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Traverse : Into The Future by Je ‘ Free What I say now may be elementary – Once man unravels time and its mystery We travel to the past by memory Imagination’s what our future will be Delve in the theories of the human minds It’s heaven or hell or in between those lines Push … Read more

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Types of poetry how to write a poem inspirational poetry wedding poetry christian poems writing poetry tips poetry contests poetry publishers famous poets Birthday Poem Christian Poem Christmas Poem Classical Poem Cry Poem Dream Poem Despair Poem Darkness Poem Eternity Poem Friendship Poem Family Poem Freedom Poem Future Poem Humorous Poem Holiday Poem Inspirational Poem … Read more

Types of Poetry

As a whole, through the ages, India has contributed to world literature rich and diverse forms of creative writing that includes prose and poetry. In fact there is such diversity in the types of poetry in this country, that it far outnumbers the types created anywhere else in the world. This is primarily because of … Read more