Preschool Teacher Requirements

Along with parents, teachers play the most important role in the growth and development of a child. The terms ‘growth and development’ are very much dependent on proper education of the child. Worldwide, there is a growing emphasis on child education. We can look back to the history and find countries with better education models … Read more

Role of Preschool Teacher

Teaching preschool kids is a challenging job but also immensely satisfying. The fact that, preschool teachers are training the innocent children to become successful leaders of tomorrow is sufficient enough to describe the importance of this job. Teaching as a profession has always been in demand. Good teachers are always respected, well paid and greatly … Read more

How To Succeed As A Nursery Teacher

Educationists believe that time spent by young children in nursery school is of great value in shaping their future. Though, at most places children are supposed to start their studies from the age of five but many parents begin the educational planning much before that. Daycares, preschools etc act as base for child’s journey into … Read more