Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay mirrors the mood of the writer and conjures images that breathe. It is often regarded as the most structured form of writing as it is associated with the ability to transfer emotions to the reader through the use of words. A good essay arouses the reader’s senses and impacts on his mind- … Read more

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

Whenever you write an essay, the obvious thing to do first is to write down in any order things that may strike you. Different people will associate the topic with different things, but the most important thing is to put it down in black and white before you. Surprisingly it will be very easy to … Read more

Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are one among the people who has been looking for a part time job and has gone through the routine of diligently looking up the Classifieds ranging from the Times of India to the Midday every morning over your steaming cup of coffee/tea or run a million endless search routines on the internet, … Read more

Descriptive Essay Topics

The word “description” means to narrate something in such a way that the reader is able to visualize the image that is portrayed. Descriptive essay topics can range from describing a rainy day describing a garden, a library to how an operation is performed. In essence, it will be associated with the how the senses … Read more