Gender Violence

Gender violence is a common problem prevailing in almost all the developing countries. Even in India the issue continues unabated creating many hassles and challenges for the social growth. The age old cultural beliefs and tradition have identified various issues of gender-based violence that over the period of time has become a major cause of … Read more


Sati if defined psychologically is burning of a widow’s life into ashes. It is an age old custom existing in India according to which every Hindu widow voluntary decides to end her life after the death of her husband. As per the law it is a selfless attitude and unconditional love of wife for her … Read more

Early Marriage

Child marriage is a widespread issue prevailing in India. Though certain laws and rules were instituted in order to ban child marriage it did not help in protecting girls from this cause. Today, we all feel proud of the country because of the steady improvements in social, economic, and educational efforts. The country is progressing … Read more

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is the most disturbing, threatening, and violating form of violence against women. In all areas of life women are overthrown and suppressed by men with their power and masculine behavior. In media one such case is reported every week and so many women are put down to knees with embarrassment and depression. Apart … Read more

Indian Women and Nutrition

Malnutrition is defined as a health condition caused by lack of proper nutrition and well-balanced diet. Human body requires a mix blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in an appropriate ratio to ensure proper and smooth functioning of all the human systems. If this requirement is not met, the person suffers from variety … Read more

Female Foeticide

Female feticide is truly a curse on the Indian society. There is known belief and saying that child is a gift of God but does everyone take it as a gift? Yes, people do consider it as a gift but only if that happens to be a boy. The joy of parenthood, the emotion attached … Read more

Dowry System in India

Women of today are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in all aspects of life. In the age old historic times, women were restricted within the four walls of the house but now they are moving out to explore various opportunities and be self-dependent. Inspite of this kind of modernization and the increasing role of … Read more

Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is an extensive social evil in India that has taken away the right of women to live a dignified life. The issue has become persistent making women the victims irrespective of their age, caste, creed, and facial features. Be it anywhere at a beach, restaurant, on the roadside, or at any educational institutions, … Read more