Basic Training Certificate

The role of a teacher is extremely crucial in every society. Teaching is believed to be a noble profession and teachers play major role in shaping the future of the nation. It is hard to imagine general development of the students without contributions from teachers. A teacher not only imparts knowledge to the students but also instills in them proper values and principles, so very essential for our society. In Indian culture, teacher is accorded importance larger than god and that tells a lot about the dignity and significance attached with this profession. Young students often consider teachers as their role models. Initial formative years of school life are greatly influenced by quality of teaching and teachers. The proper development of children can only be ensured by trained teachers.

It is not an easy job being a teacher. This is a profession full of great responsibilities and challenges. One has to receive years of training and experience to become a teacher. The conduct of the teacher can motivate or demoralize the students. He plays a hugely influential role in the lives of young kids. Because of the accountabilities associated with this job, one must be adequately trained for the job. Teacher’s training programs have been created for that very purpose.

Considering India’s huge population and burgeoning demand for qualified teachers, there is extra emphasis on teachers training courses. Several colleges, universities and other similar institutions offer training programs for teachers. These training institutes offer various courses in teacher’s training courses that including Basic training certificate (BTC) junior basic Training (JBT), Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Primary teacher training (PTT), Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) and many other teachers’ training courses.

One must pass 12th standard with at least 50% aggregate for primary and pre-primary school teacher’s courses. One must have a post graduate degree in a particular subject if he/she wishes to become secondary and senior secondary teacher. The course curriculum for BTC program includes latest methods and trends of teaching. Some of the common subjects are teaching methods and aids, child psychology, health & nutrition, school organization and other practical lessons etc. The training programs enable a teacher to teach the children in best possible way. A teacher must have personal aptitude and skills apart from qualification to become an inspiring source for his students.

Some of the Teachers training courses of India are:-

•    Basic Teacher Certificate Course (BTC)

•    Elementary Teacher Education Course (ETE)

•    Master of Education Course (M.Ed)

•    Diploma in Education Course (D.Ed)

•    Junior Basic Training Course (JBT)

•    Primary Teachers Training Course (PTT)

•    Junior Teacher’s Training Certificate Courses (JTT)

•    Physical Teacher Training Courses (PTT)

•    B.Ed Course

Some of the quality institutes offering Basic Training Certificate (BTC) courses in India are:-

•    Vivekanand College of Education, Uttar Pradesh

•    District Institute Of Education & Training, Almora, UP

•    Aligarh Muslim University, Department OF Education

•    District Institute of Education & Training, Uttaranchal

•    Cosmos College of Education, Uttar Pradesh

•    Trident College of Education, Uttar Pradesh

•    Lovely Institute of Education, Punjab

•    Institute Of Teacher Education, Uttar Pradesh

•    District Institute of Education & Training, Uttar Pradesh