Preparing for an Art Competition

Schools and other institutions organise a number of competitions for kids. An art competition is always one of the most enjoyable one since it allows free flow of creativity and imagination. Although a child is free to draw and paint on the spot a little training can go a long way and help your child … Read more

Dealing with Naughty Children

A naughty child is the one who knows the difference between right and wrong but lacks the maturity to exert self- control. They are quite apologetic when they get caught however, you will find them often doing the same exact thing you scolded for just an hour ago. Parents have to be very patient with … Read more

Preparing For An Essay Writing Competition

Essay writing is an art, a hobby. An essay is essentially your attempt to explain your point of view, and a skilfully writing written essay is clear, illuminating and informative. Most children are not comfortable when they are told to write an essay. Good essay writing is achieved through practice. Therefore the more the kid … Read more

Preparing for a Fancy Dress Competition

Most of the fancy dress competitions held at school are done for the sake of fun. The key idea is to create enthusiasm. A fancy dress competition for toddlers is the first opportunity for the parents to learn about the nature of competitions for kids. Preparing the child for a competition is a sensitive and … Read more

Teenagers Using Internet

Teenagers Using Internet Many parents worry about what their child might find or see on the Internet. As with most things there are good and bad aspects. The Internet is fun, informative and a great way of communicating with others. It’s an educational tool and users can learn about almost anything. Parents may decide what … Read more

Importance of outdoor activities for kids

In this age, where children are suffering from obesity, outdoor activities form an important part of their life. Outdoor activities have long term benefits on their health. Adequate outdoor activity increases health and physical development by improving sensory development, reducing obesity and stimulating blood cells. Health benefits Outdoor activities help kids stay fit and active … Read more