Personality Development Theories

Personality assumes various names and concepts in present day world. Since humans started believing that they are superior than other creations, because they possess this rare tool called mind, they have used every possible means to explain how mind can affect the development of human characteristics and perspectives, and all of they constitute personality. Eighteenth … Read more

Personality Development Training

Personality development is essential for every individual and this implies for people of all age groups. Whether you are a student, busy executive, a government employee or sportsman, personality development is essential for all. In the spheres of corporate world, personality development holds even more significance. According to one study, many qualified and talented professionals … Read more

Stages of Personality Development

Personality development is a much talked and discussed about concept. A great number of psychoanalysts, psychologists and philosophers have tried to analyse different stages of personality development. There is plenty of Personality development material on stages of personality development. The moot point is how do our personalities develop? One can delve deep into these stages … Read more

Personality development games

The importance of a well developed personality is known to everyone. While explaining personality it can be compared to a building or a structure. The logic being used here is that a building exists only when it has a strong foundation, similarly personality can only last long if it has formidable basis. The foundations of … Read more

Personality Development

When Charles Darwin had first thought of ‘Survival of the fittest’, even in his wildest imagination he wouldn’t have thought of the statement standing true after one and a half century. More so, going by the way things are taking place, this statement will hold truer even after few centuries. All the spheres of life … Read more

What is Management ?

Definition of Management The term ‘management’ encompasses an array of different functions undertaken to accomplish a task successfully. In the simplest of terms, management is all about ‘getting things done’. However, it is the way and the process of how one achieves ones target or goals and it is in this respect that management is … Read more