Best Probiotics and Prebiotics for Kids

No matter how much healthier diet you plan for your kids, your kids won’t get the nutrition they need if the foods consumed by them don’t get digested properly. The probiotics & prebiotics are your kid’s digestive companion for a healthy digestive system.  The probiotics and prebiotics contain colonies of good bacteria and yeasts that … Read more

Best Smartwatches for Kids Review

Are you worried that your child can’t make a phone call or send a message to you because he/she doesn’t have a smartphone?  The solution might be as simple as a smartwatch that can use a SIM card. There are a whole host of reasons why you might want your child to have a smartwatch, … Read more

Best School Supplies

Shopping for the best school supplies can be tough. From the very first pencil to notebooks, pencil cases, geometry kits, and school bags, the list can be long. Depending on the type of courses and the school’s profiling, you might also add additional drawing kits, sports gear, drawing boards, and so on. Some schools might … Read more

Best Lift the Flap Books

You can enjoy quality time with your little one by reading them bedtime stories, but it gets even better when you lift the flap of a book to reveal beautiful pictures. Lift the flap books are a great learning tool for kids and will help them develop their speech. These books are usually very interactive … Read more

Best Toy Guns For Kids

Every child grows up with toys. There are so many different types and designs of toys that flood the market every time. It all depends on what kids fancy. Toy guns are a favorite amongst kids, especially if you have boys. You will see them in different roles like the popular cowboys, or star wars … Read more

Best Cycles for Boys Review

Cycles can give boys an amount of joy that no other toy or machine could dream of giving them.  There is a period in a boy’s life where all he wants to do is ride his bike everywhere humanly possible and explore his surroundings.  Is your child at that age? Even if he isn’t, bicycles … Read more

Best Cycles for Girls Review

What is the level of your daughter’s bike riding skills?  Is your child an expert or just getting to know the wonders a two-wheeled self-propelled machine can bring her?  It can be quite daunting to choose a cycle that suits your child perfectly, so we have compiled a list of the most important aspects to … Read more

Best Headphones for Kids

Choosing the right headphones for your kid can be daunting.  With all the glitz and glamour of LED lighting, dual microphones, virtual surround sound, noise cancellation, cute-looking add-ons, seamless integration, and much more, it would take an endless amount of study to get to the bottom of this question. Wouldn’t it be great if someone … Read more

Best Potty Training Chairs for Toddlers

Potty training using a potty chair is an essential developmental event in the life of your baby.  The last few decades have seen quite a bit of development in potty chair development, so there is a wide variety to choose from. Selecting the correct potty training seat should be done considering the cost, the durability, … Read more

10 Craft Ideas for Kids during Diwali Vacations

Diwali Crafts Ideas for Kids

Diwali – The biggest festive of the year is almost here! Apart from the joy it brings, kids get the vacation they love. During this Diwali vacation indulge your kids in crafting and enhance their creativity, imagination and let them learn new things. They help in boosting your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Innovative craft ideas … Read more