Educational business is about passion and a constant desire to learn something new. While there are so many opportunities in the field of education, opening a play school in India comes with a few challenges.

If you are desirous of opening a playschool, make sure you do your homework well. The first things are about legal requirements to open a play school in India. Also, do check with your financial consultant to understand taxation and other litigations with respect to Indian tax. This is the prima facie work needed before you start the process of how to go about a preschool.

Space is very important. It is highly imperative to check the neighborhood well. There would be existing competition or new ones will crop up with time, hence it is good to find out what is being offered around your area. It is not really wise to begin with marketing as a solid framework is essential. If you have your own space it is wonderful. Or else, seek a rental premises and workout a cost. The ambience also includes furniture, structure, safety and also the major elements like play area, toys, gym equipment meant for kids. This is an investment but has high value and helps you create a good image. Playschools are about sensitivity, in the sense; it deals and contributes to the future and personality of a child. Hence, the groundwork has to be perfect. Promises must be kept when you enroll students.

If you are thinking of starting a preschool from home, you must have a very formal approach. Home must not mean any casual procedures. Right from the register, receipt books to the enrty-exit log book, everything must be formal. It is vital to have all plans and additional staff to maintain security. While recruiting helpers, a prior check up on their background and if need be police approval would be good.

This creates a very good impression as well as works well in giving you the peace of mind by having reliable staff. All kinds of basic furniture must be appealing as well as safe for the toddlers. Any after class activity that you wish to do in such a home run preschool must have a similar formal tone.

The preschool business in India is a very viable project. If you want to know more on lesson plans, curriculum for the classes, field trip planning as well as special events, you may call us.

Quality and ethics must the backbone for anything you do in the playschool. Recruiting qualified staff who love teaching kids is of foremost importance. We also conduct training for teachers which will be useful for new recruits in your school. Playschool is a fabulous business opportunity which when done with quality in mind will yield best and long term results.

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Parenting article by Kamakshi Gupte.

Along with parents, teachers play the most important role in the growth and development of a child. The terms ‘growth and development’ are very much dependent on proper education of the child. Worldwide, there is a growing emphasis on child education. We can look back to the history and find countries with better education models and focus on child education have done well for themselves. Most of the third world countries have poor record in education and especially child education. However, with changing times, organizations and educational institutions with the support of governments are putting in extra efforts to educate children. The concept of preschools is a wonderful result of all those initiatives.

Preschools don’t really provide lessons and classes to the kids. As preschools are meant for very young children in the age group of 3-5, the kids are actually prepared here for senior classes. The mental and emotional aspects of children are taken care of in the preschools. Child is introduced to concepts like social groups, group activities, communication and interaction. All these important functions are performed by preschool teachers who are primarily responsible for nurturing and educating young children. Some of the common educational activities carried out in preschools are group play, games, lesson plans, and nursery rhymes. It is the role of preschool teachers to provide students with academic foundations for further education.

Preschool teacher requirements vary from country to country and state to state. The requirements for preschool teachers include elementary education training and license. Most of the state schools require teachers to have a Bachelors Degree or a high school diploma. The preschool teachers are also required to attend early childhood education courses. However, as said earlier, the requirements vary so some states require preschool teachers to have at least a certificate or associate’s degree in early childhood education. The course curriculum of these programs includes subjects like child development, motor skills, social and cognitive behaviors, creative arts, language development and emotional development etc.

Aspiring preschool teachers may find less stringent conditions in private preschools. At some places, preschool teachers are required to have completed 120 hours of formal training and 480 hours of practical experience working with children. So basically, the preschool teacher requirements differ from state to state. However, once employed, preschool teachers enjoy more control over course curriculum compared to elementary or secondary school teachers.

They can also decide planned activities for the kids by keeping in mind needs and requirements of the children.

Preschool teachers play crucial role in shaping and developing children’s all-round abilities. They introduce kids to basic mathematics concepts, focus on language development, and make children interested in social interactions and reading and writing. They also introduce kids to books, art, games, music and computers etc. With further education and relevant job experience, preschool teachers may become supervisors or directors at preschool, Montessori and other pre-kindergarten environments. According to data, there is growing demand for qualified preschool teachers so that makes the job prospects quite lucrative.


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Teaching preschool kids is a challenging job but also immensely satisfying. The fact that, preschool teachers are training the innocent children to become successful leaders of tomorrow is sufficient enough to describe the importance of this job. Teaching as a profession has always been in demand. Good teachers are always respected, well paid and greatly sought. No parents would like to go to a teacher who does not have requisite credentials. After all, they are assigning the future of their wards to someone who is supposed to shape them. Because of boom in child education in last few decades, numbers of young individuals aspiring to become preschool teachers has increased significantly. Daycare centres, preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools etc offer great employment opportunities to the teachers. The demand for preschool teachers has kept on increasing and this trend shows no signs of changing any soon. Because of the huge demand, most often than not, preschool teachers command attractive salaries and perks.

A preschool teacher plays a major role in child’s life. A kid’s experience with his teacher can literally make or break his interest in education and learning. The role of preschool teacher is not just limited to teaching lessons. They are also expected to make the kids socialize and interact with each other. When children join school, they often go through separation anxiety. Their innocent mind is not really aware of what they will face, how they should act etc. They find strangers all around. In such scenario, role of preschool teacher becomes immensely significant. They try to understand the emotions and feelings of the kids. They help children in overcoming their separation anxiety.

Preschool teachers encourage kids to play indoor games. This helps in developing aptitude. Preschool teachers focus on each and every child individually. No two kids are alike so it’s important for preschool teacher to observe and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each child separately. They devise strategies keeping in mind individual kid so that they grow properly. Regular discussion of kids’ performance is also one of the important roles performed by preschool teachers.

Regular interaction between parents and preschool teachers is very important. Both sides can discuss the growth and development process of the child. In fact, it is one of the major responsibilities of a preschool teacher to make the parents aware of progress made by the child. Most of the preschools have play based curriculum designed keeping in view the age of the kids. These play programs prepare children for the school environment.

For a child, successful preschool experience is very much dependent on quality of the teachers. If they have been treated and taught well, they will always be inclined to go back to schools. It is the role and responsibility of a preschool teacher to instill a sense of comfort and lifelong love of learning in the child. Though, qualifications for preschool teachers vary according to country and states, but the most important qualification is the ability to instill a joy of learning. And this experience will forever stay in the lives of children as well as the teacher.

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Preschool teacher education » elementary teacher training | role of Preschool Teacher | how to succeed as a nursery teacher | become a preschool teacher | preschool teacher requirements |

Educationists believe that time spent by young children in nursery school is of great value in shaping their future. Though, at most places children are supposed to start their studies from the age of five but many parents begin the educational planning much before that. Daycares, preschools etc act as base for child’s journey into the world of real education. Nursery schools play a defining role in child’s growth and development. Nursery schools are of different types. Some are day or residential schools whereas some others are part of senior school. Many private schools have special nursery departments that cater to children in the age group of three to five. Thereafter child is seamlessly included in the proper school.

Nursery schools are not meant to formally educate pupils. These schools aim at developing particular traits among the children. Children get an opportunity to socialize or should we say, they learn social manners and etiquettes. Young children spend considerable time with other children of the same age group and this helps in developing social skills in them. Child learns to work in a group and takes active part in different group activities. All these activities are facilitated by nursery teachers. The teachers can make these exercises fun for the children.

Some of the usual group activities children take part in nursery schools are, singing, story-telling, group play, acting, sand and water play and painting etc. Nursery school teacher manages all these activities and keenly watches all the children. Not all children are able to be the part of a group. Such kids demand special attention from the teachers. Nursery school teachers are trained to handle such kids. They look for the ways to make child comfortable in a group. They also make sure child is not missing his parents.

To succeed as a nursery teacher, one should be able to care for a group of small children. He needs to arrange for fun group activities while at the same time satisfy the individual needs of the children. A good nursery teacher needs to have open mind and cheerful disposition. Handling small children can be difficult sometimes but he needs to maintain his cool and calm during pressure moments. Children demand individual attention. A successful nursery teacher always manages to pacify agitated kids. Nursery school teacher is kind hearted soul with lots of patience and energy.

If the job of a teacher is very demanding then it is also quite satisfying. Handling small kids knowing that you are building tomorrow’s leaders can be very fulfilling, both emotionally as well as intellectually. To achieve success as a nursery teacher, one needs to have varied interests. The basic role of a nursery teacher is that of an educationist. The training for nursery school teachers aims at imparting all the essential as well as human qualities in them. More and more parents are sending their young children to nursery schools and that has led to tremendous increase in demand for trained teachers.

The nursery school teachers are especially trained to work with very young children. The scope for the trained nursery teacher is simply unlimited. Females as well as males are doing very good in this emerging field of education.