your child’s diet, immunity levels, digestive health, and sensitivity to allergic reactions.

Depending on your child’s health, the pediatrician would be able to suggest the best probiotics that optimally meet your kid’s requirement. 

Expiry Date and Shelf Life

While purchasing the best probiotics for your kids, you should check the expiration date and shelf life of the product. Purchase the probiotics product with a larger shelf life and a long expiration period.

Ensure that there is sufficient time left for the consumption of the product before it reaches its expiry.


You should always purchase the probiotics of reputed brands as they offer reliable products backed by the years of research and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best probiotic for a child?

The best probiotics and prebiotics for kids are as follows:

Should kids take probiotics?

In general, probiotics are safe for kids. However, you must consult with your doctor before giving probiotics to your child. Your doctor may be able to suggest the best probiotics for your kids, depending on their health condition. 

How can probiotics help my child?

Probiotics are a combination of good bacteria and yeasts population. It improves the digestive system by fighting off harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

It assists in relieving various digestive ailments such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), acute constipation, acid reflux, and colic pain in infants and children. 

Moreover, probiotics also assist in preventing secondary infections and diarrhea. They also prevent allergic reactions, skin irritations, and eczema in some kids.

What is the best natural probiotic?

The probiotics are naturally found in some commonly available super healthy food items such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso, kombucha, cheese, and pickles.


A healthy digestive system is essential for obtaining the required nourishment from the food we eat. The blend of probiotics and prebiotics works wonders for boosting the digestive system among kids and adults. 

They are immensely useful for keeping a healthy gut lining. Reading our buyer’s guide and reviews of the best probiotics and prebiotics will empower you with the required knowledge for making a wise and well-informed buying decision.

Are you worried that your child can’t make a phone call or send a message to you because he/she doesn’t have a smartphone?  The solution might be as simple as a smartwatch that can use a SIM card. There are a whole host of reasons why you might want your child to have a smartwatch, including counting his/her steps if your child’s a little overweight, or to track his/her whereabouts using a GPS tracker.

You might just want your child to give a smartwatch as a gift so that he/she can connect to his/her smartphone for easier access. We have gone through the most popular, technologically advanced and practical smartwatches and reviewed them so that your decision-making process on selecting the perfect smartwatch for your child is just a little bit easier.

We hope that you can select a smartwatch that will delight your child and give him/her a constant supply of excitement.

Smartwatches for Kids

1. SeTracker Smart Watch for Kids

This gorgeous smartwatch by SeTracker has all the frills and features you’d expect from a high-end device with a hefty price tag.  You are able to insert a micro SIM card directly into this smartwatch, enabling it to operate independently of any smartphone.

The operating system used by this smartwatch is Android, allowing you to use all the applications available on this platform suitable for its technical specifications.  It has a GPS tracker that allows your child’s position to be tracked at all times.

Dual-mode positioning with LBS provides an additional safety net for your child. Its SOS function allows for three pre-recorded numbers to be called as soon as the SOS button is pressed by your child.

It also has a touch screen and a front camera for video recording.  You can also make two-way voice calls from anywhere there’s a signal using this amazing device.  This smartwatch is perfect for kids going out on adventures, as it also has a torch.

Several math games have been preinstalled to help your child develop his/her calculating skills.  This smartwatch is also able to pair with both Android and iOS devices, making it truly versatile. There is also an alarm clock function with multiple alarm settings to help keep your child to his/her schedule.

This product can be recommended for any parent that is looking to keep his/her child safe and connected even as he/she goes exploring adventures.




2. HNESS Unisex Bluetooth 4g Smart Watch

This classily designed product by HNESS has incredibly fast connection speeds and superior processing speeds.  You can insert a micro SIM card directly into the smartwatch to get blistering fast connection speeds of up to 4G.

The high-quality display has been produced to enable quick touch and clear image representation. It also has a lot of features available in a sports watch, such as a pedometer that tracks your movement and a sedentary reminder.

It also monitors your sleep and records the quality of your sleep so that you have proper data to improve your health and circadian rhythm. The Android 5.1 operating system runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, which gives you enough juice even for the heaviest applications.

The device has been manufactured to be compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and all Android tablets.  It connects to other smart devices using Bluetooth 3.0L though it can access the internet using its SIM card if necessary.  It also has a calculator function to help with quick calculations.

A TF/microSD card of up to 32GB can be used for further storage needs.  The smartwatch fully supports Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter to keep up with your social media needs. It has a screen that is 1.54” diagonally-wide and a battery of capacity 280 mAh.

It also has a calendar, alarm, and tape recorder functions to keep your child better organized throughout the day. This is the perfect smartwatch for a parent that is looking to provide the best technology available to his/her child to keep him/her educated, motivated, and connected.




3. KEMIPRO DZ09 Black Bluetooth Smart Watch

This fully functional smartwatch that comes with a traditional digital watch design by KEMIPRO is competitively priced.  It supports the very best in independent connectivity through the use of a 4G enabled micro SIM card. This means that this device does not have to rely on smartphones or other smart devices for internet connectivity or for making phone calls/sending SMSs.

It supports many social media platforms such as Facebook, QQ, WeChat, Whatsapp, and Twitter. It has a quick access page for accessing news and keeping up to date on other information. It also serves as a fitness band by keeping track of your travel distance through a pedometer and using a sedentary reminder.  It is able to monitor your sleep schedule and keep track of your sleep quality.

This versatile smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and Android tablets.  It has a long-lasting battery of 230 mAh that is enough to keep this device juiced throughout the day. There is also an option of using a microSD card for further storage.

There is a voice record function for recording voice messages or sending voice-to-text text messages to your friends. Its multi-language functionality allows for the display to be in several languages.  It comes with a superior MTK 6261 chipset and a 1.56” diagonally-wide touchscreen display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution.

The smartwatch has an in-built speaker system of 8 amps and 0.7 watts. It also has a G-sensor that will monitor acceleration.  This smartwatch is a fantastically priced product with almost every single function imaginable and can be recommended for purchase without any reservation.




4. 10WeRun M9 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This beautifully modeled smartwatch by 10WeRun combines both a modern-looking interface screen and a traditional watch design.  The smartwatch is able to connect to the internet and make/receive phone calls and SMS messages independently of any other smart device.  It does this by using a micro SIM card with 4G connectivity inserted directly into the device.

It has a speech-to-text function that allows you to dictate messages directly onto the device that can then be sent to friends and family.  It has been built to connect to smart devices using Bluetooth and will function without the use of a SIM card when it is paired. It will also notify the user of messages received and calls received by the smart device when paired.

This fantastic device is also able to play MP3 music using its in-built speakers directly from the device or through a paired device.  The front-end camera is able to capture images that can then be stored directly onto a TP/microSD card. It has a 2.5D Radian Capacitive LCD touchscreen that is 1.54” wide diagonally.

The 380 mAh battery is substantially bigger than the sub-300 mAh batteries available in its competitors. This smartwatch is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and with Android tablets.

It also has the timer and alarm clock functions of any other watch. The smartwatch is also programmed to function as a health aid with its sleep monitor functionality. This is a very well-rounded product that can be recommended to any parent that is looking to provide their child with an affordable smartwatch.




5. ZXEGA DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This budget smartwatch by Brightway Tech has almost all the frills you would expect from in an expensive smartwatch.  It has a classy analog time display as a starting screen, which adds to the look of the watch. You are also able to insert a micro SIM directly onto the device to receive high bandwidth 2G internet connectivity.

You are also able to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages directly onto the watch when using a micro SIM card. When not using a SIM card, it can pair with any Android (over Android 4.3) and iOS (over iPhone 5) smartphones or Android (over Android 4.3) tablets to get internet connectivity.  It will also show and notify you of any calls and messages received by the paired smart device.

The high-resolution 2-megapixel camera is sharp enough to take great selfies and amazing snapshots of your surroundings.  These images can be seamlessly uploaded to social media using a Bluetooth paired device or directly from the smartwatch itself.  These images can then be stored in a TP/microSD card on the device.

This smartwatch also has a G-sensor that allows the acceleration you are experiencing to be monitored.  A calculator app with large buttons is available for any quick calculations. The in-built speakers allow you to listen to music directly from the device or from any device it is paired with.

The smartwatch relies on a heavy-duty MTK6261D processor chip, which enables it to run any application you may desire. This smartwatch is probably one of the best value-for-money devices you can buy in this category and can be recommended for budget-conscious parents looking for a lot of bang for the buck.




Smartwatches for Kids – Buying Guide

Time Display

Most smartwatch manufacturers go for the digital time display that we have all gotten accustomed to while others go for a more futuristic look with an analog system using simulated arms or dials.  Make sure you select a time display model that fits with your child’s style so that he/she gains as much enjoyment as possible when using your gift to him/her.


The most popular interface styles used by smartwatches are ones that have icons that radiate outwards from a central focal point and ones that have a couple of large icons for just the main functions on the screen.  Other interfaces focus on steps taken, calories used, and other health-related displays. Some of the higher-end models are more minimalist and has a central button to go into the apps page of the interface while only displaying the battery usage and time as default.


Just like on a smartphone, the central input method for a smartwatch is its touchscreen.  The durability of the watch will depend mostly on the durability of the touchscreen and its ability to remain a valid input system for the watch.  Scratches and cracks might result in faulty data input, which reduces the functionality of your smartwatch. Try to go for a smartwatch that focuses explicitly on high-quality touchscreens to ensure that your child can enjoy the use of his/her smartwatch for a prolonged period.


There are two levels of resistance for a smartwatch, quite like other electronic devices, waterproof smartwatches, and water-resistant smartwatches.  Water-resistant smartwatches can withstand moisture at very low-pressure levels for specific periods. Waterproof smartwatches can be submerged in water and kept there for as long as recommended as the limit by the manufacturer.  Water-resistance is a must for any smartwatch you are considering buying as children get sweaty, and this moisture has to be withstood by the smartwatch.


The wristband that goes around your child’s wrist holds the smartwatch in its place as your child continues his/her daily activities.  Almost all manufacturers have gone for a plastic/rubber mixture for its wristbands as children sweat a lot. Wristbands have to be able to be appropriately cleaned for them to be viable for use with children.  The wristband must have enough range in its settings to grow with the child. Try to go for a smartwatch with a wristband that will securely fit the smartwatch onto your child as he/she engages in strenuous physical activity.

Smartphone Connectivity

Smartwatches serve as an accessible connector-piece to the bulkier but more functional smartphones.  They usually pair with smartphones using Bluetooth. Although WiFi is also an option, it is much more draining on the smartphone’s battery (due to the use of a hotspot).  Generally, smartwatches allow you to pick up and make calls that use your smartphone’s SIM card. Make sure that the smartwatch you are getting can be paired with the type of OS your smartphone uses.  Generally, watches that pair with Android will have certain restrictions when pairing with Apple and vice versa.

Voice Commands

Some of the more advance smartwatches allow you to use voice commands to activate specific features of the watch.  This feature is important as interfacing using the screen might be a little harder as the screen of a smartwatch is relatively small.

It’s especially important if you are driving and you want to make a phone call or even to send a message to a specific person. Your child might not be at the age to drive yet, but he/she can benefit from this while riding a bike or even while going on a hike with friends.


Smartwatches can have functional usage hours that are comparable to smartphones though they have much less actually battery power storage.  While smartphones have batteries that go up to about 3000 mAh, the batteries of smartwatches max out at about 500 mAh. Try to get a smartwatch with a battery that allows for full functionality throughout the day, including several hours of voice communication.


Some of the multi-function smartwatches actually have cameras embedded in them for quick picture-taking and even has limited video capability.  Generally, the cameras employed by smartwatches go up to about 2 MP (megapixel), while smartphones have cameras that go above 10 MP. Two megapixel cameras are still nothing to be scoffed at and can result in high-quality pictures that can capture selfies between friends that can then be easily uploaded to social media.

GSM Micro SIM Support

Many smartwatches now can have a micro SIM with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) inserted directly into the device.  This means that your smartwatch will be able to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch without needing any other device for this functionality.  This would be a great life-saving feature for your child and can be a safety net for emergencies.


Most smartwatches don’t have the screen output capacity to use more data than is transferrable using 2G.  However, some of the higher quality models have connectivity up to 4G, which allows for gigabits of data to be transferred within seconds.  This is mostly important only if your phone has a high-quality camera to capture such large amounts of data. Try to get a model that at least has 3G connectivity so that internet usage and video playback are seamless for your child.

Memory and Storage

Some smartwatches can use microSD cards (aka TF cards) to store gigabytes of data for future retrieval.  This is mostly used for picture and video capture from cameras. It is good if the smartwatch can interface with microSD cards with up to 32GB, as that is a mid-range amount for videos and other bulky media.  However, even an 8GB microSD card is sufficient for most needs.


The variety of applications that you can install on a smartwatch is dependent on the operating system that it uses.  If it is Android-based, then it can install all the apps that are suitable for its technical specifications available on the Android platform.  If the device you buy for your child is an Apple smartwatch, then its compatibility will be with the Apple applications developed for electronic devices.  Most simple applications like organizers and video recorders will be installed onto your smartwatch. Applications like games that require higher hardware specifications will not be functional.

Fitness Tracker

A popular function of smartwatches is to provide the wearer with a fitness band in addition to its other functions.  These watches have a display that shows you the main metrics of your child’s health as it’s worn. All of them generally have a heart-rate monitor and a step counter, while there can be additional features like a calorie counter, an activity tracker, a blood pressure monitor, and a sleep tracker.  This functionality is great if you have a child that is health-conscious or if you want a high tech method of motivating your child to do more activities that are beneficial health-wise.

Types of Smartwatches for Kids

Sports Smartwatches

These are fantastic for athletes and people that are trying to get fitter.  This type of smartwatch generally monitors important aspects of the body, such as blood pressure and heartbeat.  It can also provide tracking for important daily activities such as steps walked, calories burnt, sleep time, etc.

All of this data can generally be transferred onto a program on your smartphone through Bluetooth, which then proceeds to analyze the data and give you valuable insight.  Of course, these smartwatches have the regular functionality of a watch as well.

Classic Smartwatches

These generally function as extensions of your smartphone and have a whole host of additional features.  They will show you the notifications that you get on your smartphone and even allow you to make and receive calls from the smartwatch while connected to a smartphone.

They can also have the functionality of a sports smartwatch where your body’s functions are tracked and monitored. The advantage is that there are a whole host of fitness applications to choose from on these smartwatches.  You also get to choose from the almost limitless pool of Android and iOS applications available for smartwatches depending on what the operating system of your smartwatch is.

However, since the screens are generally larger in these watches and due to the extended functionality, the battery life generally suffers, and they need to be plugged in almost every night.

Smartwatches with GSM SIM

These smartwatches are almost able to replace the use of a smartphone for a duration of time during the day.  The reason for that is that these smartwatches allow you to insert SIM cards directly into the smartwatches. This allows you to have the ability to make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch.

It also allows for you to be able to get the internet directly onto the smartwatch, which means that you are able to use all of your applications available in the smartwatch independently of a smartphone. These smartwatches can also have fitness aid functionality, just like sports or classic smartwatches.

The only disadvantage of this type of smartwatch is that the battery life is going to be limited due to the large screen and voice communication functionality.

However, this type of smartwatch has the ultimate functionality of any smartwatch and functions almost as a smartphone does, though with limitations due to reduced specifications and smaller screens.

Smartwatches for Kids – Safety Tips

Blood Flow

Make sure that your child wears the smartwatch on his/her wrist in a manner that allows unrestricted blood flow through his/her veins.  When physical exertion is made, muscle fibers and blood vessels expand. If your child’s wristband is on too tight, the flow of blood in veins that are near the skin will be restricted, resulting in restricted oxygen-supply to the hand.

Scheduled Use

There is a tendency for the skin that has been covered up by a watch to be slightly altered due to the restricted air-supply to the surface as well as the constant moisture on it.  Make sure that your child does not wear the smartwatch during the night and that the wrist is free for periods of time during the day so that the skin can repair itself.


To ensure that your child’s smartwatch has enough juice to last the day, make sure that it is put to charge when your child is at home.  You don’t want to be in a position where your child needs to make a phone call but is unable to do so due to the smartwatch’s battery running out.


As smartwatches are expensive pieces of equipment, it’s important that your child knows how to take care of the product.  Take the time to teach your child that the touchscreen is scratch and crack sensitive and that he/she should not be engaged in activities that could damage the phone while wearing it, including submersing it in water unless it is waterproof.

MicroSD Card

Generally, the microSD card can pop out of pressure is applied to the microSD card slot from the side.  Make sure your child understands that the watch isn’t to be touched around the screen unless he/she is using a specific function on the sides of the watch.  This will prevent the card from popping out and getting lost unintentionally.


As the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, it can accumulate a shocking amount of dirt and organisms after just a few days of wear.  It is important to make sure that the smartwatch is cleaned often to ensure that your child’s health is not affected. Make sure only limited amounts of liquid touch the smartwatch while it is being cleaned and that the smartwatch is water-resistant.


1. Will a smartwatch with SIM functionality work without a SIM card?

Yes, generally, the smartwatch will be able to be used without restriction.  The only restrictions will be that you will not be able to make and receive calls/text messages or use the internet independently of a smartphone.  You will have to pair your smartwatch with a smartphone using Bluetooth or WiFi to be able to use any application in it that needs the internet to function.

Functionality such as fitness tracking, watch functions, and notes that don’t need the internet to function will not be affected in any way.

2. How do you charge a smartwatch battery?

Generally, smartwatches come with their own chargers.  However, in general, smartwatches are charged using the same technology used to charge your smartphones.  In the event of an emergency, you may use a standard smartphone charger to charge your smartwatch, but differences in voltages might reduce the life of your smartwatch’s battery and/or cause damage to the electronics of the phone.

It is recommended that you only use the charger that has been designed to charge your smartwatch.

3. What is the quality of connectivity in a smartwatch with 4G?

While some smartwatches come with 4G functionality, the equipment used in these smartwatches generally cannot deliver the full potential of 4G connectivity.  However, this is not generally an issue for smartwatches as they will rarely even use the bandwidth used by 3G, which is actually enough even for HD streaming.

This quality of streaming is not necessary for a smartwatch as its screen size is very small. Anything above 2.5G is more than sufficient for a smartwatch.

4. Do smartwatches have a calculator option?

Generally, all smartwatches except for basic smartwatches and sports smartwatches have this functionality.  Even some sports smartwatches have a calculator app for quick basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

It’s important to understand that the space given for numbers and functions on a calculator is very limited and that the user should not depend on a smartwatch for his/her regular calculating needs.

5. Do any smartwatches come with flashlights?

While most smartwatches don’t have the flashlight capability, there are a few that do.  The ones that have flashlights generally also have cameras in them. However, as smartwatches generally have small batteries downwards of 500 mAh, it is recommended that you only use the flashlight function as an emergency.

The application for flashlight functionality can be downloaded on Android operating systems while it is already embedded into the iOS operating system.


The world of smartwatches is one where more and more functions are added daily to the already extensive arsenal of applications, sensors, and monitors available in today’s smartwatch.  It’s important to sit down and try to figure out what functionality is essential for your smartwatch as, while it may have most of the functions you use on a daily basis, its battery life will not accommodate its incessant use.

You might also want to restrict some features like extensive internet browsing on a smartwatch so that your child isn’t compelled to cheat in school or go to websites that he/she isn’t supposed to.

We hope that you go through our extensive buying guide to ensure that you are aware of the main points to evaluate before you make a smartwatch purchase for your child.  Our safety tips and FAQ section will help you get an overview of how best to take care of your new electronic purchase. We wish you luck and hope that your child benefits immensely from the wide array of helpful applications and monitors a smartwatch affords its user.

Shopping for the best school supplies can be tough. From the very first pencil to notebooks, pencil cases, geometry kits, and school bags, the list can be long. Depending on the type of courses and the school’s profiling, you might also add additional drawing kits, sports gear, drawing boards, and so on.

Some schools might publish a list of school supplies every year. If your school doesn’t, it won’t hurt to ask for one or at least some suggestions. Apart from the necessities, it is also important that your kid likes the design of all the school supplies.

With today’s superheroes and movies, there are a lot of school supplies with famous movie characters, or gaming characters, scenes, quotes. He might want one of those to be cool in school. There are also two other important factors to consider: ergonomics and comfort. Let’s see how you can take all of these into account when shopping for the best school supply!


Best School Supplies


1. TARGET PUBLICATIONS Long Notebooks Single Line | 164 Ruled Pages

These are standard 20 cm x 28 cm notebooks with 164 ruled pages each. They come in packs of 6 and are on a good budget. One important pro to these notebooks is that the pages have numbers, so it will be easy for the student to find certain things at a certain page.

The paper is a high-quality white paper of 58 GSM, and it offers an overall smooth surface for writing. The front cover looks really good. Since these notebooks already come with ruled pages, it is easier to write on them. The product is good value for money.

Pencil Cases

2. Large Capacity Pencil Case, Pen & Pencil Pouch Bag Case for School Supplies for Kids

The main pro of this pencil case is its large capacity. It comes at 22 cm x 14 cm x 5cm, with wide-open mesh pockets where your child can store everything he’ll need for school and even much more than that.

This pencil case has got five pencil slots in the middle flap, and it is made of soft material that feels good to the touch. It is adorned with racing little badges that the little one will adore if he’s a fan of cars and pilots, and it is made of durable material. One important pro is that it doesn’t get dirty easily and can still look as new for a long period.

Overall, it’s got a nice matte finish, good space, a comfortable and easy to use zip and nice materials. It’s value for money.

3. Shinewings Pencil Box, Big Capacity Canvas Pencil Pouch Multifunction Organizer

This is a pencil case that comes with multiple compartments for pencils, pens, or markers. It might appeal more to girls, rather than boys, thanks to its girlish artwork. One important pro is that it’s got all kinds of interior zipped pockets where you can store a lot of things, from sharpeners to small notepads or erasers.

It comes equipped with solid elastic straps that hold pencils and pens securely into place. Despite being spacious, it is also lightweight and compact and quite versatile. High school girls might also choose to use it as a makeup pouch or coin purse.

One important design pro is its elegant build and good quality material. It is good for kids who like to keep it simple, but also have a lot of space when it comes to their pencil cases.

Although it is white and might get dirty, it is very easy to wash, dry, and maintain in the long run.


4. Vezela 4Pc Combo of Laptop Bag with USB Charging Feature with Lunch Bag, Pencil Case & Pouch

This is a good pack of laptop bag, lunch bag, pencil case, and pouch, which can tick all these off the school supplies list. The laptop bag is equipped with a USB charging port and an earphones port. They are available in a wide variety of colors, both for boys or girls. They’re made from durable Oxford fabric and Polyester lining, and the backpack is water-resistant.

These bags feature multiple compartments and dedicated pockets. The laptop bag can fit a 14th laptop, but can also be used for carrying notepads, books, tablets, kindles, iPads, glasses, cell phone.

One important pro of the backpack is it’s built so it will fit all the school supplies without making it bulky in aspect. The straps are very comfortable, they have cushion padding, and the overall quality of the built is great. It features multiple zipper compartments and luggage straps. Another major pro is the anti-theft concealed zip on the bag.

All of these are made of good fabric that is also good-looking and looks cool.

Pen& Pencils

5. Uni-ball Air Micro Pen Blue Ink

These blue ink pens come with a stainless steel tip and a 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball. One major pro is the smooth writing experience they offer, and they also dry very quickly. Moreover, they come in attractive colors that will make any pen lover fall in love with them.

They come in packs of 5, which offers good value for money and also an overall delightful experience of writing, good design, coolness, and color.


6. Pilot V7 Liquid Ink Roller Ball Pen (2 Blue + 1 Black)

Pilot is a Japanese company best known for producing writing instruments. It is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, its headquarters are based in Tokyo, and they have a history of making pens since 1915.

This Liquid ink Roller Ball Pen delivers an incredibly smooth writing performance, living up to the company’s reputation. Its secret lies in its ATT system, which ensures instant ink flow every time you write. No need to struggle too much. No aching fingers or hands from writing too much. It comes with jumbo ink tanks that contain water-soluble ink. The cap is completely airtight.

Overall, it offers superb quality and comes in packs of three: 2 blue and one black. This is a nice touch since children will usually use blue more than black. It feels soft when writing and can be refilled with ink.       The weight of the barrel and the smoothness of nib are just perfect for a child’s writing experience.


7. KABEER ART 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil With Leads

This is a mechanical pencil with a solid steel grip that comes equipped with 2mm 12 black leads. The 13-centimeter leads come in a casing so that the kid will not break them by mistake.

One major pro of this mechanical pencil over other pencils is its firm and amazing grip, which can prove useful to a child trying to draw or write a mathematical problem. It is also a good pencil for office work.

The good build quality promises durability, and your children can use it in the following school years as well. It also comes with a sharpener and a click motion that does not let lead come out in one go. Another major pro is that it comes with 12 leads, which means your child will have it for the whole year and maybe the next with no problem. It is real value for money.


8. Apsara Platinum Pencils Value Pack – Pack of 20

In terms of classic black pencils, this is one of the best choices. It comes in a pack of 20, well-enough for one school year. It is no. 1 recommended stationary by teachers for children. It is designed to aid legibility and make writing as nice and smooth as possible.

One major pro is that it also comes with a bonus scale, one sharpener, and one eraser. It is a really useful tool for kids and students and an overall cost-effective solution for your school supply shopping bag. The color of the pencil is really dark and legible, and the style of the whole packaging is not bad at all.


9. Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box (Multicolor)

One major pro of this geometry box is that it comes with a full-size compass pencil for free. The compass is self-centering and offers a good grip and overall steady presence on the paper. We all know how hard it can be to draw a circle with a wobbling compass.

The pen pencil comes with 0.7mm lead, and it offers precision in drawing arcs and writing. All in all, the box contains a compass, a divider, ruler, protractor, and set square, sharpener, eraser, and mechanical pencil, the full set of mathematical tools for children.

The overall design is also good. One major pro is that it offers the best combination of sturdy solid compass and a pen pencil, which can be used with that compass and deliver precise drawings. The fact that the pen pencil comes free in the box is also an advantage. You can already tick that off the list after buying this geometry box.


10. Apsara Writing kit

Apsara is a brand under the Indian pencil manufacturer, Hindustan Pencils, one of the largest pencil producers in India. The mother company was founded in 1958, and they have a whole history and tradition they live up to. So, what about the product at hand?

This is a combo writing kit with all the writing essentials your kid might need. It’s got three sets of 5 premium pencils, one scale, a big sharpener that also comes equipped with an eraser, other four pocket sharpeners, three medium-sized erasers, and one large-size eraser and a couple of colored sticky notes.

The black pencils are designed to aid legibility, and the colored pencils offer a nice, smooth coloring experience. This set is perfect for any junior school-going student. All the pencils in the three pencil boxes are dark in writing and long-lasting. Each pencil cartridge also has a sharpener and an eraser.

The overall quality of each item is super good. All in all, this writing kit is a huge deal for students of any age.


11. Faber-Castell Triangular Colour Pencils – Pack of 24 (Assorted)

Faber-Castell was founded in 1761. That its 259 years ago. Currently, it is the largest manufacturer of pens, pencils, and other office supplies in the whole world. They also provide high-end art supplies and luxury leather goods. So, you’d expect great quality from a company that managed to resist this much on the market, right? Let’s see1

One major pro of these color pencils is their high break resistance. Moreover, they’ve got good quality rich leads and quite a good resistance to breakage due to a special bonding process.

The surface is covered in the lacquer that is Phthalate-Free, which makes it safer for children who might feel the need to chew on these pencils as they’re thinking of what color to choose next. The color does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Another pro of these color pencils is that they’re very comfortable in hand and their soft leads require little to no pressure for coloring. This means more comfort for your child and more fun as well. They have lovely, smooth colors which provide for good color blending and your child can really start being an artist with these color pencils.

School Backpacks and lunch boxes

12. Auxter Eye Black 33 L School Bag I – 2 Compartments

This is both a fun and practical school bag. The outer and inner material is polyester. Its size is: 45 cm (L) X 32 cm (W) X 22 cm (H). One important feature of this bag is that it’s got two main compartments, a front pocket for small things, an interior mesh pocket and one bottle pocket so you can make sure your child’s water bottle has is safely-placed so that it won’t spill on its books and notebooks.

The school bag is very spacious, durable, and feels sturdy. The overall build is almost flawless; its stitching is on point. One important pro is that it is a very lightweight school bag in itself, so it won’t add much weight to your children’s already heavy books and notebooks. It’s got comfortable shoulder straps and a padded back for added comfort. Moreover, the straps are long and adjustable.

The outer styling is quite attractive and fun, and it’s got that coolness factor that your child might be after. Another major feature is that this school bag is really comfortable on the shoulders and ergonomic as well. Although it’s got plenty of space for storing school items, it won’t feel bulky.


13. Cello Tiffy Gift Set Insulated Lunch Box + Water Bottle

This set of an insulated lunch box and water bottle is made of 100% food-grade materials; both the lunch box and water bottle are BPA free, leak-proof and break-resistant. The build quality is very good, and it offers an odor-free interior perfect for keeping your kid’s lunch. The water bottle is 500 ml.

One important feature is that the lunch box’s lid opens very easily so your child will have no problem with that. The bottle cap is quite tough and will not break easily. The print and color could also prove to be a children’s favorite. Both the lunch box and water bottle have overall good quality and sturdy build, while also looking cute for children. It’s value for money.


14. Polyester 15 L Blue School Bag with Laptop Compartment

This is a more serious type of school bag. Its main feature is its laptop compartment. It can be used by both primary school students and high school students. It also features a bottle holder on the side, and it is waterproof. It’s got a compact build and can carry any normal-size laptop. One major pro is its versatility. It can be used both as a school bag and a laptop bag for various situations.

The school bag is light on itself. It has a 3-year warranty which says a lot about the build quality. It’s got two main compartments and good-quality zippers. The back of it is padded for extra comfort. Also, it is very ergonomic due to its adjustable straps.


A step-by-step guide to buying the best school supplies

There are a few factors to follow carefully when shopping for the best school supplies. You want to make sure you don’t forget anything and that your child is happy in the end. So, it’s a matter of combining necessity and making your child delighted.

  • First, you need to make a list of the school supplies your child still has from the previous year and see what he/she can still use and is happy to do so. He might have a favorite pencil or pencil case, he might even love his school bag, and if it is so, there’s no need to buy another one.
  • Make sure you make this list together with your kid. After the assessment of the already-existing school supply is done, make a list of the things you both think he’ll need in the next year. Write down everything from a new water bottle or lunch box to every little pencil and eraser.
  • After the list is done, it would be good to check it with the teacher or simply ask the school for a list of necessary supplies. Some schools have these kinds of lists; others don’t. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to ask for the specifics, like drawing boards or sportswear for the sport classes and other supplies that are not basic and might not apply to every school and every student.

Main characteristics to consider in school supplies

Once the list is made and all things in order, you have to navigate through the multitude of school supplies out there and make sure you choose the best ones. The “best ones” is a very general term, though. So, what should you look for?

The quality of the materials

First and foremost, you should look for the quality of the build. You want to make sure you purchase a school bag that won’t break in the middle of the school year and which hopefully might be reusable the next year as well.

The ergonomics and comfort of use

Another aspect to consider is comfort and ergonomics. Choosing the right writing tools and bags that would offer your child comfort is also important. You want him to feel good and comfortable and safe throughout the school year and only focus on his homework and study.

Design and ‘coolness”

The other characteristic to take into account is the overall design and the “cool factor” of the school supplies. There are many heroes and superheroes these days, many video games and characters that children love and look up to. Most of them can teach your child about honor and what it means to be a hero, so it won’t hurt to buy your kid a Spider-Man school bag if he wants one and if the product follows the characteristics listed above.

Useful/not useful

There is also a useful/not useful factor. There are some school supplies that your child might not need, but still, he would ask you to buy because he likes the design, because other kids have that or because it features a video game character that he loves. These decisions are up to you as a parent.

It won’t hurt to make one or two compromises and buy one or two school supplies that your child doesn’t need, but wants to have. Nevertheless, maybe try not to make a habit out of that, and you know very well why.

Frequently Asked Questions about school supplies.

1. What are the best school supplies for high school?

There is a type of common knowledge going around about high school supplies: that you don’t really need too much of them anymore. It’s true, the movies usually show rebel high school students walking around with one or two notebooks and maybe a little bag, and that’s all.

Still, high school is much more than that, and it is also about studying; there is actually more studying in high school than in primary school, and for that high school students will need a serious backpack and maybe a separate lunch bag, some good pencils even colored pencils. Other needed school supplies are pencil sharpeners, highlighters, markers, and a lot of notebooks. Yes, high school is hard work.

2. How many pencils do you need for school?

Studies show that, worldwide, people are buying more pencils than they need, the school included. So, two lead pencils, two pens, and a sharpener are enough for school.

3. What are the most needed school supplies?

The most needed school supplies are pencils, pens, notebooks, erasers, folders, backpack.

4. When should I start shopping for school supplies?

Usually, people start shopping for school supplies in the last week before school starts. Maybe you should start a little earlier than that. It won’t hurt to start shopping one month before school starts and take it easy, step-by-step, by making lists and taking your time to look for the best school supplies possible.


As you can see, there are a variety of school supplies out there, but before starting shopping for school supplies, it is better to make a list of all the necessary and unnecessary school supplies for the following years. Take into account everything that can be reused from last year and also what the school teacher also suggested for buying.

It’s important to make this list together with your children so that they can have a saying in the whole process. They also want school supplies that are cool and good-looking, but you should also teach them about comfort, durability, and the ergonomics of them all. A nice-looking schoolbag might not be too comfortable on the shoulders, and there are various other cases.

Choose wisely and choose the best for your child, and may he love school as much he loved his school supplies!

You can enjoy quality time with your little one by reading them bedtime stories, but it gets even better when you lift the flap of a book to reveal beautiful pictures. Lift the flap books are a great learning tool for kids and will help them develop their speech.

These books are usually very interactive and exciting. Most lift the flap books are generally meant for kids around four years, which is a great time to build your child’s imagination, but you can find books that are available for one-year-olds. They can explore the world in pictures while learning new words.

We have compiled a list of lift the flap books in this guide to help you as you groom your little one.

Top 10 Lift the Flap Books

1. A Ladybird Lift-the-flap Book

This amazing lift the flap book allows your toddler to explore the wonderful stories in the lift the flap book. It contains very simple text that is easy to understand, and the beautiful flats and labeled pictures will keep your kid entertained. The pages are enough to keep them busy, and they get to experience stories like watching a movie unfold.

The colors are flattering, and the pictures of the ladybird especially, are loved by every kid that reads this book.

One peculiar thing about ladybirds is that they always know how to tell a good story. They bring in characters that kids are very familiar with, especially from their favorite TV shows. Every fairy tale is unique and allows your kid to explore their imagination.

The ladybird story will be a great read, especially when tucking your kid in bed. They will love the adventure and the amazing fantasy that this book brings.

2. Noah’s Ark (Lift-the-Flap)

The Noah’s ark story of the bible is told to every kid, but no one tells this story better than this book. Lifting the flaps of Noah’s ark story brings the era of Noah to life. Your kids will be captivated by the amazing pictures of the rabbits, zebras, elephants, and every animal that goes into the ark. The Noah’s ark lifts the flap book, provides very interesting illustrations of this amazing story, and is the perfect gift for your little one.

The words are very easy to understand, and the colors are just superb. This amazing book is a must-buy for your kids’ library. It tells the story of Noah in the most incredible way. Michelle Knudsen, a best seller, has written amazing stories for little children.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star is an all-time nursery rhyme that will never be forgotten. You can just see the lovely smile on your kids’ faces when they look at the stars and recite it. It brings back memories of when we were once kids.

This lift the flap book is a sing-along book that allows you to share the best childhood nursery rhymes that will never faze out. The twinkle twinkle little star lifts the flap book is great, especially if you want to develop your kid’s language. You can teach them easily while they flip through the colorful pages to recite those lovely nursery rhymes.

Another amazing feature of this book is the matching game that is included in the last page, which reveals very detailed pictures when matched correctly.

4. Peppa Pig: At the Zoo

This lift the flap book is inspired by the cartoon TV series. All the characters in the book are the same as the cartoon. Peppa Pig is a fun book to buy for your kid. Your kids will be able to follow the story of Peggy as she makes her way to the zoo.

They will discover the different types of animals there, and when they lift the flaps, it makes it easy for them to follow the story. Your kids can explore the zoo and find out what is hidden behind the doors littered around the book.

The Pegga book is more of a fun book and is meant to entertain kids. The animals are not really the typical ones you find in real life but are meant to create humor, just like cartoons. The book allows your child to explore their imagination with interesting characters from the TV show.

5. Roar, Roar, Baby!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book

Roar Roar by Karen Katz is a favorite for kids. If you would love to introduce your little one to incredible zoo animals, this book is for you. You will find interesting animals like Pandas, tigers and many more.

This lift the flap book is very interactive, and your kid will have a lot of fun. The pictures are very bright, and the artistic drawings are so accurate that it would be so easy for your kids to know what these animals really look like. You can teach your kids the names of these animals, and they get to learn a lot while they spend time with you.

6. Princess Colouring Book

Princess Colouring Book is a giant book that contains lots of beautiful pictures of princesses. It would be preferable to get this as a gift for a little girl. Girls love Cinderella and beautiful princesses. The book also contains very interesting ponies, and there is so much to paint. You can get this for your child to introduce them to colors. Your child can enjoy painting for long hours.

The words in this book are very easy to remember and memorize. You can have your child bring life to the pictures drawn in the book. You can use the opportunity to introduce them to different colors. They can learn how to mix colors to bring an incredible image.

7. Where’s Spot? (Spot – Original Lift The Flap)

This book comes with a lot of adventure for your kid. It gives your kid a chance to identify the different types of animals and even find them in hidden places. It comes with a case board that is very portable and which kids normally play with.

The flaps of this book are sturdy and made with good quality. This book can be read to kids that are between the ages of one to five years old. It has 24 pages, and English is very easy to read.

Your kid would need to spot the puppy that is hidden in the book. It is very engaging and fun. It contains playful texts that would make your kid laugh and even while they learn the names of the animals.

8. Hide-and-Seek on the Farm

Hide and seek on the farm allows your kid to follow the life of a regular farmer who has to feed his animals and take care of his farm. Your kid will be able to find interesting objects that are very hidden in the book.

This lift the flap book is very engaging as it not only leaves your child looking at pictures but also engages them to solve puzzles.

The puzzles help to develop their concentration level and make them focus on details. The book even comes with very interesting pictures and will be great for your little one.

9. Look Inside How Things Work

Look inside how things work is one book that will open your kid’s imagination. Thus the book allows your child to explore the world around them. The book contains 70 flaps to be lifted and even has links to websites where they can get information. Your kids’ imagination is tested with this book as they begin to imagine how cars move and how it is possible to fly planes.

The book gives your inquisitive child the chance to answer questions, and the pictures are very captivating. The book will help prepare your kids for the world out there. It is educative and fun for them.

10. It’s Mine

This lift the flap book from Rod Campbell is one of the most sought out children’s books. The book allows your kid to find people in the jungle and even identify different types of animals. The pictures are fascinating and will keep your kid engaged for long hours.

The fact that it engages your kids to find things, make it easy for them to concentrate longer. You will be developing your kids’ ability to focus on things and find solutions to problems.

Its Mine comes with very thick card pages that can easily be lifted even with your kids’ tiny hands.

Buying Guide

Lift the flap books are one of the first books you should buy for your little ones. They are very important resources for developing your children’s language. These books are interactive and will improve your kid’s IQ. Before you go ahead to buy any lift the flap book, here are some of the important things to look out for.


You should have a reason for buying any lift the flap book. You shouldn’t just buy any type of book. You should have a reason or a need you intend to accomplish with these books. For instance, you may decide to teach them about colors or may want them to know about your religion. You should get books that will be able to drive your purpose.


There are different lift the flap books for different kids. You can’t buy a book meant for a four-year-old when you have a two-year-old child.  You should get books that fall within their age bracket. It can be difficult for them to understand books that are meant for older kids.

Quality books


When buying lift the flap books, you need to consider the quality of the book. Kids can be a bit rough, and if the book is made from low-quality material, it will tear easily. You should get books that have flaps that fold back easily. Bad quality lift the flap books will usually not fold easily; also, the pages should be thick and solid.


When considering a lift the flap book, you have to check its design. You may not feel comfortable having a heavy book in your home, especially one that your kid can’t hold. A lighter book will be much preferable, and you should even get books that can easily fit in a backpack if you go for outings.


Children love to read bulky books because they usually contain a lot of stories. The more the stories in the book, the better it is. When you buy books with lots of pages, it will take a while for them to read it before you need to buy another one.


The captivating thing about lift the flap books are the colorful pictures you will find in them. You should look out for books that come with very clear colors when your kid lifts the flap. You can even get lift the flap books that come with match puzzles to keep your little one entertained.


There is no point in getting a book your kid won’t read. You should also look out for very entertaining books. Most people prefer to buy lift the interactive flap books, so kids don’t get bored. When they lift a page, it should be able to capture their attention.


Another thing to consider is your budget. If you don’t have a lot to spend on these types of books, you can buy lift the flap books that fall within your budget. You can get fascinating books at a low price without having to strain your budget. However, you should not compromise quality for the price. You should not buy a low quality lift the flap book because it comes at a very affordable price.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy lift the flap books for your kids.

Identify Colours

If you want your kids to learn about colors, your best bet would be to get a lift the flap books. These books allow them to get familiar with different types of colors and easily point them out whenever they see them in other objects.

Keep Busy

If you need to get things done around the house and you don’t want your kids to turn the house upside down, you can keep them busy with this type of book. Lift the flap books will keep them engaged, and you will barely hear them except when they laugh.


When you read to your kids, it brings them closer to you. You can use this opportunity to get close to them and show them how much you love your kids.


Lift the flap books are very interesting books and most times are full of humor. The rhymes keep your baby happy, and funny pictures can be very entertaining for young children.

Improves concentration and motor skills

These books help to improve your kid’s concentration. They will be able to pay close attention to details and learn a lot. Lift the flap books also improves their reading skills as they get familiar with words written in the books and learn to pronounce them.

Types Of Lift The Flap Books

Bible Stories

There are lift the flap books that will allow you to introduce bible stories to your little ones. These books are meant for Christian folks who want to introduce their kids to learn more about the stories in the bible easily without having to read any complicated texts. It is much easier for kids to read these children’s books because the pictures explain the stories better.

Fiction Books

These fall in the area of fairy tales. They are usually very interesting and contain old folk tales told to little children. Kids love fairy tales like Cinderella’s story, Snow White, and many others. When you buy these for them, it would be so much fun as they get to see the attractive pictures of princesses. Some lift the flap books even allow kids to paint these pictures.

Nursery Rhyme

There are lift the flap books that contain nursery rhymes for kids. You can sing along with your little one and, in a way, get them to start reciting new words. The nursery rhymes will improve your child’s imagination. You can prepare your kids even when they are yet to start school. The nursery rhymes help them improve their speech and pronounce words more fluently.

Colour Books

You can also get lift the flap color books for your kid. These books are designed to introduce them to colors. They can learn how to match different colors and even develop artistic skills. When your kid sees a green color, they can easily identify it as they learn with this type of interactive books.

Counting Books

There are also lift the flap books that are designed to improve your children’s knowledge of maths. They can learn how to count numbers and recognize numbers. Lift the flap books are educational, and within a short time, you can teach them so much.


1. How can I start reading to my little one?

You can start reading to your kid, even at a tender age, when you bring them home. You can start by singing to them, especially rhymes, so they get familiar with the sound. Gradually as they grow older, they can begin to recite the words with you. Reading gives you and your little one a chance to bond.

You should read as often as you can every day to your kid, so they get used to it.

2. How many times should kids read lift the flap books?

You can have your little one reading these types of books every day, especially when they get back from school. Lift the flap books are very interesting, and it is not surprising if your kid comes home every day to read their book. Some parents prevent their kids from getting attached to these books because they are afraid their kids won’t be able to learn other words, but this is not true.

3. When do I buy my kid’s first lift the flap book?

You can introduce your little one to these interesting books as early as two years. Though there are even lift the flap books made for babies that are one year old. You should start reading to your kids very early instead of waiting until they are four years old.

4. What type of lift the flap book should I buy?

You should buy a book that falls within the age of your little one and one that they can easily read. You shouldn’t buy a book because you saw a friend get one for their kid but instead buy books that would teach your kid what you want them to learn.

5. When do I stop my kids from reading lift the flap books?

There is no particular time to stop any kid from reading books. The books are usually designed for different ages, and most times, your kids will simply drop the books when they get tired of reading the stories over and over again. You don’t really need to do anything to stop them from reading lift the flap books. It is something they do on their own when they grow older.

6. Should I supervise my kids when reading lift the flap books?

You should not worry about your kids when they are reading children’s stories. If you buy a book that falls within their age bracket, it would not be difficult for them to read it. It is only toddlers that will need assistance when reading lift the flap books. If you don’t supervise them, they may end up ripping off the pages of the books.


It is a great idea to buy lift the flap books for your little ones. You can get them learning at the earliest stage of their lives and improve their speech as they grow older. There are so many benefits of buying lift the flap books, but the most important part of it all is the time you get to spend with your kid.

You can teach your child a lot from these books and possibly end up raising a genius. Lift the flap books will help prepare your kid even before they start attending school. You can get any of the books mentioned on this list to start reading them.

Every child grows up with toys. There are so many different types and designs of toys that flood the market every time. It all depends on what kids fancy. Toy guns are a favorite amongst kids, especially if you have boys. You will see them in different roles like the popular cowboys, or star wars character, or even Indiana Jones.

Some parents feel reluctant about buying toy guns, but they don’t know what they are missing out on. It is fun when you watch your kids running around with their water guns and then playing hide and seek. You can even join them to have a family bonding time with your kids.

There are so many designs that it is almost impossible to decide which one to buy eventually. That is the reason why you will find this guide most helpful.

Top 10 Baby Toy Guns

1. NERF 31-Piece Alpha Strike Mission

Nerf is an amazing brand when it comes to toy guns for kids, and it is number one on our top list. The Nerf Alpha Strike blaster brings a lot of action for your kids. Most importantly, it is effortless to use even for first-timers.

The Nerf toy comes with a 31 piece mission pack that includes four blasters, 25 darts, and two half-targets that your kids can practice with. They can even compete in the Nerf games.

The toy gun can be loaded easily in three steps, and the darts which have proven to be quality is made from a constructed foam material that is very flexible. The tips of the darts have very hollow tips, which makes it very safe for your kids.

You don’t need any batteries to operate it and would be great for kids that are eight years old and older.

2. Plutofit Captain America Civil War Like Blaster Reveal Shield

Every kid knows who Captain America is, and they love his strength. What makes him unique though, is his indestructible shield. When your kid sees the Plutofit Captain America blaster, they imagine what it’s like to be a real-life Captain America. This unique blaster has a reveal shield that comes with two launching projectiles that shoot out the six darts.

With this plutofit toy gun, your kid can act out their role as a superhero while playing indoors. The toy gun is very safe and unique, unlike other types of toy guns. Its unique design is what fascinates kids.

The Captain America shield design blaster can easily be operated. It has a push start button that reveals the shield. The toy gun comes with six darts and is very safe for your kid.

3. Shanbuyers Play Gun

The Shanbuyers toy guns are very affordable, and your kid will get so much from this product that you can hardly find in other toy guns. The gun can be operated by simply loading the soft bullets, then pressing down the lever, and then fire.

The Shanbuyers toy gun comes with other fun accessories that your kid will enjoy playing with. It comes with binoculars and even handcuffs, which they can use for a cop play role.

The toy gun has a long shooting range of up to 45ft and is completely safe for kids. The plastic material is eco-friendly, and the smooth suction darts are safe even if they accidentally hit a wrong target.

The toy gun comes with up to 6 soft foam bullets and does not require any battery. It is durable, and your kids will be able to play with their toy for a long time.

4. Toiing Blastoi Super Fun Exciting Air Popper Toy Gun

The Toiing Blastoi is a fun toy gun that is completely air powered. If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for your kid, the Blastoi toy gun is one of the best you can get for your kid. The Toiing Blastoi toy gun is an original Indian product. It is fun and allows your kid to tap into their imagination.

The toy gun comes with 12 soft foam bullets that are entirely safe to use both indoors and outside. You can load the soft bullets through the mouth of the gun. The gun uses air power when you pull the handle of the gun forward and backward; it would create enough pressure to shoot the softball. When you pull the handle further, it will extend the shooting range of the ball.

5. Zest 4 Toyz Premium Blaze Storm Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Zest 4 Toyz is a toy gun that comes with foam bullets and suction darts. It is very safe, and your kids will have fun with it during their playtime. The  Zest 4 Toyz gun is very easy to use, and you can load its five soft bullets in the front muzzle of the toy gun. It takes just three easy steps to shoot at a target. This toy gun is excellent for kids that are up to 4 years old.

When you buy this toy gun set, you will find 20 soft bullets in it, which comprises ten soft bullets and ten suction darts.

Its simple process involves pressing the lever back, pulling the trigger and firing. The toy gun fires one soft bullet at a time. It also has a long shooting range, which is up to 60ft and does not require any batteries.

6. Nerf Accustrike Mega Bulldog Blaster

The Nerf AccuStrike Mega Bulldog blaster is among the AccuStrike series from this brand. This toy gun allows you to load three darts in its front blaster, and when you pull back the handle, it shoots one dart. The Nerf AccuStrike is one toy gun that you should definitely buy for your kids, especially for boys.

It has features that allow your kids to easily aim at their targets and is extremely fun watching them play with it. This gun is also compatible with nerf mega darts

The toy gun comes with 6 Nerf Mega Darts, and you can easily change modes in one fast step. The toy gun has a storage unit that holds up to three darts for quick action.

7. FunBlast Blaze Rotating Point Storm Gun Toys

FunBlast is a popular toy gun brand that is known for making toys that help to develop the imagination of kids and allows them to think. It is fun and, at the same time, engaging. The FunBlast Blaze Rotating toy gun is designed with soft bullets.

The soft bullets, which are 20 in number, are very safe for kids. The toy gun has a long shooting range, and the gun is very easy to operate. All you need to do is simply press the down the lever and aim at your target.

The toy gun is designed with a 3 mode rotating point storm, and the pack comes with ten pieces of soft data. It also has ten pieces of suction cup darts. The gun has exciting sounds and flashy lights that kids love.

The FunBlast toy gun is made of a foldable foam material that is quality and durable.

8. Sunshine Elegant Strike Gun Toy

Sunshine Elegant Strike toy gun comes with an interesting design. It has music and lights that add more to the fun for kids. The toy gun is made from a very good quality ABS plastic. When your kid presses the trigger, it will spin around the 3D lights that look like snowflakes and play music to fascinate kids.

The Sunshine toy gun uses 3 AA size batteries, which you will need to purchase to operate it. The gun will engage your kids for long hours and is completely safe.

There is no way any kid will not be attracted to its light and music. The toy gun itself even comes in very bright colors that will interest your kids. The Sunshine toy gun is a great idea for a birthday gift for kids.

9. Buzz Bee Air Warrior Phoenix

One of the easy to load toy guns you can find today in the toy market is the Buzz Bee Air Warriors your gun. This gun has a very bright and attractive colour that kids would easily fall in love with. The toy gun not only allows your kids to have fun but also improves their motor skills. It works on their hand-eye coordination and, in turn, helps them concentrate easily.

The Buzz Bee toy gun is up to 26inches long and is packed with four darts. It even has a detachable scope that helps your child focus on a target. The gun has a shoulder stock where you can keep two additional darts for fast reloading.


The Buzz Bee toy gun does not use any batteries, and it can shoot as far as 72ft. When you buy the pack, you will find a detachable scope, a blaster, and the four darts. The flexible darts are made out of foam have hollow tips, which makes it safe. It is ideal for kids that are up to 6 years old and older.

10. Toyshine Foam Blaster Gun Toy

The Toyshine foam blaster is a toy that your kids will love. It comes with soft foam bullets and suction darts that will be able to meet its target. Your kids will be able to operate this toy gun easily without any hassles. The toy gun is able to load up to 4 foam bullets at the same time.

It can be used indoors and is very safe for kids. You can sit back and watch your kids have fun without worrying about them getting hurt.

The Toyshine gun comes with up to 10 soft bullets. It is ideal for kids up to 6 years old and even much older. The toy gun can be used by simply pulling down the lever, pressing the trigger, and firing.

Guide To Buying Toy Guns For Kids

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying toy guns for your children.


Another thing you should consider is the safety of your kids. It is important that you protect your kids and not expose them to any harm when they play. You should make sure that the toy guns come with soft bullets that would not cause any injury when they even play with other kids. You should also get toy guns with very flashy and bright colors, so they don’t confuse it with a real gun.


You should pick toy guns that are comfortable on their hands. There are so many designs when it comes to toy guns, but when a child holds a comfortable one, they will enjoy playing with it. It would also make it more interesting as they can easily operate it when playing with other kids.


It would be a waste of money to buy a toy gun that your kid can’t use because it is heavy. You should buy a toy gun that doesn’t feel too bulky so your kid can be able to lift it easily. They will need to run around with it while carrying about their role play, and it is only with a light toy gun that they can comfortably run around.


Holding a toy gun that doesn’t give a sharp target can be frustrating even for kids. They won’t want to play with a toy gun that won’t accurately shoot at a target. You need to test for accuracy before buying any toy gun.

Bulk Purchase

Instead of getting one gun, why not buy in bulk. If they have other friends coming to join them, it will make it more fun. Also, if one toy gun breaks, you can easily get out another from the pack of toy guns.

Shooting Range

The dart range is also a feature you should look out for before buying toy guns for your kids. If their play area is small, you should get a toy gun with a short-range like one that can only shoot up to 40ft and not more than that.

Loading Difficulty

Younger kids would always want to join their older siblings when playing with toy guns. You should consider that they won’t be able to handle the same type of toy guns with ease. You will need to buy them a toy gun that has he for a dart or softball.


You must consider your kid’s age before buying any type of toy gun. There are different types of guns, and they fall into different age categories. Some are for three years olds while you will find some that are meant for those up to 12 years.

We will recommend that you get toy guns that fall within the age bracket of your child. Most toy guns that are for older kids are a lot more complicated to operate for younger kids and can be a bit dangerous.


Toy guns should not be worth a fortune. You can find a quality toy gun to buy at a very budget-friendly price. Before you go ahead to buy toy guns, you should consider how much you can afford to spend and then buy the ones around that range without stretching your budget. You should know that sometimes more expensive guns are usually more fragile than the low priced toy guns and will last longer.


Toy guns are fun to use when they are paired with other accessories. You can get helmets for safety, or even a bulletproof vest to make your kid feel like a cop. You can even get handcuffs to keep their playtime even more enjoyable. If you want your kids to have a fantastic fun time, you should also include some game accessories for their toy guns.

Safety Precautions When Buying Toy Guns

  • Before you go ahead to buy your kids their favorite toy guns. You need to keep in mind the following safety guidelines.
  • Ensure your kids are supervised while they engage in their gun battles. You must study the guns properly to know the safety risks attached to it before handing them over to your kids. Not all toy guns are safe, so you have to be careful before buying any type of fake gun.
  • You need to caution your kids not to shoot their guns on people’s faces and eyes. The same goes for animals or pets.
  • You need to set out safety rules for your kids when they play with their toy guns so that they don’t have any accidents.
  • It is also vital that you let your kids know how to identify real guns and fake toy guns. They should also know the dangers that come with handling real guns to avoid any accidents.
  • You should be observant when your kids are playing with their toy guns. If they accidentally hit a pet and then they are not remorseful, you should not condone that attitude.

Types of Toy Guns

There are different types of toy guns for kids. You will find toy guns that work with water, softballs, and those that use darts. Toy guns are fun, and no matter what type you get, it would always lighten the mood in the house. When you watch your kids running around, it is difficult to describe the excitement you see on their faces.

If you are not familiar with toy guns, you can learn from this guide about the different types available online. Here are the different kinds of toy guns.

Airsoft Guns

This type of toy guns is usually a bit more dangerous than the common toy guns. They are usually recommended for kids older than 16 years. Airsoft guns usually come with non-lethal plastic pellets.

The 6mm to 8mm plastic pellets can travel as far as 600ft per second. You can’t use them indoors, and you will need to take some safety measures to ensure that your kids are safe when playing. When you buy Airsoft guns, you will need additional accessories like gloves, long sleeve shirts, full pants, and goggles for their safety.

Cap Gun

The cap guns make a lot of noise, and this is what excites most kids. The sound makes it sound very real, and this has caused some concern, especially from authorities, and some countries even make a strict law concerning its production. They usually insist that the cap guns must be made with bright colors so kids can know they are different from real guns.

Cap guns come in different types of caps, and most of the time, the caps look like a plastic round disc. It is completely safe and does not harm kids.

Cowboy Guns

The cowboy guns come in a classic role-play between cowboys and Indians. Now, the cowboys use the toy pistol to aim at the Indians who use bow and arrows to defend themselves. While one uses wood to fire, the other gun makes use of steel and metal.

You can decide to buy any of them for your kids and it is especially fun for boys. The cowboy guns using need an additional accessory like a holster to pull off the cowboy look while he chases his Indian in their toy gun battle.

Water Gun

There are many types of water guns, and a lot of them have a far-shooting range. The water guns are very affordable, and you can use it to keep your kids busy while you focus on other things. The water guns are completely safe and usually a favorite amongst kids.

Toy Dart Guns

You will find most toy guns today using darts. Some can even fire bullets that get far. A lot of kids enjoy this type of toy gun because they can just watch the darts quickly dash out of the gun at a fast speed.

M4 Toy Gun

These toy guns give your kids a military touch. They make a great practice gun for kids with parents in the military who want their kids to be like them. Toy guns can only be used for kids who are up to 12 years old. The gun can be a bit dangerous and would need to be used under supervision.

WW2 Guns

Now, this toy gun is quite educational and lets your kids know what happened during World war 2. The design usually comes with a brown plastic handle that has a striking resemblance to real wood.

Swat Guns

This type of toy guns is another role-playing toy for kids who like to play around like cops running after robbers. They are  a favorite for young boys.

Uzi Toy Gun

The Uzi toy gun is associated with the Rambo movie, where it was used. The gun sprays or blasts anything that is around its range.

Laser Gun Toy

The laser toy guns have a great visual effect, especially when used at night. It is recommended for kids that are 13 years and older because it can be a bit dangerous. Kids are warned not to aim the laser toy guns directly on eyes because of the strength of the light that can inflict injury.


1. Do toy guns make your kids violent?

Playing with toy guns has a lot of benefits for kids. One of which is that it develops them physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you allow your kids to use toy guns, you teach them how to control their impulses, and one can say it is very educational. With the right guidance, they will be able to learn what is good and to avoid the bad things.

2. What benefits can kids get from using toy guns?

A lot of parents find it difficult to accept the idea of toy guns because they are unaware of the benefits. If you are contemplating whether to buy one, you should know that toy guns help to develop your kids. It improves their creativity and imagination. It also helps them concentrate better. Toy guns are known to aid motor skills and also work to keep your kids fit.

3. Why do toy guns have orange tips?

You will find that most toy guns come with orange tips. The reason for this is to help kids identify toy guns from real guns. The toy guns are usually brightly colored.


If we were to recommend a toy gun for your kid, we would pick our top choice, the Nerf 31 Piece toy gun. However, all the guns mentioned in this buying guide are great and very safe for kids. When you buy them, you will be giving your kids the best fun time ever.

You must follow the age guide when buying toy guns so you don’t end up with a toy gun that your kid can’t use. Now that you know the impact and benefits a toy gun can have on your kid, you should not have any fears getting one for them.

Cycles can give boys an amount of joy that no other toy or machine could dream of giving them.  There is a period in a boy’s life where all he wants to do is ride his bike everywhere humanly possible and explore his surroundings.  Is your child at that age? Even if he isn’t, bicycles can provide your child with the entertainment and exercise that he needs so that he can focus on the more essential things in life later on in the day.

Selecting the perfect bike for your precious boy can be a daunting task.  We have tried to make it a little easier by evaluating some of the most popular, high quality, and fast-moving products to facilitate your decision-making process.  We hope you find a cycle that your boy will fall in love with!

10 Best Cycles for Boys

1. Hero Next 24T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

This sporty mountain bike by Hero has a futuristic design and comes in a red and black color scheme.  It has a 24″ wheel height and a frame height of 17″. It has been recommended for use by kids aged 9 to 11 years within a height range of 4′ 2″ and 4′ 9″.  The shock absorption system for the rear wheel is impressive as it is designed to go almost sideways rather than from top to bottom.  The shocks for the front wheel are more conventional. The gear system comes with 18 speeds that facilitate riding in smooth as well as rough terrain.

This incredible machine also comes with front and rear reflectors to make night-riding just a little bit safer.  The V-brake system for both front and back tires ensures that you are in control no matter how fast you are riding your bike.  The front and back mudguards are adjusted to make sure that the rider is protected from water and mud careening out of the tires.  It’s advanced packaging also allows for it to come a little bit more assembled than other mail-order bikes at 85%, requiring only simple assembly before your boy starts to ride his new bike.




2. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Bicycle for Kids

This solid cycle for boys by R for Rabbit comes in a yellow and black color scheme.  It comes with a wheel height of 16″ and is recommended for children aged 4 to 7 years.  The manufacturers have produced this smooth machine to ISO 8098 safety standards that ensure that your precious boy is as safe as possible while learning to ride his bike.  The two sturdy but unobtrusive training wheels that come with the bike are detachable for when your child has a better balance.

The rear braking system uses disk brakes to provide a smoother stopping system for your child’s bike compared to conventional brake systems.  High-quality rubber tires ensure that the bike has great traction on the surface that it is ridden. While the frame of the bike is robust, it is made from magnesium alloy, making it light and easy to carry.  The bike can be adjusted to accommodate a difference of 8cm in height to help the product grow with your child. This boys’ cycle comes 95% assembled, which means that you only need to go through a 3-step process to finish the assembly.




3. Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle

Another winning design by Hero, this boys’ cycle, comes in a green and black color scheme.  The wheel height of this cycle is 20,” and the frame height stands at 15 inches. It is recommended for children aged 7 to 9 years that are within a height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″.  The style of the bike leans towards being more sporty and off-road, but it could definitely go pretty fast on flat terrain. This bike also has a unique horizontal shock absorption system for the back while having a more conventional style for the front.  It also has adjustable mudguards and a saddle.

The 6-speed gear system allows the bike to be adjusted from hilly to flat surfaces to facilitate riding.  The steady front and rear caliper braking system will keep your boy safe even if he forgets to maintain more sane speeds on his new bike.  It also comes with front and rear reflectors to ensure that night-time riding is safer for your child. The product comes 85% assembled, which means that only assembly of the final parts is required for your impatient kid to start riding his bike.




4. Hero Flake 20T 6 Speed Cycle

This high-quality boys’ cycle by Hero is comparable to its Sprint 20T though there are some considerable changes to its design.  Coming in a yellow and black color scheme, its wheel height stands at 20″ and its frame at 13.7″. This machine is recommended for children aged 7 to 9 years that are within a height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″.  While having the same 6-speeds as the Sprint 20T, this cycle comes without mudguards, aiming it more towards trick riding, though it would perform almost as well in rocky terrain. It has anti-skid pedals and a comfy seat to enhance performance.

The rear suspension has a horizontal design while the front wheel has a vertical one like most Hero bikes do for this category, providing dual suspension.  The V-brake system is also different from the caliper brake system used by the Speed 20T, suited for sharp stops and turns. This cycle also doesn’t come with any reflectors, which tell us again that the manufacturers of this product meant for it to be used in the day-time during fair weather for competitive trick riding.  Just as with other Hero products, it comes 85% assembled needing you only to finish it off before your child gets to ride it.




5. MAD MAXX Humber 20T Steel Single Speed Road Kids Cycle

This versatile boys’ cycle comes in a blue and black Mad Maxx color scheme that is sure to impress your young daredevil.  The wheel height of this bike stands at 20″ with a sufficiently high frame height. This machine is recommended for children between the ages of 7 and 10 years that have a height range of 4.2″ to 4. 9″.

The bike has been beautifully designed to give an adult feel with retro close-fitting mudguards and an angular chain guard.  It also comes with two training wheels that will provide wide support for your child as he learns how to balance on his new bike.

The adjustable cushioned saddle has been reinforced with a plastic shell to ensure durability.  A quick-release function has also been built-in to the saddle to help make speedy adjustments. The tires are tubeless, which will come in handy during maintenance or patching it up as the case may be.

Just as with the Hero bikes, this product comes 85% assembled, which means that you will be able to get it up and running in no time at all.  It is also very comfortably priced, which makes it a wise choice for a budget-conscious parent.




6. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids’ Bike

This single-speed bike by Hero has been more conservatively designed and comes with a mostly black and yellow color scheme.  The wheel height stands at 20,” and the frame size is 12″ for this cycle. It has been recommended for kids between the ages of 9 and 12 that fall into the height range of 3′ 10″ to 4′ 6″, unlike most bikes with this wheel size.  It comes with front and rear reflectors to facilitate riding in environments with reduced lighting. The well-proportioned mudguards and chain-guard fit well into the overall design of the bike, giving it a sleek look.

The caliper rear brake system has been designed for smooth stops, making for a much more comfortable ride.  The wheels are wide and deep, providing some suspension for the rider while giving him much more traction. The product is delivered in a semi-assembled state with an 85% assembly.  You will need to do some minor assembly to make it ride-worthy. This cycle is an excellent investment for parents looking to tide their children over until he gets an adult bike.




7. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle

This cute little bike by Speed Bird has a lot of frills and has been designed using a blue-heavy color scheme.  The wheel height of the bike is 14,” making it great for use by children aged 3 to 6. It comes with a handy basket in front of your child to carry his toys in.  The main seat comes with a backrest that will support good posture. An additional seat has been provided behind the main seat so that one of your tyke’s friends can be given a ride as well!

It has a fully-functioning brake system so that your boy will be able to stop the cycle safely.  The plastic wheels and molded rims have been made from high-quality plastic and metal for durability.  The sturdy detachable training wheels will give your child the support needed for him to learn how to balance on a moving bike.  The mig-welded steel frame is durable, and the raised handlebar has soft grips to make riding a breeze. The comprehensive chain cover and anti-skid pedals make riding this little bicycle almost risk-free!




8. Hero Freak 14T Single Speed Cycle

from the bike itself when your child is better at balance and needs additional maneuverability.

This cycle also comes with caliper brakes, which are ideal for bikes of this type and are easy to use.  The chain cover has been designed to ensure that your child remains safe even while putting this bike through the ringer.  The tubeless non-skid tires that come with the bike give a steady surface grip for your child. This product comes 85% assembled, which means that only a bit of additional assembly is required before your tyke gets to ride it.  It has also been competitively priced for parents that are looking to give their child a unique experience without breaking the budget.


9. Kingston Kids 14-inch Kids Cycle

This boys’ bike by Kingston has one of the most stylish designs for this age range.  The wheel height is 14,” and it has been recommended for use with children within the age range of 3 to 5 years.  It comes with a handy basket in front that will allow your little boy to put all kinds of games inside it for transport.  The handlebars have padding on it to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt even if he’s in a crash. A water bottle that is attached to the rear mudguard complements the sporty look the designers of this bike were going for.

It also comes with a caliper brake system for both the front and rear tires that will aid your child greatly in controlling the bike.  The tubeless tires have been made using high-quality material for durability and longevity. The deep grooves on the detachable training wheels of this bike help give it added traction.  The saddle has been designed to be soft with extra cushioning, and it is height adjustable. The assembly of the bike will have to be finished after it arrives as it is delivered semi-assembled.  This is a fantastic starter bike for your boy, and it comes at a reasonable price.




10. Maskman 14T Single Speed Kids Cycles

This bike by Maskman has also been designed to give a sporty look.  The wheel height of this boys’ cycle stands at 14″ and is recommended for use with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.  It is also suited for children within the height range of 3′ and 3′ 6″. There is a lovely little basket in front so that your child can get hours of entertainment transporting goods between places.

It also has a water bottle fitted to the rear mudguard in case your little tyke gets thirsty!  The heavy-duty metal frame has the ability to be adjusted to up to 10 cm so that the product grows with the child.

The backrest that comes with the seat allows for your child to be seated comfortably while he goes on his adventures.  The training wheels on the bike are there to help your child get used to balancing on and riding a two-wheeled vehicle.  They can be detached for your child to make tighter turns as his riding skills progress. The product will be delivered to you in a 70% assembled state, which means that the rest of the assembly will have to be completed by you.  This is the most competitively priced bicycle for boys’ that we have reviewed, and it gives a tremendous amount of bang for the buck.




Buying Guide

Tyre Size

The overall size of your child’s bike will be determined mostly by the size of the cycle’s tire.  While the smallest bikes will have tire-sizes as small as 12″ in height, the bigger ones will go up to 26″ in height.  This feature of your boy’s bike will also determine how far his leg has to travel to reach the ground when the bike stops moving.

Selecting a cycle with the correct tire size is one of the most critical aspects of cycle-shopping for your boy.  If you choose a bike that has a tire size that is too big for him, then he might get frustrated trying to ride the bike.  Conversely, if you select a tire size that is too small or just right for him, he will quickly outgrow this bike, and you will have to make another costly purchase shortly.

Chain Guard

Safety is always the biggest concern a parent has when selecting a cycle for him/her boy.  The bicycle chain has the most significant potential to hurt your child if not properly enclosed. Almost all manufacturers ensure that their bikes for kids have chain guards that are well designed.

This is to ensure that the chain will never come in contact with your child’s body while the bike is being ridden.  Try to buy a cycle that has a sturdy and durable chain guard that will last the lifetime of the bike. This will ensure that your child is as safe as possible while riding it.

Bicycle Frame

The frame of your boy’s bicycle needs to be steady, firm, and durable.  Unlike in the case of choosing the right type of frame for girls, where the correct shape of the front pole plays an important role, it is different for boys.  Boys generally tend to push their toys and possessions to their extreme limits, and a machine he will surely test the limits of is his bike.

A bicycle frame that is badly designed or poorly made will not last the endurance and shock tests your boy will put through it.  Choose a cycle with a frame that will maintain its integrity while falling into potholes at great speeds or being jumped over crevices.


Some bicycles for boys come with shocks.  These might be only in the front in some, but in others, they are on both the front and the back.  These units are especially important if your child is going to ride the bike in rocky or mountainous terrain.

The shock-absorbers help spread the force inflicted on the bike when it lands on the ground over some time, allowing the user to adjust his balance.  They also spread the stress exerted on the frame of the bike over a period of time, allowing for greater durability. If your child is going to use his bike on rough surfaces, getting a cycle with shocks might be the correct decision for you.


There is generally a period of time in a boy’s life where his worth will be determined by the look and feel of his bike.  Bikes with the right styles for the mudguard, shocks, frame, and tires will get the most street cred. The right sort of cool coloring also helps.

Make sure the cycle you purchase for your child fits his tastes as it will have a large part in determining the quality of his life for the next few years.  However, try also to ensure that the cycle you buy for your child doesn’t have odds and ends that might break off easily because the bike will have rough use in its future.

Cycle Seat

The comfort of the user of a cycle is determined the most by its seat.  The amount of padding on it will determine how sore your boy’s butt is after putting his bike through the wringer.  The shape of the seat will also determine whether your boy’s extremities are crushed during a crash or whether they are protected.  It is important to make sure that the whole seating structure is designed to protect his private parts while he tries his best to push his machine to its limits.  Some cycle seats have a backrest designed into them. These seats are great if your boy plans on taking long rides on comfortable terrain on his bike.

Training Wheels

If your boy is just learning how to ride a bike, he will definitely need a cycle with training wheels.  There is also the option of buying a bike that has the ability to have training wheels fixed onto it. You can then purchase training wheels separately and fit them onto the bike.  Training wheels provide the quintessential aid needed for your child while he is learning how to balance on two wheels while pushing on the pedals. After your child is ready to graduate to a purely two-wheeled machine, you can take the training wheels off to give him more maneuverability.  Make sure the training wheels on the cycle are ones that are well-made, steady, and durable as they will definitely take a beating while your child is learning how to ride his bike.


If you are buying a cycle for a smaller boy, make sure that it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles that are going to be short-lived.  These odds and ends will surely be broken off in a few months as the bike is dropped, crushed, scraped, and thrown about as your child learns proper balance and hand-eye coordination.  Another thing to look for is steady and durable mudguards. Some cycles only have flimsy mudguards that will be bent out of shape or fully dysfunctional after a few accidents.

Types of Cycles for Boys

Boys’ Cycles with Training Wheels

These cycles are aimed at boys aged 3 to 6 years old.  Their structures and parts are designed to be as safe as possible for a child learning to balance himself on two wheels while being propelled forward.  The main feature of this type of bicycle is, of course, the training wheels. They provide the much-needed side-supports for maintaining balance for children learning to ride.  Generally, these wheels can be removed as your child gets better at balance.

Boys’ Cycles for Adolescents

These cycles are a bit bigger than the ones designed for kids just learning how to ride their bikes.  The bikes in this category are designed for children aged 6 to 12 years of age.  They have fully developed brakes as the kids using them are going much faster. The styles of the bikes have features borrowed from their counterparts that are designed for teenagers and adults while retaining some features in bikes meant for a younger demographic.

Boys’ Cycles for Teenagers

Generally, these bikes have fully-sized wheels at 26″, though some are a couple of inches shorter in height.  These bikes are designed for children above the age of 12 and will last them well into their adulthood if properly maintained.  The frames of these bikes are generally designed to support adult weights. The styling for these bikes has been done with coloring and add-ons that are not present in most adult bikes as they are meant to attract teenagers.

Mountain Bikes

The main features of this type of bike are the thicker frames and wheels.  The frames are designed to withstand the shocks of an uneven riding surface.  The tires are thicker and have deeper grips to hold on to and provide traction on surfaces that don’t provide as much friction.  Some of these bikes also have shock absorbers to make the ride more comfortable while cushioning the shocks to the frame from rough riding.

BMX and Sports Bikes

These bikes have been designed for tricks and choreography.  They generally have smaller wheels for quicker turns and sleek frames.  They are also designed with extreme durability in mind. Most manufacturers stress-test these kinds of bikes to ensure that high falls don’t break or bend any parts.  Some also have protrusions from their fore and rear wheels for trick riding.

Safety Tips

Proper Safety Gear

Make sure that your boy is wearing all the standard safety gear while riding his bike.  This should include a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. If your child is below the age of 12, make sure that he does not wear shoes with shoelaces.  Additionally, the shoes he wears should have proper grips so that the shoes stick to the pedals.

Pre-Ride Checkups

The tires of the bike need to be checked to ensure that the recommended pressure as per the manufacturer’s instructions is maintained.  If the treads are worn out, the tires need to be replaced to maintain proper traction on the surface. The chain and gears of the child’s bike need to be checked to ensure that the machinery is fitted properly with the right amount of looseness.  To ensure that your child is always able to stop the bike, the brake system should also be checked on a regular basis for worn-out brake pads or loose brake-wires.


Your boy’s bike should be regularly cleaned to ensure longevity and efficiency.  Mud and silt that remains on the bike’s frame for prolonged periods will increase the rate of corrosion and in-effect reduce the longevity of your child’s bike.  Any twigs, leaves, or debris that gets attached to any part of the braking system will reduce the efficiency of the brakes and provide a road hazard.

Size and Height Adjustments

The seat and handlebars of the bike can generally be adjusted to fit your child.  The seat’s angle can also be adjusted to provide the most amount of comfort possible for your boy.  All these adjustments, if done correctly, will provide the best ergonomic environment possible for your child while he is riding his bike.


1. How do you choose a child’s first bike?

This would depend on how old your child was.  For smaller children, up to the age of 6, a bike with 14-inch tires and training wheels would be suitable.  For bigger kids, cycles with 16″ to 20″ tire sizes and training wheels would be more suitable.

2. At what age should I buy my child a bike?

Most two-wheeled cycles are recommended for use only with children above the age of 3.  However, if you have a child below that age that is especially skilled in hand-eye coordination and has exceptional balance, you are free to allow him to ride a bicycle.  Just make sure that you are present and attentive while he is doing so.

3. Are balance bikes better than training wheels?

Balance bikes have some advantages, such as allowing toddlers to learn faster as they don’t become too dependent on training wheels.  However, if you buy a balance bike, you will have to buy another bicycle for your child to ride that has pedals for propulsion. The advantage of buying a cycle with training wheels is that when your child learns to balance on the bike, you can just remove the training wheels without needing additional expenditure.

4. Are there boys’ cycles light enough to be carried?

As the sizes of cycles for boys vary widely, so do their weights.  They generally fall into the range of 7kg to 25kg. Please make sure that the weight of the bicycle is suitable for your child before purchase, as he will definitely need to carry or move the cycle at some point when using it.

5. What kind of tires are better, ones with tubes or ones that are tubeless?

Almost all cycles that are in the marketplace today are tubeless.  We are, of course, talking about rubber tires, though plastic ones are undoubtedly tubeless as well.  Tubeless tires are much easier to patch, and they make general maintenance easier, so we recommend buying a cycle for your boy with this type of tire.


There is an incredible amount of variety in the cycles that have been designed for boys.  It all depends on how old your child is and what he is going to use his bicycle for. Think about how you want your child using his new vehicle and get him involved in the decision-making process.  The right choice has the potential to make for a very grateful boy that is willing to study harder to use his cycle more!

We hope that our buying guide will help you choose the perfect cycle for your child.  Please make a note of the safety tips to ensure that your excited child keeps out of harm’s way while riding his bicycle.  Good luck with your purchase, and we hope your precious boy has the time of his life on his new bike!

What is the level of your daughter’s bike riding skills?  Is your child an expert or just getting to know the wonders a two-wheeled self-propelled machine can bring her?  It can be quite daunting to choose a cycle that suits your child perfectly, so we have compiled a list of the most important aspects to look for when buying a cycle for your little girl.

We then went on to review some of the most exciting, popular, and high-quality girls’ bikes to make it a little easier for you to make a decision. We hope you find a cycle to purchase for your daughter that will bring her many hours of joy to ride!

10 Best Cycles for Girls

1. BSA Lady Bird Shine Version 26T

This bicycle has a gorgeous pinkish-purple color scheme and an extremely stylish frame but comes with a hefty price tag.  It is a fully-sized cycle with wheels and a frame standing at 26″ and 18″ respectively, and can be used by kids above the age of 12.

It also has a basket in the front and a stand at the back to strap a new basket onto. The frame is a low step-through design that allows a girl to easily step over the mid-part of the frame to mount the bike.

A kickstand has been included in the package to ensure that the bike can remain erect by itself wherever it is parked.  The high-quality caliper brakes of this bike are designed with a PVC lever for extra reliability. Reflectors on the wheels increase the safety of the user during night-time riding.  The bike is shipped in a fully disassembled form and has to be assembled with the help of a competent mechanic. This gorgeous cycle is sure to be one of your daughter’s favorite possessions.

2. Avon Sherry 26T

This beautiful girls’ bike with a pink and black color scheme has a lovely curvy design that complements its elegant fixtures.  The wheels have a white stripe closer to the rim, which gives it a retro feel. It is also a full-sized bike with a wheel-height of 26″ and a frame height 18″ and is to be used by kids above the age of 12.  It has a fully-functional basket in the front and a stand at the back to strap anything that needs transporting onto.

The high-quality caliper brakes come with aluminum alloy levers.  It also has a plastic dress guard to prevent any unsightly stains due to corrosion.  The reflectors on its wheels ensure that night-time riding is risk-free. It is a single-speed cycle with rigid suspension and meant to be ridden on paved or grainy surfaces.  The pedals are designed to give additional grip to the user.

3. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle

This elegant girls’ bike has a few design features that add a sporty feel to its almost-retro contours.  It has a light pink and purple coloring with pink stripes on the tires near the rims. The bike has full-sized wheels at 26″ and a slightly lower frame size of 16.5″.  It is recommended for use by kids with heights of 5′ 4″ to 5′ 10″ and above the age of 12. There is a basket in the front and a handy stand in the back. The seat has springs to cushion the ride of the user.

This girls’ cycle comes with single-speed gears and a rigid suspension.  There are reflectors on both of the front and back wheels to make night-time riding more secure.  The chain and rear dress guards have similar designs and are made of plastic to be corrosion-resistant.  This bike is a highly rated and popular cycle for girls that your kid is sure to fall in love with.

4. Vaux Bicycle for Kids- Vaux Pearl Lady 20T

This unique bike has a very interesting green and pink color scheme and comes with a step-through frame design.  The stand at the back allows for any goods that need transporting, such as a bag to be securely attached to.  A side-stand allows for the bike to remain upright by itself when it is parked.  The wheel height is 20,” and the frame stands at 13″, making this bike suitable for children above the age of 6 and within a height range of 3’11” and 4′ 3″.
It comes with reflectors on both its wheels as well as in the front/back for safe night-time riding.  The wheels are substantially thicker for better road grip. The argon-welded frame protects against oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen that generally result in porosity and welt splatter.  The alloy wheels are designed to slow down tire wear-out and prevent rust and corrosion. This new design is sure to be a favorite among young girls.

5. BSA Cycles Champ Disney Princess 20

This pink and purple colored girls’ cycle has been branded with Disney princess pictures over its cleverly designed frame.  It has two sporty mudguards in the front and the back and comes with a handy basket in front.  The chain-guard that comes with the bike covers the whole mechanism securely.  Coming with 20″ wheels and an 11″ frame, it has been designed for children aged 6-11.  It also comes with sturdy detachable training wheels to help your child learn how to ride a bicycle without too many scrapes and scratches.

It also comes with a suitably colored bottle and a bottle stand that is attached to the handlebars.  The frames also have step-through designing, which allows for easy mounting and dismounting for your child.  The wheels of the bike are extra thick to facilitate a novice to balance on two wheels while riding. The cushioning of the seat has been done to provide the maximum support possible for your child.  The attractive design and safety features of this bike are making it a favorite among parents and kids alike.

6. Speedbird 14-T Robust Double Seat Kid Bicycle

This cute little pink themed girls’ cycle has been designed with a lot of bells and whistles to wow your child.  It has a wheel-height of 14″ and a frame design that allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The cycle is appropriate for children aged 3 to 6.

A basket in the front of the cycle gives your little tyke the ability to transport her drink or snack around the house as she explores. There is an additional seat behind the main seat so that a friend can ride with her.  There is also a backrest to support proper posture as she learns how to ride the bike.

It also comes with an effective brake system similar to counterparts designed for older children.  The tires are made from durable plastic. The cycle, of course, comes with sturdy training wheels to help your tyke learn the ropes of riding a bike.  Both seats have extra cushioning for a comfy ride for both your child as well as her friend.

The chain cover has been designed to ensure that there is no possibility of your child getting into the chain/gear system without it being dismantled first.  This is a great bike for children just learning to ride a bike.

7. Global Bikes Barbie 14T Kids Bicycle for Boys and Girls

This lovely little pink and purple girls’ cycle has all the frills that are needed to keep the attention of your little girl.  It comes at a wheel height of 14″ and is recommended for use by children of ages 2 to 5. There is a basket in front that little girls love to put their little things in for transport.  The main seat of the bike has a backrest to help improve the posture of your child as she learns how to ride the bike. There is an additional fully functional seat with a backrest behind the main seat so that your child’s friend can hitch a ride as well.

The cycle comes with an effective V brake system.  The bicycle frame has been designed to be rust and corruption proof and to function without the need of a set maintenance cycle.  As it is designed for children that are just starting to learn how to ride their bikes, it comes with two durable and sturdy training wheels.  They can be easily detached when your child gets better at balancing on two wheels.

8. Hero Brat 16T Single Speed Cycle

This cycle has been color-coded to appeal to the tomboyish side of your girl, with an interesting blue and pink scheme. Coming with a wheel height of 16″ and a frame height of 11.4″, the bicycle is suitable for a slightly narrow age range of 5 to 6 years.  It has been recommended for use by kids of heights ranging from 3′ 8″ to 4′ by its manufacturer. It has a cute red and yellow basket in front and a stable stand at the back. The frame is sturdy and thick for stability, with very thorough coverage of the gears and chain through a plastic chain guard.

The wheels of this bike are made from durable plastic.  It comes with sturdy training wheels to help your tyke get used to balancing herself on two wheels.  These wheels are detachable for when your child is a little more proficient at riding and needs a bit more maneuverability.  The caliper brake system makes sure that your child is safe when she is riding a little faster.

9. Maskman 14T BMX Single Speed Bicycle for Kids

This cycle is of the sportiest designs available for girls in this category.  It has a pink, red, and black color scheme and styled from its mudguard to its handlebars to give it a sporty look.  With a wheel height of 14″ and a low-riding frame, it is suitable for kids aged 3 to 6. The bike is recommended for use by children with a height range of 3″ to 3. 6″.  It comes with a colorful pink and white basket in front and a sporty black bottle and bottle holder in the back.

The bright pink petals have been molded to prevent skidding against your child’s feet.  The high backrest and secure chain cover keep your child safe during her sporty escapades on this bike.  Two sturdy detachable training wheels come with the bike. The wheel-type, frame-design, seat, and handlebars stand up to the BMX branding of this bicycle.

10. RAW BICYCLES Sports BMX Single Speed 14T

This pink-schemed girls’ bike has been hello-kitty branded and is sure to delight your little girl.  It comes with 14″ wheels and a low frame and is suitable for children of 3 to 5 years of age. It is recommended for use by children within the height range of 3″ to 3.7″ by the manufacturers.  The frame has been made from high-quality steel. The bar has a raised design, and the seat is adjustable up to 3″ from its original position. The main seat of this bike comes with a backrest, and it comes with an additional seat behind it that also comes with a backrest.

This girls’ bike comes with a steady braking system and a basket in front for your kid to carry her things.  The product comes in a semi-assembled state and needs to have further assembly before use. The total weight of the bike is 10kg.  The budget price of the bicycle makes it an attractive buy for parents looking for a cycle with a lot of frills but without the accompanying price tag.

Buying Guide

Tire Size

The height of a cycle can generally be determined by the height of the cycle’s tires.  The smallest tire you can find would probably be close to 12 inches in height, while a full-sized tire would be closer to 26 inches.  The tire height determines how far your child has to extend her leg to reach the ground when the cycle stops.

Selecting a cycle with the right sized tires is probably the most crucial aspect of choosing the right cycle for your daughter.  If you buy a cycle that is too big, your child might get frustrated trying to get used to riding it. Conversely, if the cycle is too small, your child will quickly outgrow it, requiring you to buy another bicycle for her.

Chain Guard

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any parent buying a cycle for his/her daughter.  A part of your child’s cycle that has the potential to cause harm if not properly guarded is the bicycle chain.  Most manufacturers ensure that their kids’ bikes come with durable chain guards that ensure that no part of your child’s body is exposed to the bicycle’s chain.

Try to look for a cycle that has a sturdy and durable chain guard that will last the lifetime of the bicycle to make sure that your child is as safe as possible.

Bicycle Frame

The frame of the bicycle that you buy for your daughter should be shaped to fit her attire.  Cycles designed for boys have a straight pole connecting the seat to the handlebars; ones designed for girls have one that is curved downwards from the handlebars.

This design ensures that your child’s inner garments are not seen as she rides the cycle. This is especially important if your daughter wears frocks or skirts while riding her bike.


One of the more fun features that can come with a girls’ bike is a basket.  Girls under the age of 10 will love this feature because it adds an air of practicality to the bicycle.

Girls that are reaching adolescence or are older will enjoy using this add-on for carrying their books, groceries, or snacks. This is especially useful since girls generally carry handbags when they are traveling.


Kids generally bond with their bicycles to the point where they become parts of their personalities.  Choosing a cycle that fits your daughter’s personality is vital as she will start to identify with this item in the future.  Get your child involved in choosing the design and colors of the cycle to ensure that she will like using it.

It’s also good to keep in mind that the bicycle will need to be cleaned often.  If there are too many gadgets and add-ons to the cycle, it will be quite a time consuming to keep it hygienic and looking new.

Cycle Seat

The seat is the part of the child’s bicycle that will give your child the most comfort (or discomfort!)  Make sure that the bicycle seat is sufficiently padded so that your child’s buttocks and inner thighs are properly cushioned against the bumps on the road.

The shape of the bicycle seat is also essential. Choose a shape that fits the physiology of your child. An unsuitable shape might result in chaffing and irritability for your child’s skin and/or muscles after continuous use.  Some bicycle seats also have back support that might come in handy when your daughter takes a long but leisurely ride on it.

Training Wheels

If your child is new to the world of bicycling, you are sure to need a bicycle that has fitted on training wheels.  Another option is getting a bike that allows you to fix training wheels onto it and buying the training wheels separately.

Training wheels allow your child to get used to being balanced on two wheels without getting nasty bumps and scratches in the process.  After your child gets used to pedaling while seated on her bike, you can take the training wheels off to give her more maneuverability.

Try to choose a bike with training wheels that won’t easily break off or get disfigured. The training wheels are sure to be put through the wringer through crashes and slips in the time it takes for your child to learn how to ride a bike successfully.


It is important to choose a cycle that doesn’t have many odds and ends on it that might break off.  This is especially true for cycles that are meant for smaller kids that are just learning how to ride a bike.

Buying a simpler bike that looks good for longer might be a better option than buying a bike with a lot of bells and whistles that break off during the first month of use.  It is also important to make sure that the mudguards of the bike are durable unless you want your child to be sprayed with mud every time it rains!

Girls’ Cycles with Training Wheels

Generally aimed at children aged 3 to 6, these cycles are built to ensure that your child is safe while learning how to ride a bike.  The parts of these bikes are generally built to cushion falls that your child is sure to take during the training process.

The main feature of this type of cycle would be the training wheels.  They are there to help your daughter learn how to balance herself on the bike while pedaling. These wheels are generally detachable, allowing her more mobility as she gains more confidence in her riding skills.

Girls’ Cycles for Adolescents

While not quite the adult size, these bikes have certain features that adult bikes do.  They might also have features like backrests that cycles aimed at a younger demographic do.

The styling and finish of these bikes are suited for kids aged 6 to adolescence, though your child can continue to use the bike until she outgrows it.

Girls’ Cycles for Teenagers

These bikes are generally the same size as adult cycles, though some may have wheels that are a couple of inches smaller.  They are usually designed to suit children that are above the age of 12.

While retaining femininity, these cycles generally have durable tires and a sturdy frame for longer-range riding.  The seats and handles are also shaped to suit an older age group. The overall designs of these bikes are aimed at faster speeds, including brakes that are suitable for these speeds.

Safety Tips

Proper Safety Gear

Make sure that your child is wearing all the proper types of safety gear while riding her bike.  This includes a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. Wearing thick leg-wear and shoes with grips but without shoelaces are also recommended.

The thick leg-wear is to make sure that your child doesn’t get scratched if she falls while riding. Shoelaces come undone quickly, and children rarely take the time to tie them up properly, so it becomes a safety risk while riding a bike.

Proper treading on your child’s shoes will allow the shoe to grip the pedals firmly. This prevents slips that generally result in the pedal hitting your child’s shin.

Pre-Ride Checkups

There are a few parts of your bike that you should check before your child uses her bike to ensure that the risk of a fall, slip, or crash is reduced.  Make sure that your child’s tires are inflated to the recommended pressure level to prevent slips and facilitate smoother riding. The chain linking the pedals to the wheel should be checked to see that it is firmly on the gears.

The brake system should also be checked to see whether it is functioning properly so that your child can stop the bike at any time without issue.  If there is rain on the horizon or it had been raining, make sure that the mudguards are properly fixed so that mud/water doesn’t splash onto your child as she is riding her cycle.


Your child’s bicycle should be adequately cleaned after use to ensure durability.  You can also check to see whether all the parts of the bicycle are functioning properly as you are wiping it down.  Mud and silt on the frame of the bicycle increase the rate of corrosion and reduces durability. Muck build-up on the braking system might hamper the proper functioning of the brakes as well.

Adjusting Bike

Most cycles allow you to adjust the height of the seat as well as the handlebars.  The angle of the seat can also generally be adjusted. Making sure that these are positioned properly will allow your child to have an ergonomic posture while riding her bike.

Therefore, proper adjustment prevents long-term health issues such as bad backs and knees and foot-pain. When the bike is optimized to suit your child’s body perfectly, she will be able to ride her bike for longer without tiring.


1. What type of tires is preferred for cycles, plastic, or rubber?

Almost all cycles come with rubber tires.  However, some of the budget bikes for younger children might come with plastic tires.  Make sure that the grips on bike’s tires are excellent if you are considering buying one with plastic tires.

Rubber tires would generally be the better choice even for indoor use as they wouldn’t leave marks on the floor and provide cushioning for the user.  Plastic tires tend to grate against flooring as there is less traction.

2. Can my two-year-old child ride a cycle?

The recommended age for a two-wheeled cycle is three years or older.  If your child is prodigious at physical activity and you are confident that she will be able to master the balance required, then you are free to allow her to do so.  Just make sure that you are present and attentive to ensure that your child does not hurt herself in any way.

3. Do I need to assemble the bike?

The current trend is for some assembly to be required after the cycle arrives at your doorstep.  Most bikes come at a 70%-30% assembly ratio, where only 30% of the assembly is required. Generally, the tools that are needed for the bike’s assembly are included in the package.

However, certain bikes are a little more complicated, and it’s recommended that you enlist the help of your local mechanic or odd-job man.

4. Are the cycle seats adjustable?

Almost all cycles come with adjustable seats.  The angle of the seat, as well as the height of the seat, can be adjusted with simple tools included with the bike itself.

The height of the handlebar can also generally be adjusted to suit the height of the seat. Some of the smaller budget cycles may not have this functionality, however.

5. Do girls’ bicycles come with bells?

While almost all cycles come with bells, some don’t have them.  However, all bicycles can have a bell attached to their handlebars.  Try to make sure that you like the sound of the bell that is on the bike you are planning to buy because you will have to listen to it the most!


There is an incredible array of cycles for girls, from small ones with training wheels to ones twice their size with baskets.  One of the most important things to keep in mind when making your purchase is the preferences of your child. Make sure that your daughter likes the colors and forms of the bike before you decide on whether to buy it.  Also, remember to look for all the safety features you want on the bike.

We hope that the buying guide we have provided you with will help you make your purchase a little less overwhelming.  Make sure to follow the safety tips to ensure that your child is kept safe during her riding sessions. Good luck with your purchase, and we hope your girl has hours and hours of fun riding her cycle!

Choosing the right headphones for your kid can be daunting.  With all the glitz and glamour of LED lighting, dual microphones, virtual surround sound, noise cancellation, cute-looking add-ons, seamless integration, and much more, it would take an endless amount of study to get to the bottom of this question.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did that for you and listed the top 10 for you to choose from? Well, that’s precisely what we’ve done for you! We’ve outlined the main points to look out for when you are looking for your child’s headphones, including how to keep your precious child’s ears safe.  Hope you find exactly what you are looking for!

10 Best Headphones for Kids

1. somic g951pink Gaming Headset

This extremely high-tech looking, a cute set of headphones are specifically designed for girls.  They come in a very futuristic looking color scheme of pink and grey. The pink ears on the top are detachable from the bands above on the headphones.  This pair of earphones is very exciting because they also have a vibration system built right into them for an immersive gaming experience. They work in tandem with the feedback given by the gaming console’s controllers.

This headphone comes with a USB cable, and hence it is compatible with computers, laptops, and gaming consoles. It has dedicated buttons like vibration, LED light, microphone switch, and volume control.

It comes with a top-of-the-line 7.1 multi-channel virtual surround sound system that provides an experience that is almost lifelike.  These high-quality headphones come with a built-in microphone for voice chatting or for communicating while playing on-line multiplayer games.  Both the left and right sides of the headphones are fitted with multiple superior quality speakers to produce low, medium, and high-frequency sounds in incredible detail.

2. Mpow PAMPBH178AL-USAA1-PTX Kids Headphones

These headphones are very special in this category as they are designed for both girls and boys with a blue and yellow color scheme.  Aimed at a younger demographic, the headphones have an animal logo on the sides. The headband of the headphones is adjustable and is specifically designed for the smaller head sizes of kids.  The headphone jack is also made with children in mind as it doesn’t need a splitter.

The headphones have an in-built regulatory system that doesn’t allow sound to be played at higher than 85 decibels.  All the materials used to manufacture this unique set of headphones are non-toxic and children-friendly. Built to last, they are also twistable and bendable, allowing for much greater durability.

If that weren’t enough, another great feature of these headphones is that they can be daisy-chained without any loss of audio quality. You can keep connecting additional headphones until you run out of headphones!


3. Philips SHK2000PK Headphone (Pink/Purple)

This lovely pair of headphones have been designed for girls and has a pink and purple color scheme.  It has an ergonomic adjustable headband that allows the product to grow with the child. The headphones are of superior quality, as most Philips products are, and are ultra-lightweight for prolonged use. The ear cushions have also been designed with comfort in mind and will fit softly onto the ears of your girl.

This special set of headphones has a built-in noise isolating feature that allows the audio to be heard in minute detail.  As all high-quality kids’ headphones do, this pair also has a volume limiting feature that limits audio output to the recommended 85 decibels. Its 32mm neodymium speakers allow for an extremely wide range of sound and are sure to produce concert-worthy audio for your child.


4. OneOdio Kids Safe Headphones

This gorgeous pair of headphones has also been designed specifically for girls.  It has a lovely pink tiara at the top with a pink and white color scheme, making your girl look like the princess that she is.

This cute little unit is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets, portable gaming devices, computers, laptops, and much more.  If you are looking for a product with almost ubiquitous usability, these are the headphones for you!

Just like most high-quality headphones designed for kids, these ones have a self-regulating system that doesn’t output audio higher than 85 decibels.  It has also been designed, keeping in mind how rough kids can be on their equipment. The plastic parts are made extra thick and are twistable and bendable, making them able to withstand whatever your child throws at it.


5. iClever On-Ear Wired Headphones for Kids

A very popular set of headphones; these are super cute with Hello Kitty ears at the top with a pink color scheme.  The manufacture of these headphones has been done to international standards (EN71, CPSIA, RoHS, and FCC) to ensure that they are safe for use by children.

They have an adjustable band that allows them to be used by children three and up. The soft ear cushions on the earphones ensure that your child’s ears are safe even if the headphones are used for a prolonged period of time.

As with most high-quality headphones that are designed for use by children, these headphones also limit the audio output at the recommended 85-decibel range.  They are also compatible with most electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and much more. If you are looking for a durable, child-friendly product with great compatibility, look no further than this great product.

6. iClever on-Ear Hello Kitty Toddler Headphones for Kids

While this smooth-looking product can be used by any gender, it has a blue and black color scheme designed to appeal to boys.  The iClever logo is also elegantly placed on the outer sides of the earpieces. It is one of the few products that can be used by children as young as three years old.  These tough and durable headphones have also been manufactured to be lightweight, weighing only 6.1 ounces (172 grams) and are foldable.

Manufactured to stringent guidelines to ensure the safety of your child’s ears, it limits audio output to 85 decibels.  It also comes with a 30mm dynamic driver unit and a tangle-free wire. The 3.5mm auxiliary jack fits into iPhones, Android phones, laptops, tablets, and much more.  The soft cushioning of the earpieces enables the headphones to be used for an extended period by your child without discomfort.

7. Amazon Basics Volume Limited Wired Over-Ear Headphones for Kids

This pair of earphones have a unique design that would be most appealing to girls.  One of its great features is that the cushioning for the band runs the length of the band.  The ear cushions themselves have extra padding, making this pair of earphones one of the most comfortable to wear.  An extra feature for this product is that it comes with two wires, one with USB connectivity and one with a 3.5mm jack.

Instead of limiting sound output to 85 decibels as most earphones designed for children do, this pair limits it to 94 decibels, allowing for a slightly higher audio output.  The extra volume allowed makes these earphones ideal for children that are a little older, letting them listen to music or other audio at more exciting levels. Additionally, the range of frequencies that these earphones are able to put out is pretty incredible at 20 Hz to 20 kHz.


8. iBall Kids Diva Safe Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Mic (Violet and Pink)

These pretty headphones have been designed especially for girls with a pink and purple color scheme.  The headband for the headphones has been designed using lightweight material that can be twisted and bent, making the headphones last longer with children.  A special feature of these headphones is that they can be connected using Bluetooth for wireless connectivity of up to 10 meters. The battery lasts an incredible 200 hours on a mere 2.5 hours charge.

iBall makes sure that your child’s ears are well taken care of by ensuring that these headphones don’t output more than 85 decibels with automatic volume regulation.  The spongy, faux-leather feel of the cushions of the headphones make for a snug fit and allows your child to wear them comfortably for hours at a time. An additional feature of this special set of headphones has is one-touch control buttons on the headphones themselves.


9. SHARMAS SH-12 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone for Girls

This compact set of earphones is a steal at the low price offered.  They have been designed specifically for girls with in-built FM reception.  The padding on the earphones goes throughout the length of the band, and the ear cushions are amply big.  Though not many children’s earphones have in-built microphones, this special unit does. Additional features this unit has are that it is sweat-proof, waterproof, and comes with an SD card slot.  The headphones themselves are built to be collapsible.

Although it doesn’t have an in-built audio output control at a certain decibel limit, it does have a noise cancellation feature.  The standard 3.5mm jack allows for compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices ranging from smartphones to computers. In addition, it also has a music control button right on the headphones.


10. iBall Kids Star Kids Safe Wired Headphone

This great pair of earphones has a retro design that is suitable for both boys and girls with a color scheme of red and blue.  It is a standard set of earphones without too many frills and is aimed at the budget-conscious buyer. The soft ear cushions and bendable headband allow for the child to use the product for a prolonged period of time without discomfort.

Even though it is not a higher-end product, the headphones limit maximum sound output at 85 decibels and are safe for any child to use.  It also has a built-in microphone for making an audio recording or for voice chatting. Its standard 3.5mm jack allows for it to be used with a wide range of electronic devices.


Headphones for Kids – Buying Guide

Safety First

One of the main features you should look for in your child’s earphones is whether it can limit the volume of the audio that is played.  Many new headsets can cap the volume on audio played at about 85-94 decibels. This is the volume that is recommended for long-term safe use.  Higher volumes can harm the ear-drums or even cause inner-ear health issues such as tinnitus.

Wired or Wireless?

There was a period in time when people preferred everything to be wireless.  Bluetooth technology that is used for wireless headphones is considered pretty harmless.  However, if you are especially wary of wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth, then perhaps the best option for your child might be a wired set of headphones.

Boy, Girl, or Unisex?

Industry leaders in headphone development have noticed that boys and girls tend to prefer buying products designed especially for their genders.  Most of the products available are focused on either boys or girls, with the corresponding designs and colors. Choose a style that best suits your child’s preferences.

Audio Quality

The quality of the audio depends on the quality of speakers used in the earphones.  Some headphones have several types of speakers on either side. This is to enhance higher and lower frequencies, which augment the listening experience.

Mono, Stereo and Surround Sound

You would be hard-pressed to find a set of mono-type audio headphones.  These are headphones that don’t differentiate between the audio channels of your left and right ears.  Your choices will be mostly from stereo (different left and right channels) and virtual surround sound.  Virtual surround sound simulates surround sound by having multiple speakers aimed at the fronts and backs of your ears, just like a surround sound speaker system.


Many of the gaming headphones have LED strips that are programmed to flash in a sequence that corresponds to the game that is played.  The LED light can make the game that your child is playing more exciting.

However, it can be distracting to the people around them at home or to the child himself/herself.  Choose one that suits the environment the child will be using the headphones in.


Many modern headphones designed for kids have odds and ends attached to them to make the headphones look cool and exciting.  Choose a type of headphones that suit your child. If your child is prone to breaking bits and ends off the toys/equipment he/she uses, then go for a simpler design.  This will make the headphones you buy last longer while also looking better for the duration.

Types of Headphones for Kids

Gaming Headphones

The vast number of higher quality headphones available in the market are designed for gaming. Most units have exciting-looking futuristic designs. Generally, the pieces fitting the ears cover both ears completely, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.

Girly Headphones

These cute headphones are designed to be as pleasing as possible for girls that are looking to make their outfits look cuter.  A widely used color for this kind of headphones is pink, and a lot of them have bunny or cat ears, giving your child an adorable look.  Others have cute animal pictures and soft designs that are more appealing to a younger female demographic.

Multi-Purpose Headphones

Though there aren’t too many of these types of headphones designed for kids, there are a couple that is unobtrusive and unisex.  These earphones appeal to children that are more serious-minded. Though we might not think so, children have distinct personalities, and some prefer quiet-looking, calm products that do not draw too much attention.  If your kid is one of these deep souls, this is the correct type of headphones for your child.

Safety Tips

Sound Cap

Children love loud and exciting audio while they are listening to music or playing games.  However, it is important that your child’s sensitive hearing is protected while he/she is enjoying himself/herself.  Use the volume-limiting feature available on your child’s headphones to make sure that the sound doesn’t reach levels that might harm his/her permanent hearing.

Duration of Use

Your child does not know how long he/she can use headphones without them being harmful to his/her health.  Continuous sound playing close to your child’s ears is not safe for more than an hour or two. Make sure that your child takes breaks between listening sessions to ensure good auditory health.

Types of Auditory Sensations

Loud and continuously aggressive-sounding noises can be harmful to your child’s mental health. Immersive games that spike the child’s adrenalin can have negative effects on long-term physiological health. While not being a purely auditory issue, it’s important to make sure that your child takes breaks between gaming sessions for his/her mindset and mentality to return to normal.

Proper Storage

Just like any other type of electronic good, headphones are susceptible to wear and tear if not properly taken care of.  It is important that headphones are properly stored after use and not strewn about on the floor or on the couch. Generally, the materials that are used in the manufacture of the earphones are not designed to be stepped on or sat on.

Headphone Maintenance

Sweat and other bodily fluids will build upon the earphones after prolonged use.  Sparingly apply disinfectant on a cloth and clean the areas of the product that are exposed to your child’s skin.  This will help prevent rashes and other dermatological issues from developing due to prolonged headphone use by your child.


1. Are the headphones foldable?

There are some headphones that are foldable.  However, this should be specifically mentioned in the product description of the headphones.  Most of the headphones that are designed for kids are not foldable.

2. Will the headphones work with the USB cable unplugged?

Yes, the headphones and microphone will work for headphones with jacks for the headphones and the microphone.  The USB cable is there only for the LED lights in these headphones.

3. Will the headphones fit a 3-year old child?

This depends on the headphones.  Almost all headphones are adjustable, but most will not fit well on a 3-year old child’s head, especially not a gaming headset.  Search for one that is designed for a younger age range.

4. Can the kid’s headphones be used by adults?

While the headphones are designed for kids, generally, they can also be used by adults as they are adjustable.  However, if you have chosen one designed for smaller children, it might be too small for adults with significantly bigger heads to use.

5. Can the headphones be used with Xbox 360?

Most earphones can be used with Xbox, Playstation and other gaming consoles without issue.  However, 7.1 virtual surround sound is supported only by higher-end headphones. Choose one of these headphones to enjoy all the full range of auditory effects your console is able to provide for you.


We hope that the reviews provided for by this article were helpful for you to choose the perfect headphones for your child.  The main thing to remember is that your child should be happy for as long as possible with the gift you are giving them. Make sure that if your child needs a headset for a particular electronic device, the headphones you are getting your child matches the requirement.  Not only that, make sure that you like them yourself! You might find yourself needing to borrow your kid’s headphones once in a while!

Don’t forget to make a note of the safety and maintenance tips that have been given in this article to ensure that your investment is secure.  It will not be a pleasant feeling to have spent so much time, energy, and money on a set of headphones and then realize that it has been broken or fallen into disrepair after just a couple of months.  Good luck with your lovely new set of headphones for kids!

Potty training using a potty chair is an essential developmental event in the life of your baby.  The last few decades have seen quite a bit of development in potty chair development, so there is a wide variety to choose from. Selecting the correct potty training seat should be done considering the cost, the durability, and the features of the potty chair.

The potty chair should also fit your child’s personality.  For example, if your child gets distracted easily, then a potty chair that is too colorful and has too many frills will move the concentration of your little toddler away in the wrong direction!  We wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?

6 Best Potty Training Chairs for Toddlers

1. WISHKEY Car Shaped Toilet Training Potty Seat

This high-end potty chair is the pinnacle of potty chair evolution.  It has mellow but attractive colors and a beautiful car design that is sure to keep even the most energetic baby engaged enough in the right position to get the job done.

It is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a toy car or even a regular seat for your toddler when not being used as a potty.  The product is lightweight and portable for use wherever you want to keep your toddler trained or engaged.

The car-shaped training potty has been designed to ensure that each of the parts can be adequately disassembled for cleaning.  Its contours have been rounded to ensure that your precious bundle of joy isn’t harmed in any way while he/she is learning to go potty.

The seat has also been designed to facilitate longer periods of use as a potty for a beginner.  There is also an easy-to-use lid to cover the potty to keep odors and messes contained until there is time to clean it.


2. GOCART with G Logo ABS Plastic Potty Training Seat

One of the most popular potty training aids is this toilet fit-on with a step ladder.  This product is the very last step before your toddler is ready to use an adult toilet by himself.  It has the unique ability to allow your toddler to helping himself up to the fit-on seat on the adult toilet all by himself.

You can also rest easy knowing that the seat has a cushion, ensuring that your toddler is comfortable while using it. The ladder has the ability to be folded easily for storage and padding at the bottom to ensure that it does not slip while being used by your child.

The whole unit has been designed for easy assembly, needing only an additional screwdriver to do so.  Just as with most high-end potty chairs, this one has been constructed for easy cleaning, needing only minimal amounts of water and disinfectant.


3. LuvLap Comfy Potty seat

This high-quality potty training chair has been manufactured to European Standards: EN 71.  The materials used have been tested to ensure non-toxicity and durability. The smooth edges of the potty have been specially designed to ensure that your baby is comfortable while being potty trained.

It also resembles a smaller version of a regular adult toilet, which would help your child get used to the idea of going potty in the adult toilet later on.

Like most high-quality potty chairs, this specimen is easy to disassemble and clean.  The potty bowl itself can be removed from the rear by sliding it out for easy cleaning.  The product has been designed with a backrest for the toddler to ensure proper posture as well as to prevent him/her from sliding down from the potty.  The potty chair is also compact, making it highly portable as well as easy to store.

4. R for Rabbit Convertible 4 In 1 Potty Training Seat

Another trendy potty chair is this mid-range work of art.  This product comes with a convenient cover that covers the whole apparatus, ensuring that, no matter how many mistakes your toddler makes, the smell and mess is safely contained until you have the time to clean the potty.

Though the product is compact, it’s a 4-in-1 design that allows the product to grow with your baby.  It has a seat that can be attached to the toilet seat of your bathroom toilet for the final stage of potty training.

A great feature of this potty is that it is compact, with a no-frills design, making it very portable for a family on the go.  The bright yet not-too-bright coloring of the potty is attractive enough for the toddler to feel good spending time on it, while not too interesting enough to distract him/her from the job at hand.

It also has one of the best designs to facilitate cleaning, as there are almost no unneeded and tricky-to-disassemble parts to tackle when doing so.


5. Arkmiido Potty Training Seat for Kids

This toilet training seat is quite adult-like in its appearance as it is white and grey, comfortably fitting into any adult bathroom’s color scheme.  Made from high quality durable material, the toilet seat will keep your toddler’s bottom warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also comes with a handy toilet-cleaning brush to help with the special mess that only toddlers know how to make.

The toilet seat is fully adjustable, allowing for it to be adjusted perfectly to suit your toddler’s body and to prevent any slips and falls.  The manufacturer of this interesting potty seat is so confident that they are willing to offer a lifetime money-back guarantee for the product.  This should speak volumes about the quality and durability of the product.

6. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat

This solid mid-range product has been certified with European Standards: E71.  The design of the potty chair has been done in smooth contours to ensure that there are no snaggly outcrops that hurt your toddler.  It also comes with a backrest to ensure that your toddler doesn’t slide off the seat and create a mess on the floor. Additionally, it also comes with a handy cover to keep the smell and mess inside the potty chair until you are ready to clean it.

The parts of the potty chair can be detached for storing separately to save space.  It is also a very lightweight option for a potty chair, which would make it easily portable and handy to carry around.

The potty chair comes in an eye-catching yellow-orange combo that is sure to catch and retain the attention of your toddler.


7. Baybee Baby Potty Training Seat

This potty seat is very similar to the Luvlap potty chair in design though it is strictly a potty seat that is to be attached to an adult toilet.  It has the same smooth, rounded contours to protect your toddler’s skin. It also has a handy lid to keep the odor and fecal matter inside the bowl until you are ready to clean it.

There is also a backrest to ensure that your toddler doesn’t fall off the chair while he/she is trying to get potty trained. It is lightweight and compact, making it a good choice for parents that have busy lifestyles and need portability in their baby products.  An additional feature is that its bowl can be detached to facilitate cleaning.


8. Little Pumpkin Plastic Kingdom Potty Seat for Kids

The colorful and light-on-the-wallet potty chair is great for a budget-conscious buyer.  The manufacturers have ensured that this product will not skid across the floor by constructing four units in the four corners for greater traction. This compact unit comes ready with a splash-guard for active boys.  The back support that is provided makes it comfortable for your toddler to sit for longer periods.

The material used is assured to be eco-friendly as well as being non-toxic.  The product is easily disassembled, with only two parts to clean after doing so, making it a great choice for time-conscious mommies and daddies.  The product comes in bright orange and green coloring to hold your toddler’s attention while he/she is learning one of the most useful activities in his/her life.


9. SYGA Children Toilet Training Seat

This potty seat is very easy on the wallet and beautifully designed, coming in a soft blue color.  It has been manufactured to be fitted onto an adult toilet for the final stage of potty training. The design of the product is smooth and simple.  There are no jagged or pointed parts of the seat that might hurt your precious child during potty training.

Though it has a lower cost, it has been constructed using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.  The specifications for the product determine that it is best suited for children aged 3 to 6. The training seat’s simple design makes it easy to carry it around wherever you need to take your active toddler.


10. BabyGo Potty Trainer Seat For Kids

This BabyGo potty training seat is one of the most colorful in the group.  It has vivid designs on the cushion while having a bright red frame. The seat comes with a cushion to ensure that your toddler’s potty training experience is comfortable.  The design also has two handles on either side to help stabilize your toddler while he is in the potty training position.

The smooth design of the training seat allows for easy cleaning.  The manufacturer recommends using this potty training seat on any standard adult toilet.  It can even be used in public restrooms. The toilet seat is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for parents on the go.

Baby Potty Chair Buying Guide


No matter what, your child’s safety is the number one priority, so please make sure that the materials used for manufacturing your potty chair are non-toxic and human-friendly.


Coming up at a close second, you have to make sure that your potty chair is going to be easily cleanable, because, if there is a nook or a cranny on the potty where the baby’s poo can get to, it’s going to get there!


We all have our budgets to keep to when we are purchasing products, even when it’s for something as precious as your toddler, and nobody wants to waste his/her hard-earned money.  A potty chair made from durable plastic and cushioning material without odds and ends that might likely break off would be a good bet for durability.


Another thing to keep in mind when you are potty chair shopping is whether it’s the right height for your toddler.  If it isn’t, get ready for some additional spills!


Make sure that your new potty chair fits in with your other baby products and that it will be something your child would like to play with.

Size Matters

It is always a good idea to try to get a potty chair that is easy to store.  Something too big might not fit in the closet; you might need to store it in.

Keeping it Simple

Try to avoid extra frills and gadgets on the product since your child might get distracted and not hold the proper position long enough for his/her potty training.


It’s also very important that the seat should be comfortable for the toddler to stay in for a prolonged period.  If it cuts into the toddler’s skin, then he/she wouldn’t want to use that product for too long, and it is a negative reinforcement for correctly going for potty.

Protect Your Flooring

While it might not seem too important, try to also get a product that matches your flooring.  No, we don’t mean the color! For example, make sure that you get one with rubber grips if you have a hardwood floor.  Some potties might skid across your polished floor, leaving skid-marks.

Splash Guard

Finally, if your toddler is especially active, then make sure that you get a potty chair with a splash guard.  Many baby potties have add-on splash guards just for this purpose.

Types of Potty Chairs

Standalone Potty Trainer

Potty trainers are portable stand-alone units.  These products generally have lids to cover the potty chairs.  This is so that the malodorous and cute messes your toddler makes are contained within the unit until there is time for them to be cleaned.

Most of these units are made simply so that they can be easily cleaned.  However, some higher-end fancier units are designed to keep the toddlers entertained while in the proper position for potty training.

Toilet Seat Add-On

Your toddler might not be able to use an add-on that fits onto an adult toilet in the beginning.  However, as your toddler grows better at the concept of using a potty, he/she will be able to graduate to using an adult toilet with an add-on.

These add-ons are designed to fit your toddler’s contours, and some come with additional cushioning for his/her comfort.  If your child is big enough for one of these units and is mature enough to be at that height, then one of these units might be the best choice for you.

 All-In-One Potty Trainer

These products are designed to ensure that you do not waste your hard-earned money on multiple units as you potty train your toddler.  They serve the dual functions of acting as a stand-alone potty trainer as well as having a detachable section that fits onto your toilet seat.

While one of these might seem like the better option, it’s better to see whether the detachable parts will be a good fit for your toilet.  Additionally, if your toddler is a lovely rambunctious child, he/she might need a potty chair that has a little more entertainment value.

Potty Chair Safety Tips

Selecting the right place

It is better to place the chair on hardwood flooring, linoleum, or tiles that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.  Placing the potty chair on a carpeted floor would mean you spend a lot of time trying to bring your carpeting up to par after an accident.

Proper cleaning

It is better to clean the potty chair as thoroughly as possible with a disinfectant after your child uses it.  There are microbial and other dangerous elements that fester if fecal-matter is not properly cleaned. Additionally, you want your child’s potty chair to be inviting and lacking in any negative attributes such as malodor that might make your toddler reject the procedure altogether.

Your child’s posture

When your child is potty trained, it is important that your child is sitting properly on the potty chair.  Observe your child and see whether there is any contact between the potty chair and your child’s skin that is uncomfortable for him/her.  Adjusting your child to a position that is comfortable for longer use will greatly enhance your child’s potty training experience.


It is recommended that you store your potty chair away after use so that it is not damaged.  This only goes for potty chairs that do not double as seats or toys. Improper storage might result in cracks or misalignment of edges that cause your potty chair to leak or not fit properly.  Additional leaks and spills mean additional time spent on cleaning up, so take an additional minute to store your child’s potty chair safely after cleaning it.


1. Can a potty chair be used for a child aged two years and six months?

Generally, if the product is sturdy enough, it can be used up to the age of 4 or even a little more.

2. Can the products be used for 15kg children?

Most of the products can withstand children of up to 20kg according to manufacturer specifications.

3. Do the potty training seats come with cushions?

Most of the products don’t come with cushions as they need to be easily washable, and the process involves lots of spills and mistakes!

4. Can the product be used for a rectangular commode?

Many products can be used for rectangular commodes.  However, some are contoured to fit only the regular oval-shaped ones.

5. Are there squat position potty chairs?

While the trend is for more westernized potty training chairs, there are a few that are for the squat position.  There might be small differences in the squat position compared to a regular Indian adult squat position toilet.


It can be a little overwhelming choosing your child’s potty chair due to the number of options available.  We hope that our detailed product reviews and guidelines on how you should approach the subject made it a little bit easier for you.

There are a few types of products that are generally more positively reviewed and are a bit more popular with Indian buyers.  These are the toilet seat add-on with a step ladder, the multi-purpose potty chairs, the higher-end vehicle-shaped potty chairs, and the more practical budget potty chairs.

Additionally, one of the faster-moving potty chairs is the squat potty chair.  These allow the parents to keep in touch with their roots and to teach the same values in their precious children.  Some parents might choose to train their children on both traditional and western bathroom etiquette by going for both forms of potty training.

In any case, each of the potty training units has both advantages as well as disadvantages.  Choose the one that appeals to you the most and gets ready to start your child’s potty training journey!